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  1. Holy shit balls thats amazing. So start up soon then?
  2. Boost till bust... Like you have a choice muhuhahah
  3. You could always use a turbo to soak up all that extra fuel... Just sayin
  4. And smoked by a fwd, the shame!
  5. With that delicious big fuel pump you should add turbo now
  6. Hot damn its good to see another Vbeast back on the streets. I almost want to get another one myself!
  7. Hope it goes well, I will inspect the local intersections for tell tail 11's on Friday evening as proof of your success.
  8. Flash guy with your thermal imaging - now I don't want you to point that at the neighbours windows... That relay in the first pic is pretty hot too I see
  9. With compression that low a little suck thru turbo setup would be ideal! Almost did that myself with my HC back in the day.
  10. No you wont
  11. Thank fuck!
  12. Please make the whole car the same height as the front - thanks.
  13. Hurry up not long till that thing needs to be racing... ...oh wait.
  14. There's superb rooster tails then there's 4age rooster tails.... So there for next time bro