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  1. And wrapping up ya fish and chips m9
  2. It's also for sale...
  3. EFI crab conversion pls. Looks ace though.
  4. Rip a mean as skid down his street upon completion as part-payment.
  5. LD28M8 you beauty. Cheesing at the increase of Series Landies on OS.
  6. 15 kei all dae bey Hope it goes to a good home. What's on the cards in terms of a replacement?
  7. I saw this pop up for sale and went on a Dakar googling spree. Choice score Jim, looking forward to seeing you chip away at it eh.
  8. Compliance Distinction Lush
  9. Triumph is 3.45:1 but yeah a 3.357 auto Z33 rear end would be ideal. Have seen a few of them being parted out too.
  10. Have you done any final drive calculations with wheel/tyre size and your ideal engine rpm at particular speeds? Because your range of suitable ratios is quite broad due to the difficulty of finding a suitable diff which offers a low 3 ratio. You might find that around 3.5 is actually suitable. Or you could find any other IRS diff head and axles (BMW, Holden, Toyota etc) that is relatively easy to obtain and look at fitting it, if it comes in the ratio you desire. I wouldn't bother fitting another IRS rear subframe or rear end into your car because the one you have will be more than adequate for a 1UZ.
  11. The IRS in these is actually pretty good. And good idea with the 1UZ, that would be a great combination. The rear ends are already alloy trailing arm and quite well designed but the diff is the weak link when upgrading the power output of the engine or replacing it with something better (and more powerful). The diffs also use universal joints to transmit the power to the axles, CV joints are much better in every way. A sensible upgrade would be to fit a Nissan R180 or R200 longnose diff into it. It has been done many times before, especially here and in Australia. I doubt you'll get a ratio as tall as you want in one of these (but Nissan/Datsun foamers will know more about them than I do) but a Nissan diff head and axles will give you strength, CV joints and less weight. Plus there are many LSD options that can be fitted to them and a broken diff for mocking up purposes can be had for pretty much nothing.
  12. Sweet Mate, Sing out if you need some bits. I have a shed full of PI specific bits, plus other parts.
  13. What's happening with your PI wagon?
  14. @danger. You should definitely get a ride with him.
  15. Having several broken odometers in an XE dash is still better than staring at an XF dash. They're horrible. With you all the way there.