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  1. yeah you guys calm down, it's been the only wagoneers law since day one. he who rollz up on G-Zeroz shall be crowned prez. should probably mention that it's compulsory welding of wheelnuts too.
  2. that's choice pete, pining bigtime. time to take it for a strop and test the fitness now?
  3. YEAH! good stuff man. JZ column shift awesomeness
  4. i see this badboy's been nicked. sucky! any word about it now?
  5. as far as wagnats rules go, there are really only three that people are encouraged adhere to - 1 - come to wagnats 2 - dont be an ass 3 - come to wagnats
  6. thats borderline science-at-wagnats dave, but it is nice
  7. nah use the stinky old mercury for boring stuff like the hop and nats, and save that immaculate wagon for wagnats - the premier station wagon event of the year the skip has really handy for all those sweet prizes
  8. aw man.
  9. shit i hope you got those mean subs too
  10. it was great to see this whip at wagnats, well done terry. especially with you and mustang sally sleeping in there the whole time. A+ it sure has some quirky design features about it
  11. memories - starlet alternator shat itself and would test up fine at idle, then jizz out 17V or more when being driven. ??
  12. eugh. basic voltage tests done etc?
  13. concur, and milling plate to thickness is 100% barry level achieved
  14. man, so sweet. love the D-windows
  15. waggy went to the south island again, long time no wag there. it managed to run well, let us down at a crucial point, get fixed, run well, run shit, and all the usual falcony goodness. here it is at a particularly sweet spot we hired in golden bay. would trade again currently on the third 'yay it's fixed' since then, fingers crossed it will continue to behave. last couple years have just been juggling wheel/tyre/lowering block combos really. clearly zero preventative maintenance.