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  1. pointless photo.hung the front fenders, almost looks like a car!Started work on the front valance.
  2. getting there bro.
  3. bit more progress.body on wooden stand.doors bogged and primed.fenders bogged and primedtook a lot of work, many late nights, all day Sunday and half of Monday.A little tip, don't try welding 6 fenders together to make two, so much work to make them look good Still heaps to go!life looks like this now.time to finish up the shell and get those valance's done!
  4. this is the target. thanks photoshop.
  5. That's the stuff rusty, so far so good, will see how it goes once back on the road. update just of you 86, bodywork sucks!
  6. This is my life nowsanding sanding and more sanding.had to buy some more Autothane primer filler, 4lts used up already, all the small removable parts are primed, working on the doors, then the front fenders, going to take the shell off the spit this weekend so I can finish up the front and back ends, aiming to have it all done by the end of the month, BUT, my work is relocating at the end of the month and have just started paying us Monthly(broke ass) the Mrs is filling in for her charge nurse who has just resigned and is working full time for the next month and a half not to mention the boys Rugby is starting soon, we're going away in the school holidays and all the other normal day to day shit like mowing the lawns and other diy crap still needs to be done!Fuuuuuuk.YeaHaw!!!
  7. had a busy week and weekend, got the first couple coats of red on the car.did the bottom and the inside and dash area,pretty pleased with it, did one coat on saturday, missed a couple spots, worst thing that happened was sweat running out of my glove on the wet paint, bugger it! gave it a wipe with thinners and it came really nice on the second coat today. Got a few small runs but stoked with it. not bad for a rookie!
  8. that looks super sweet indeed! does this mean you'll lose the mirror tints, cause I hate them. Also that shit all over the fire is fucking with my OCD something wicked, what you need is a polished stainless louvered firewall, that would make lidless cruzing sparkle like the star you are. hehe.
  9. Awesome work man! such a mean looking wagon, well done getting it back on the road. Gives me hope for mine!
  10. Got some more thinners and got the front under bonnet/boot painted next.tried to get a good coverage on everything.over the years many stone chips had done a number on the paint under the arches.one more wire wheel dead.had a crack at heat shrinking some of the mess I'd made of the front quarter, worked a wee bit, stopped it popping in and out so easy.bog time!I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wendnesday night last week from about 9pm once the kids were sorted and the next day organized, sanding, sanding and sanding till about 1 or 2 am.And finally on Thursday night.a bit of etch.followed by...just the engine bay and the front valance to prime.but that will have to wait till it's off the spit as I still need to spot weld the bonnet seal strip on both valances as the frame it's bolted to is in the way.still needs heaps of work, found a few dips and bumps after the paint went on, needs lots of sandpaper marks filled in/sanded out, but I should be able to do the seam sealing and smash some red on the bum soon!
  11. So Summer has officially ended and still no red paint on this thing! But never fear, I'm on it!! I've been spending what feels like every waking moment and many when I should be sleeping working on this thing, I'm beginning to understand why car paint jobs are so flippin expensive!Time, lots and lots of time.So after giving the shed a mighty clean up and tidy, thinning out the heard of pushbikes down to a manageable number and shoving anything unneeded under the house, I began with dressing down the old welds on the sunroof graft.and then the bog.So much sanding.then decided to bare metal the dash and tidy up the rest of the inside.check out the factory spot welds.the reason for this was to remove all the shitty old glue that I had spread about holding the carpets in place, as I wanted to get a nice coat of paint every where.looking much better after some etch.I even managed to get a couple days off work as I was on a roll!moved onto the underside, which apart from the bottom corners on the front firewall, needed no bog at least!also heaps and heaps of tiny small things like bogging up the spot welds under the engine air vents, smoothing out the welds where I grafted said vent panel into the roof and the front scuttle graft aswell, the A pillars, the front wheel wells...... At this point my fingers are numb and my skin feels like 180T sandpaper, are we having fun yet?!But seeing it all coming together in one colour.that is pretty cool.fantastic motivation.You gotta keep on pushin, you gotta keep on pushin!time to crank up the beast!this side was tricky, the hood release tube is right smack in the way.got it stick in place evenchually.and then the one on the scuttle.spot welder was making a bit of a mess out of this one(it may have been the operator) so I had to MIG up a few wee holes here and there.and bog and sand and etch.....another chunk done.need to start seam sealing but it would appear that the tube I used on the chassis has seam sealed its self inside the tube, fuck it, I'd only used a quarter of the fucking thing!I cut the tube open and did the under side bits here.not very pretty, but it will keep out the weather.seams about right, I went to paint the gray primer on the inside of the trunk, got half way and ran out of air, went to finish it tonight and I'd run out of thinners, and now the seam sealer. Ah well, I've been meaning to update you guys so there you are.
  12. amazing work there mate. Those spot welders are worth their considerable weight in gold in saving so much grinding down plug welds, keep the tips nice and clean and make sure the two parts are well stuck.
  13. thanks man, floorpan took about two months of hard work. Paint on body next!