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  1. does this have a twin barrel carb?
  2. great work getting this crammed in with time to spare! i applaud you
  3. Where did you get that doll of me
  4. Jeah Man - looking Super cool ! love this car!
  5. so ken!
  6. this is an awesome car!!!~ looking forward to following your progress...
  7. ive disc with origional stud pattern , off an early vg, vented disc, i rock unboosted and brakes really well! You don't have a 2 barrel manifold laying around do you? or a 5 speed suit column shift?
  8. drop spindles and hot 225, throwing a couple G at a 225 for go fast bits and bit of machining will go a long way and 318 + rebuild + go fast bits= way heaps
  9. nup its not but its similar, it was or originally burgundy but slightly darker and not as glossy. would be way cooler if it had o g paint!
  10. how she looks now. Photo care of Steelies
  11. nice work , and lots of it! your a machine!
  12. just like to mention your sweet english wheel .. homebuilt?
  13. Wagnats . 3rd-6th feb... see ya there!
  14. just bought seat belts for the back seat so i can take the kiddies to the south island They wont be legal as such but will be installed to spec... and better than having the kids with no belts!
  15. yeah someone had to or would have been lost to rust... was he rikki's flatmate? id love to know if it was him that did the heaps of shitty rust coverups and painted it.... o and who welded( badly tacked ) sheetmetal over the origional rusty floor pan..