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  1. Wow. I forgot all about those. I hope you can make something that works with them.
  2. Look at that grass. I hope some "precision driving" was done after the photos.
  3. Probably just as well you sold the hard top.
  4. Even better than I hoped!
  5. I'm dying to see this all fresh and red! It'll look awesome with those gold wheels too. Best save ever.
  6. Thanks mate. As I remember you had a few other things to sort out last time you were in Christchurch. Next time.
  7. Ha ha, I knew that at the time. Did it anyway.
  8. Some months later. . . Handle bars. Made, finished today. Panther gussets made in 3mm and milled down to 1.8mm because I couldn't buy 1.8mm Chromoly plate. Jigged and welded into place. Mock up picture because I was feeling proud. View from the drivers seat. Also 26x1.75 Gum Wall tyres on their way, Pantha stickers purchased, chrome, paint anodizing, and other 80s spec bling to follow.
  9. First time I've seen this car on matching wheels front to rear. It looks so much better for it. You going to paint it red? I think it will look great.
  10. Glad it ended up in the garage. The first few photos looked like it was off to pick a part.
  11. You know it'll happen.
  12. LSD! Awesome upgrade. Next update needs to contain Starlet doughnut pics.
  13. Tonight I did some welding. This was the result.
  14. I found a few hours for this over the weekend and tacked the rear end together. I'm very pleased with it. I do however want to move the chain stays out a little to give me more room for a wider tyre, it has plenty of room before it is too close to the chain wheel.
  15. Yeah well. I made these stays and had them all ready to weld on, they looked great. Until I realized I'd completely fucked up and put the bend too far forward and it wasn't going to clear the crank or chain wheel. I sulked about it for a few weeks, ordered some more tube, made a couple of changes to the bender I'd made, and started again. Here's what I have now. This time! I also managed to borrow a pair of original Assassin handle bars to make a copy of. Mint!
  16. Shit. Worst possible outcome.
  17. What a gigantic c**t. Are the head and cams scrap metal? Has it put shit through the rest of the motor?
  18. What front suspension and steering rack have you used there? Escort? Your car looks awesome btw.
  19. Well done. What was the cause/solution of the brake problem?
  20. I nearly fell off it onto the roof of a car one night. I managed to wobble back the other way and jump off.
  21. Thanks. It's not as deathly as it appears. Either don't stop and do some tactical circles or similar. Or hold on to a pole, post or wall. Or step off when the pedal is at the bottom of the stroke, which isn't as hard as it sounds.
  22. So these stays have been hard work. Each one has 4 bends in it which need to match side to side. I made a jig to get the bends symmetrical and in the right place *hopefully*, I didn't take any photos of it though. Then I made a jig to hold the drop outs in the right place relative to the stays. I went head and welded them together once again forgetting to tale photos. Anyway today I started to put the back together so I can add it to the front of the frame, I also remembered to take a couple of photos. Freshly bent stays with dropouts attached. They still need a trim. More jigging and clamping. I'll weld a bar between the two pieces of steel hose clamped to the stays to hold them in place, then flip it and to the same on the top. In theory it will be stiff enough then to start fitting to the back of the bike.
  23. So I should have said before, this is the look I'm aiming for. So working towards that I needed some drop outs. As far as I can tell all Pantha used the same drop outs on all their bikes so I copied the dropouts on one of the kids Cubs. And scientifically worked out their ideal location. Where by I could start to make some seat and chain stays. More later.
  24. Good work Scott! Has it got all 6 cyls again?
  25. About three years ago I threatened to build a 26inch BMX that looked like a Pantha. This weekend was the weekend that talk turned into action. I have a pile of parts for it that have been sitting around gathering dust, some tube I brought months ago, and some home made tools to make the job easier. Today It started to become a bike. So notching tube with a file is hard work and time consuming, tube notchers are expensive and a bit crappy looking. I looked at some on line and decided that my lathe could do the same job. It works perfect, and makes very neat notches. No more filing for hours! Nice fit too. And it's starting to look like the front of a bike Lots to do yet.