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  1. Mayte didntya know 4 barrels are a shit option mayte and they're only for yank tanks you should stick to a blow through twin sidedraught setup m8
  2. Looking forward to having some sharns when it's in Auckland /3.8 m8
  3. I'm keen for this. Gives me a target date to get the Triumph wag ready by. I've never wagnats'd before but I assume bringing a bunch of BW35 transmissions as gifts is acceptable? I'll drop them off on Roger's tailgate and be sure to leave as much fluid in them as possible.
  4. John wanted stupid money for his engines so I don't think I'll bother dropping in to see him. This engine has always had the standard cartridge type oil filter fitted and coupled with the age, is a bit rattly. But since the engine is coming out it will get dealt with.
  5. Thanks to all those interested. I will try and take some more photos when I am next at the shed where the car is kept. I've always wanted Wagon Time so this is ideal. The goal is Wagnats 2018 which is plenty of time for a refresh, WoF and some miles under its belt. In the previous videos it sounded like it never quite ran right. I'll go through and thoroughly check the fueling system from the tank to the injectors. It still runs the original Lucas 'wiper motor' fuel pump so binning that is near the top of the list. Also the fuel surge issues below quarter of a tank will need to be addressed. I am thinking of a lift pump into a swirl/surge tank and then a better primary pump to send the fuel to the metering unit. The car has been run for quite some time without any filter, plenum or cover over the throttle bodies so it's filthy on the intake side. All sorts of shit has gotten into into the throttle bodies. The injectors are leaking and the metering unit looks like it hasn't been touched in a long time. All straightforward things that just need time spent on them. Following @BLIZZO's advice, I'll be replacing all the seals in the injection unit as this is one of the common causes of issues with this system.
  6. Based on the interest in a name change, this may have to become a vote for all of OS to partake in. I still have two three on the tree Holdens left but not sure on how long that will be for.
  7. The wheels like on the wagon? Yes I have a set of four left. Listed them on trademe today for $220.
  8. This will be doing a whole lot of sitting around while I clear out other cars. So far it has donated parts to try and track the issues plaguing @Tumeke's PI sedan.
  9. I'd wanted an Estate for quite some time but never thought I'd end up owning this particular example. That is until I saw it for sale on a Facebook Triumph page (yes such a thing exists). However it was well out of my price range so I pined over it and got about fiddling with the many other cars in my life. But a while later I found out that the engine had let go and that the price was heavily reduced. The engine issue didn't phase me, but I was still a bit worried that I couldn't afford it. After plenty of discussion between myself and the owner, I decided to drive down to Tauranga and take a look at it in person. A deal was struck and I made plans to come back that weekend and collect the car. So with the help of @Tumeke and his Dad's 2.4 petrol LWB L300, we hitched a hired trailer and set about collecting the car. IMG_8129 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr IMG_8132 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr IMG_8133 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr The L300 towed surprisingly well and we trundled along at a leisurely pace back to Auckland, along with a stop in Ngatea for some fuel for both the van and ourselves. IMG_8137 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr IMG_8139 by Neal OnTheTree, on Flickr Once in its new home, I poured a fresh four litres of oil into it, wound the engine over until it had a bit of oil pressure and fired it up. The car had a horrible knock when I went to see it because it had been run with no oil. It will run okay at idle but there is still a faint knock from time to time so it will have its engine removed to be stripped and inspected. It currently resides in my shed under a cover while I sell a lot of the other projects and parts that I have. This is the car that I've always wanted so the plan is to fix the engine, run it in for a WoF, get it road legal and start fixing it slowly while it remains regularly driven. It has suffered much neglect which is not apparent in the pictures but I am confident I can rectify this.
  10. Yes, trailering it down would be great if a trailer could be sourced. The only way to unbarry a car is to get barrys to decode the barrying that has been done. Or just start from the beginning and check absolutely everything. But the swarm of Barrys would be lush. Imagine the sharns!
  11. Naturally
  12. Can I sit inside it and weep with joy pls?
  13. Only one still has all the Anti-roll bar and associated bits still attached which I will keep for my estate. Sorry. Will check the dashes as they arrive though. Hard to find an uncracked condition but it's easy to find ones with minimal cracks.
  14. No Mk1s sorry. Just MkII sedans.