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  1. How is the van going?
  2. oi neal whataya doin with the mk1
  3. Saw an update, saw the checker seats again. Duck that's a sweet car neal
  4. Way down the line
  5. Punt it to my house so i can go be a back road warrior
  6. Why has nobody mentioned .............. Best seats ever. Like ever ever buy far. Soooooooooo fucking sweet. Rest of car is also sweet. Canary yellow with go fast stripes and checker flag seats. Oh my god. Jizz face, king of the block if you had this when i was a lad. Fuck its sweet
  7. fuck thats a sweet escort dude and damage is minimal. escortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescorts escortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescortsescorts
  8. Well that didnt work. Ooops
  9. Isnt the rear and side leather usually the shit leather. Because the wear and tear(this case wear and burrow) is on arms back and cusions. Yep the side and back is often low grade unless its a ballin couch
  10. Im heading into onehunga on wednesday for my sitesafe. Can transport items ( not a whole fkn couch tho) up to orewa or my place whangaparaoa Or am in parnell tomorow
  11. What the fuck neal. Just because u can doesnt mean you should. Wires are pretty, should try and convince the scrap man that there is some value in the rest. try to convince him.
  12. Pictureless post Trike has been striped, revealed nasty pitting on the forks. And seat is crumbly. Forks have been quoted for chroming and they want 400 as the pitting needs to be dealt to first. Triedsaying fuckit just dip the bastards butthey have pride in their work and want to clean it all up. So painted forks it it. No chrome for this kids whip. Dad has put a coat of primer on to seal itall, and has been itching to use a jar of ed roths white flake. So its getting white flake with pink flake detail/scallops Yeah and pink wheels. And tassles and a leathery seat. Either i will dust of the oldmachine and sew it up or i will giveour man at midnight upolstery (soz name slips memory) the task of sewing up a sweet pink seat with a white EVIE stitched into it. Light will be ordered from ali express, Fuck this thing is going to a ghastly mix of white and pink. Shel love it
  13. lumpy idle big block in that thing please. so lumpy it sounds like it wont run, so lumpy the tires chirp when its in gear at idle. infact the motor i described above should be in every car.
  14. Off to the strippers Probally no where near as fun and just as expensive.
  15. Origidy dig colour