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  1. I've got some in stock but it would be far easier to raid the wreckers
  2. Definitely not $50 each - super common at wreckers and you can buy off ebay/ali if needed. Yeah they come with the big clip or not. Also some Toyota water temp sensor plugs are the same and green too
  3. Looks to be a standard Bosch EV1 plug? Should find them on Holdens and Euros at Pick A Part / Zebra. Worth a try anyway.
  4. Painting that diff is banned, unless its using paint of the dazzle variety and by variety I mean pink.
  5. Holy shit balls thats amazing. So start up soon then?
  6. Boost till bust... Like you have a choice muhuhahah
  7. You could always use a turbo to soak up all that extra fuel... Just sayin
  8. And smoked by a fwd, the shame!
  9. With that delicious big fuel pump you should add turbo now
  10. Hot damn its good to see another Vbeast back on the streets. I almost want to get another one myself!
  11. Hope it goes well, I will inspect the local intersections for tell tail 11's on Friday evening as proof of your success.
  12. Flash guy with your thermal imaging - now I don't want you to point that at the neighbours windows... That relay in the first pic is pretty hot too I see
  13. With compression that low a little suck thru turbo setup would be ideal! Almost did that myself with my HC back in the day.
  14. No you wont