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  1. Also goodluck in your insurance endevours KK's I hope for smooth sailing and full repairs without the slightest mention of cost vs value etc
  2. 1 like=1 prayer
  3. Wow So much fucked for such a minor incident
  4. That crown I have had newish steering stuff on it if you want to rob bits off it to make yours work
  5. FE3 transplant from a Kia Sportage plz
  6. Big shed=big motivation
  7. If you can successfully bring up a tractor tyre in the Austin you should deserve to keep it as a prize
  8. Jagon?
  9. Heck yeah
  10. Toyota carb lyfe Even when its running sweet its still not sweet
  11. Is it worth flicking Bobbybreeze a pm to see if the cam wizard has some insight?
  12. Sweet top mount intacoolah bei And red rocket covers denote extra race brededness
  13. Diff temp pre/post trackday dorts will be interesting with your flash davescience camera
  14. Im liking the amount of turd polishing going on here