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  1. KEEN. Might have to bring you down some Triumph bits too.
  2. You will always be a golden faggot, cunt. See you there.
  3. @Tumeke it's now for sale....
  4. I've entered. Once @Shewolf and @Tumeke enter the three of us will sort out flights and a day or two off work. Plus payment. Thanks for the reminder Bart.
  6. Buy the cheapest, most irrelevant personalised plate from Trademe. Then paint it black and sand it back.
  7. Oooh, what's her name? Is it Wonder Woman?
  8. Make sure you check yourself before you wreck yourself. Medical advice from a Doctor.
  9. And wrapping up ya fish and chips m9
  10. It's also for sale...
  11. EFI crab conversion pls. Looks ace though.
  12. Rip a mean as skid down his street upon completion as part-payment.
  13. LD28M8 you beauty. Cheesing at the increase of Series Landies on OS.
  14. 15 kei all dae bey Hope it goes to a good home. What's on the cards in terms of a replacement?
  15. I saw this pop up for sale and went on a Dakar googling spree. Choice score Jim, looking forward to seeing you chip away at it eh.