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  1. Front end rebuild will be the *perfect* opportunity to back those torsion bars off a bit.
  2. Get a good wheel alignment afterward and it'll be so much nicer to drive.
  3. Result! Do the other side while you're at it, do the whole front end even. I bet the lower arm bushes and ball joints are manky too.
  4. I have a home made socket that "Goes hard for what it is" I find it is easier to do them with the arm on the car stil.l It's very hard / impossible to hold the arm in a vice without wrecking the arm. Could post it up to you if you pay post.
  5. Nice work Josh. You should buy this too, you'd own the full set then.
  6. You're a more patient man than I. Mine took a number of sledge hammer blows and went to the big slant six factory in the sky.
  7. Nice to see another AP5 here, oddly mine had a cracked block when I got it.
  8. Finally, a good sunny morning for some photos. The first two are my bike with a 16" Cub that the kids ride from time to time.
  9. I'm not convinced by this "Safety Cletus" Can we have "Do some skids Cletus" back?
  10. Travels around the world. Still wearing work boots and shorts. Good cunt!
  11. Yeah mate I will, there is a Cub the same colour in the garage, I'll take a photo of the two in the weekend. This is sitting in the corner of the lounge now, it looks like Christmas morning circa 1985, but for adult piners.
  12. So nearly four years after mentioning it and well over four years after coming up with the idea. Here it is! FINISHED! I took it for a quick ride up the road, it feels awesome, taught, light, and responsive. I'll take some better photos of it in the sun over the weekend. *Pine*
  13. Ever consider trying one of the Weber DGAS style carbs on Ali Express? Or a genuine one if you can find one. Ebay one.
  14. Wow. I forgot all about those. I hope you can make something that works with them.
  15. Look at that grass. I hope some "precision driving" was done after the photos.
  16. Probably just as well you sold the hard top.
  17. Even better than I hoped!
  18. I'm dying to see this all fresh and red! It'll look awesome with those gold wheels too. Best save ever.
  19. Thanks mate. As I remember you had a few other things to sort out last time you were in Christchurch. Next time.
  20. Ha ha, I knew that at the time. Did it anyway.
  21. Some months later. . . Handle bars. Made, finished today. Panther gussets made in 3mm and milled down to 1.8mm because I couldn't buy 1.8mm Chromoly plate. Jigged and welded into place. Mock up picture because I was feeling proud. View from the drivers seat. Also 26x1.75 Gum Wall tyres on their way, Pantha stickers purchased, chrome, paint anodizing, and other 80s spec bling to follow.
  22. First time I've seen this car on matching wheels front to rear. It looks so much better for it. You going to paint it red? I think it will look great.
  23. Glad it ended up in the garage. The first few photos looked like it was off to pick a part.
  24. You know it'll happen.
  25. LSD! Awesome upgrade. Next update needs to contain Starlet doughnut pics.