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  1. Cheers duders, I have a model of it already, blue with white roof, red interior, and black wheels Pretty keen on the 124, but ill see what the boss says about it first! If i do get it I wont be getting onto it for a while - the 125 needs some loving first. I generally like to apply 'if fitted then must work rule' to parts on my cars, and i thought they needed to work along with wipers - might be a vehicle age thing? They didnt check them in the end, but i like to have them and they are now electric.
  2. Booked this in for a WoF today. Didnt quite make it all the way. (run out of gas) Lucky i had someone who thought it was flippin hilarious driving the support vehicle Looks pretty cool even busted on the side of the road, but "get the fuel sender working" is now at the top of the list! Ive put about 30l of gas in it since i put the tank back in, and ive driven it maybe 3km, so not sure where it all went! Cruising in traffic. Goes pretty good, but i think i will get the radiator swapped out for a newer one that doesnt leak and maybe a couple of pusher fans. Dash guage reads near the top of normal when its sitting, but the mechanical one reads normal (~90degC), but thats in the lower hose. Up on the hoist. Nice to see the underside from more than a foot away! Guys were pretty happy with it. !!!WOF AQUIRED!!! After that popped around to Mr and Mrs Grants to show off, and went to Burger Fuel for lunch in it, gets lots of looks and thumbs up, and 'what is its?' Swung by the beach for a surf check on the way home No surf, so then made a start on the post-WoF list of things to sort! - Fuel sender - wheel alignment - radiator + fans - door & boot locks (no key for any of them) - more driving!
  3. me three! will sort washers this week, for WoF on weekend, and shakedown run to BFmeat, then AKL convoy to Nats (safety a, parts and tools in numbers) thats the plan anyway. Already have AA plus - such a bargain! (i may have already used up the free tows TBH!)
  4. Fingers crossed for Nat-sing! Pretty sure all it needs for WoF is to get the windowwashers going, but the foot operated water pump thing is bung (still makes the wipers wipe 3x tho ). I have a Uno colostomy bag with an electric pump built in and a momentarty switch ill put on/in the same place Other things are - I don't have any door lock keys - radiator is a bit leaky - I have driven in total about 3km, this is also the total distance it has been driven in the last 25 years - its a 50 yo Italian car, with (for the time) fancy electrical doo dads, that im not 100% sure on ! - I have personally undid and done up almost every bolt (this is the worst worry TBH) what could go wrong
  5. I picked up this a bout a month ago from Penrose (not Wanganui!) Ended up getting it sent from Ralph Moore Autoglass in Sydney who had one in stock, and they shipped it with an MG one for some other bloke to halve our shipping. This week i finally got it installed. Cracking the parts cats screen has not only been a very expensive fuckup but also meant ive pretty much missed cruising this summer. I reused the old rubbers, i cleaned them pretty good but they are a bit cracked and stretched in the corners so i hope they dont leak Sorting out the best surrounds, and had just enough unbroken clips, less 2 And on Pretty happy about the close fit to the opening given all the work i did around the screen top and bottom (not so much about the runs, but thats what accessories to hide them are for!) And paint run hider back on Too much or? Nothing like a pending >1200km road trip to procrastinate on sorting the list of wee jobs to sort and a few miles to put on, before hopefully a WoF Next weekend! If not then id better get the brakes on the 125 sorted! Here is a pic to remind me why I aught to pull finger:
  6. What stud pattern? If 4x108 boy do i have a deal for you
  7. Sooooo, when are you starting on the drum spacers then?
  8. Also walked pickapart for awhile to find some more rostyles for the front which should help the looks a lot.
  9. such a happy widdle face at the end. vw brap gilleez and trappp all too low to steer - perfect combo good shit man! (and everyone that helped!)
  10. after some more fiddling, this is from yesterday, bit busy at the beach in summer, so not too many opportunities for giving it some, but goes well enough now that the Mrs loves driving it. ive also had the alternator out (tightened a few things, cleaned paint from a few things, replaced some spade terminals) and back in with another regulator (gold one) and seems ok now, steady between 13.8v at idle and 14.8v when running. (was probably the regulator, but the other things cant have helped). For future reference (when the working for now charging system blows up) this is the difference between the OG big boy alternator (28 Amps!) and a for more common twin cam alternator, in this case a 55A Bosch one (incl internal regulator) from a late Delta, so a new engine mount would be also required. Possibly something like this (apparently from a 125P which runs a fiat 1500 derived engine with lada/twin cam style alternator). Just waiting on windscreen now, which i will hopefully pickup next week
  11. More fiddling, while being distracted by this (great for surf checks!): Adjusted Tappets, its significantly quieter, but the video seems to amplify any ticks.: Added another earth between battery/chassis mount and alternator bracket and collected a SS and Points Regulator each from the engine bay of each fiat... This small video is trying the last known 'good' SS one (small black one) from the 125 which also demonstrates how this eventually 'fixed' the voltage creep... Will take it for another drive tomorrow and see what happens
  12. Wide 5 18"simmons, harlequin paint and white interior. Rotorobics oz style. Edit: "mirror tints", I called it...
  13. Heh cheap allright! I do have some spare head bolts! Need anything else?
  14. Been away for a few weeks camping, was supposed to take this as the tow vehicle but oh well. Next year maybe. Escort Van trailer went great, really miss having a van tho. Anywho, by the time we got back a few orders had showed up (ie not before xmans ), from, and WuM-Autotiele (ebay), main bits i was waiting on were the Starter bushes. No Shots of that but its all shiney in there new with new bushes and brushes. Still a bit intermittent tho :/ Will try better earthing. (I just realised what the red gear knob and rubber straps appear to be) A few parts are going to have to wait till the next rebuild like this adjustable cam sprocket: Anyway, with the starter installed and timing (finally!) set, it rolled under outside under its own steam for a wash and a drive. After a few more checks and tightening of varois clamps and nuts it was Family wagon outing in the the Familiare time And a bit of brum brum, this is after a few runs up and down my road and a blast up to the top of this hill: As mentioned the car seems to be getting better with some use (despite not having any advance at all) Engine so far has no oil leaks or majorly disturbing sounds, and seems to hold water fine. Ive since fiddled with some shakedown stuff: - ajusted the clutch - adjusted gear shift mechanism - swapped parts between 3 spare dizzies and new parts to heve one good dizzy with advance! just needed * advance weights * not ruined advance springs * not worn out pegs for weights and springs * working vacuum advance thinger * clean and lube, new dissy cap, rotor and points (already done before) - new oil light sender - actually a dud - dash out loose wires on some lights * also adjust choke on and handbrake on switches so they are not on all the time, and water temp guage wire so it works - changed out cheapo run in oil (no metallic flakes/poweder of any note) Tomorrow ill retorque the head bolts and adjust the tappets and take it for another blast. Feels good man!
  15. Proper job man. Looks like some of the whale blubber oil has leaked or mummified and some water got in. Take it apart clean it out and put a modern oil/grease of the correct viscosity back in with a new gasket. Then forget about it for another 50 years