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  1. concur, amazing! keep it up etc.
  2. I'm in! for party room etc. che
  3. yeah nah he's in the right thread
  4. Jamie/Deluxe ford spares? he sure has some shit stashed in there.
  5. shit man, condolences. clearly your wag/tyre combo is too phat for people to pass.
  6. yeah you guys calm down, it's been the only wagoneers law since day one. he who rollz up on G-Zeroz shall be crowned prez. should probably mention that it's compulsory welding of wheelnuts too.
  7. that's choice pete, pining bigtime. time to take it for a strop and test the fitness now?
  8. YEAH! good stuff man. JZ column shift awesomeness
  9. i see this badboy's been nicked. sucky! any word about it now?
  10. as far as wagnats rules go, there are really only three that people are encouraged adhere to - 1 - come to wagnats 2 - dont be an ass 3 - come to wagnats
  11. thats borderline science-at-wagnats dave, but it is nice
  12. nah use the stinky old mercury for boring stuff like the hop and nats, and save that immaculate wagon for wagnats - the premier station wagon event of the year the skip has really handy for all those sweet prizes
  13. aw man.
  14. shit i hope you got those mean subs too