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  1. Mind five Al, good shit
  2. Keen to see it at Nats if possible
  3. It was just a universal type one I found so it isn't the best fit but it still looks ok I think. Would have liked a bit wider but it was already the biggest one I could find at the time at 1.5m, dat bumper be huge.
  4. Oops, dumb google, will rectify poste haste
  5. Not sure why I didn't do it earlier, pretty happy with it tbh I was wondering if it was a bit high, drive out of garage, scrape, sounds all good
  6. We can see if our parts dock nicely
  7. Sorry, was being lazy, I mean I have a bellhousing for a FS5W71C box which can be found on some RB's Silvias etc Also have a FS5W71B box with poo synchros The deez bellhousing i have can be swapped straight onto the 71C and lets you bolt it up to L series Enough ramblings, I should do something with my gearbox bits one day.
  8. Hey boover, I have a 71C bellhousing you could test with. I like your motivation/direction
  9. What happened to the van one that was for sale on here a while ago?
  10. Mucking around with this now
  11. A bit quiet here Scored some Nissan stainless monsoon shields off yahoo which I am stoked with. Had the diff out to narrow a wee bit to fit the 9's better, props to Halcrow engineering, excellent work and a 2 day turn around. Had 15mm cut off each axle, enough spline so no need for cutting and welding it. Also replaced the wheel bearings and all the leaf spring bushes while there. Old New
  12. I've had 2 of those streetfire units shit themselves on me, onto my 3rd now under warranty. Did yours die after a couple minutes of running at a seemingly random time? I hope my current one lasts longer, an MSD person advised me to put a diode on the signal wire so we'll see if that works or I'll do something similar to the kit you have.
  13. Yeah looking good man, rims are sweet
  14. I ended up using some generic stuff from the bike shop, cheers for the offer though
  15. I discovered a neat little option on a Japanese beat project blog, heat vents for your legs. This diagram in the Beat parts catalogue shows the vents (#3), the radiator sits in the cavity above them. You can see on the cowl where the holes are cut. The vent itself is also found on the Spacy which makes them easier to source, just waiting for them to arrive.