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  1. Thread is 10 years old. She hasn't posted for 8 years or been online for at least 3. So chance of an answer is minimal sorry.
  2. Shit me they were an ugly car back in the 90s when they became a more common appearance in NZ through Jap imports. Still ugly but kind of a trendy ugly. I must have mellowed in my old age. Approved!
  3. Fucking hell Joshy, what a fucking weapon From this... to this in 2 months... Loooooooooooooooooooong whistle and let's be honest - the first picture is doing it justice...
  4. Kicker, go see Steve at Bridgestone Miramar. He did the wheel alignment on my Coon and turned it from a bit of a wanderlust dog to a point and go sweetheart. Good price too.
  5. Jealous of your bench seat score - where did you get it and do all the XA-XF ute/sedan/wagon benches fit between any model? Also have you sussed some Tridents yet?
  6. I think he was meaning do you still have the 4 stud Cragars?
  7. Or option A http://www.jegs.com/i/Cragar/260/1422040402/10002/-1 $500 US plus some freight (or get them to put into @chris r's van that is coming from USA to NZ fairly soon) I know it says golf cart wheel but Cragar list those wheels as 965lb load rating - so unless a Corvair is heavier than 3900lbs with a driver, 3 hookers, a boot load of liquor and a full tank of gas then you're golden. http://www.cragarwheel.com/wheels/wheelsdetails/cragar-series-410c-ss-golf-wheel
  8. I think you are allowed bolt on to 20mm wide. I could be wrong though.
  9. Rad - also get adapters to go to a more conventional 5 stud pattern for American style wheels.
  10. Or this if you are feeling rich... http://www.jimmeyerracing.com/products/60-72_chevy_truck_direct_replacment_chassis.shtml
  11. Fuck this is swish. Jealous. Also raising interest in buying your 327 and manual box if you are flicking it. Also http://www.artmorrison.com/2006cat/48.pdf
  12. Twin MR2s
  13. That chin spoiler is sweet. If it was me I would break up the red, perhaps a couple of stripes or something. At the moment it looks like a chicks petticoat hanging beneath the hem of her skirt, like it's in the right place and meant to be there but should be a little more discreet. But look at me, I own 2 Australian cars - I pretty much have the worst taste in the world.
  14. Wink.. Boyd Kytelerton
  15. Monster Garage Factoid - the 71 stands for 71mm between centres of the main and lay shaft in the gearbox. (just like the 63 in 63a means it is 63mm from centre to centre)