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  1. nah use the stinky old mercury for boring stuff like the hop and nats, and save that immaculate wagon for wagnats - the premier station wagon event of the year the skip has really handy for all those sweet prizes
  2. aw man.
  3. shit i hope you got those mean subs too
  4. it was great to see this whip at wagnats, well done terry. especially with you and mustang sally sleeping in there the whole time. A+ it sure has some quirky design features about it
  5. memories - starlet alternator shat itself and would test up fine at idle, then jizz out 17V or more when being driven. ??
  6. eugh. basic voltage tests done etc?
  7. concur, and milling plate to thickness is 100% barry level achieved
  8. man, so sweet. love the D-windows
  9. waggy went to the south island again, long time no wag there. it managed to run well, let us down at a crucial point, get fixed, run well, run shit, and all the usual falcony goodness. here it is at a particularly sweet spot we hired in golden bay. would trade again currently on the third 'yay it's fixed' since then, fingers crossed it will continue to behave. last couple years have just been juggling wheel/tyre/lowering block combos really. clearly zero preventative maintenance.
  10. would also accept spray-tints
  11. just had a proper read of your build thread, now to figure out how to tell my girl i've found someone else, who is a truck. amazing work!
  12. sorry to continue spam, but the video options following that show more elite scooters, curtis mayfield and nate dogg. i concur!
  13. please tell me that is a pop up headlight
  14. fuckin woah, shiny black. i cannot imagine the satisfaction gained here
  15. chair, might hit you up. yep tyre no probs to source, just need them brakes. sans shoes and cable is ok, i can replace/dont need those.