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  1. What's the breakeven point? i.e. could we go $20 a head and do it with 20 pers instead? I'd certainly pay more for fun times.
  2. I put a fresh 1256 into mine, high comp pistons, cam, etc. Goes okay for a small car. Consider it as a viable option.
  3. Awesome. Just awesome. I am so jealous of you having a road legal HB wagon. Please leave it in your will to me / give me first right of refusal if for some unknown reason you ever sell it.
  4. Blown bulb for the fail. /good luck
  5. What type of dizzy cap do you need? The early Delco style?
  6. Don't know what you're on about. I have 4.
  7. Not much. The grille and headlights are round on a Torana, rectangular on a Viva. Torana had opening rear windows, most Vivas were fixed. Badges. The Torana had a certain amount of local content so some bits may be a little different. Underlying car is the same. In fact some bits from the LC/LJ Torana are backward compatible and can be put on HBs.
  8. The 1800/2300 Magnum gearboxs had a lift-gate reverse lockout thing which always used to go wrong and pull off. I don't think Vauxhall knew how to engineer gear sticks properly.
  9. Awesome progress. I wish I had the time and motivation you have so I could get more of my fleet of Vivas running.
  10. 8ball,what do you have? Where is your thread?
  11. Flat battery, no WOF, very neglected.
  12. I don't have those rubber things, but Adrian Miller in the UK does. I need to rebuild all my wiper linkages so may get some parts in from him. Also, I have a Weber 28/36 DCD on manifold which has come spare... needs jets.
  13. And I took a crappy video on my phone.
  14. So this happened... Bit the bullet, got a decent China copy of a DCOE, and got Murray at Weber Specialties to work his magic. Turns out he once worked for Blydenstein or something like that, so was really keen to have a go at this project. He also has Vivas of his own. It's come out really nicely, goes well, sounds great.
  15. Wow, I haven't updated this thread for 2 years. Things I've done - new tyres, new fuel pump, routine servicing, replaced the harness because it expired. That's about it. I have done a few events, but not a lot. Pretty happy with how it's going at the moment so the turbo 7A has gone on hold. Also there's not a lot running in the 0-1600cc class these days so it's reasonably competitive. OS Drag Day 2015 - here's a video from Markku "Battle of the Titans" (that grin...) Golden Cross Hillclimb 2016 Matahi Rd Hillclimb 2016 Got a 3rd in class (only 1.2 secs spread between 1st and 3rd so it was close) and 11th overall. Even beat a WRX and an Evo on a damp hillclimb which made my day. Have to sort out the sloppy linkages in the wipers, had to use them a few times and they didn't park nicely and they drift up the screen at speed. Not to mention that they are utterly crap at being windscreen wipers. This video is poor quality because I couldn't be bothered waiting for Youtube to upload 1.3 GB of decent quality video. Next update in 2 years time. Here's the discussion bit ->