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  1. Ow man, to have access to those tools you have, and be able to use them like you. dash is coming out sweet.
  2. Yeah man, using that copper eze stuff, chur. Git'er done!
  3. Stupid update #3Thought I'd save Darrell the shit job of bolting up the front fenders as some dickhead (me) thought Stainless allen head bolts would be "cool" pointless photo. shitty photo.they do look pretty, I hope I never have to touch them again, the ones up behind the headlight buckets were pigs!Started cleaning up all the dash components, ignition switch came up awesome! love the solid old quality these old "economy" cars have. I got a new/old dip switch awhile ago, which I had also cleaned up and fitted.My original switch fucked out years ago and was replaced with a modern version which when used would make this hollow boing! sound. the lovely old one makes a very satisfying "click clack" like a small rifle being loaded. much better.had to test fit the tail lights. yeah.did a few other wee things like fitted the engine lid seal, polished up the dirty old fuel line and started to suss fitting that, also pulled the new wiring loom out of its box for the first time, would like to try and feed it through the roof before I stick the body back on the pan.
  4. So the bolts were exactly were I left them. these two are getting all pally, who knows what it may lead to.... could be the start of a beautiful thang.
  5. Darrell came over and gave me a hand last night, Cheers D.Progress was hampered by my dumbass misplacing the pivot bolts for the bonnet hinges. I did get the engine lid on at least.
  6. 5 speed will be a good upgrade. Nice work on the MGB, I've always like the look of those, very pretty wee things for a 70's pom-mobile.
  7. thanks man, grinding crappy welds is something I know heaps about! I hope you realise this paint bollocks is all your fault azzurro, I remember briefly chatting to you at kumue a couple years back about paint. you were all "or just do it yourself, then you can say you did it all" those few words have been a blessing and a cruse at times, but I did it, it's alot of work but I did it!
  8. the good.the bad.the gun spat here on the left rear fender.so I stuck heaps of paint over it so I can hopefully polish it out so it sagged here.and when painting inside the air vent I made this mess, looks like I'll be learning to wet sand paint now!All in all I'm pretty stoked and glad it's over, heaps of runs and spots of over spray and areas of orange peel etc..but not bad for a noob in shed in west auckland.looking forward to assembly.
  9. Well Sunday was a big day! I was/am knackered! Spent at lease 3-4 hours spraying, came out looking like a pink Immortal Joe, Shiny and Red!!Witness Me Sweatheart!!!!! But first! a couple non cell potatos for the inner fenders and engine bay.inside of the doors painted and hung.and I don't have one of the trunk, but that one up there is pretty good so...The body was starting to take shape, I'd spent ages sanding and bogging and more sanding, but the bonnet, engine lid and rear fenders really only had one layer of primer/high fill on them.So I gave them a going over with the long board (2x4,2x4!) and pretty much started again.I think this was last weekend, I dunno, it's all just blurred into one big session in my sleep deprived head.Chair/panel stand.fronts needed another layer after fine filler.bonnet looking good.was pretty please with the light set up at the time, had 4 of these blazing half the night, gotta have good light for this work.better.details.details.details!getting close now.
  10. Oh Bugger! damage don't look to bad kk, shame about the tyre. Don't let the bean counters fuck you over! insist it get put back same for same.
  11. Exist? I hope so! Truth is(and don't tell the Mrs this!) this car will never really be finished, I'm aiming to get it on the road as fast as possible and will be daily driving it for work, but am really looking forward to tinkering/fine tuning/development- more power, disc brakes, lowerer, /\/\sound deadening, doofdoof sounds, bucket seats, really keen on getting it to handle as well as a 50 year old bug can, look awesome and be fun to drive. and attending every fucking event I can in it!
  12. What I really need is a new ragtop cover, should be pretty simple for someone with your skills/tools? What part of the waikato is your new pad Greg, my folks live in Te Kowhai, keen to go for a burn in the rotabug!
  13. looks tidy!
  14. Cheers KK, looking forward to assembly and that first drive! The quietest bug I've ever been in was a friends original little old lady 65' so I know it's possible! My car was always deafening, having had all the factory deadening and headliner removed before I got it so yeah, keen as to dynamat the fuck outta it! Would do the inside cabin side, firewall, doors etc... not the engine bay or frunk mostly coz it looks shit, I had stuck some behind the rear seat and had two layers of carpet and a rear parcel tray, that made alot of difference. a headliner would be nice too, (got any tartan left over greg??) wonder if you can get Quickroof or something similar in NZ? looks exactly the same and those name brand auto insulation stuff. AE86NZ, will just be Rattle can HI temp Matt Black for the zorst, shits pretty old and pitted now, it's just a cheap Bugpack system, will need to replace the muffler at some point, that will help with the noise also, neighbour down the road use to know it was time to get up when I left for work, the thing was so fucking loud!