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  1. New gaskets, and engine mocked up.
  2. New carb day!
  3. @MKD haha fair! It's still sitting here, so can always go back on if the bike doesn't end up looking how I imagined.
  4. @Abarth Hadn't thought about that to be honest - but yeah it sounds like a good idea!
  5. Man that thing sounds dreamy!
  6. Picked up the side covers, look bloody great. Going to leave them raw.
  7. Decided to go for a smaller rear fender. Now using a front fender off a CB360 rather than the rear. Made some little brackets up: Ready to weld: Mr.Vapour also blasted my engine side covers and a few other bits and pieces. Hit a wall now. I'm at the stage where I need to start purchasing new parts. Probably will look at getting the seat reupholstered next.
  8. Purchased and installed some new handlebars which I'm pretty happy with. Also painted the engine. Going to get the side covers polished to a chrome finish. I really need to finish up all the fabrication work so I can get the frame powder coated and start the process of reassembling.
  9. Decided to tidy up the engine by chucking on a coat of primer. And mockup up the rear fender to where I'd like it to sit. Just need to figure a way out to mount it. Have ordered some new handlebars which should be with me in the next day or two which will give me a better idea of how the bike will look.
  10. Did a rough assemble to get an idea of how the bike looks, the bars look like absolute rubbish but I just needed something to move the bike around with. Seeing as my garage is full of CB360 parts, I'm going to cut down a rear fender to use on the 175. Just need to fabricate a bottom mount headlight bracket, a battery mounting solution, and some new foot pegs and then I'm pretty much happy with the frame. Nearly up to the fun part of making everything pretty, and purchasing shiny new parts!
  11. Looks good on the road tyres! I saw this on TradeMe and was contemplating it... was a good price!
  12. This is interesting. My CL175 never ran right even at the factory settings. Think I might give this a go. How does the carb balancer work?
  13. Frame's back! A friend has done some fab work for me. New mounts for the tank, new redesigned tail section along with a seat pan. Very happy.
  14. Believe it or not, I'm still working on this bike. Been away travelling. Rode the length of Vietnam on a 100cc Honda which was somewhat terrifying/exciting. Bike is currently with a friend having some minor fabrication work done. While that's happening, I'm prepping the engine (making it pretty). Hopefully have some progress shortly.
  15. Frame's all welded. Mocked up a seat pan. It's a really odd shape to make up for the fact that the rear of my frame transitions from stamped to tubular steel. Might have to make it slightly deeper so I have a flat seat line. Need to mount my tank before I go too far with the seat pan however.