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  1. Nah, going to get a pair of 245-50-14's (the only size Eagers are still made in) and fit them to the front then move the 2 front GR-60-14's to the rear and keep 1 spare GR-60--14 in stock for just in case. (eventually I'll put the GR-60-14's on the 9" rims) Still waiting to hear if insurance is going to pay for a pair or if I'm going to need to pay for 1. Hopefully they pay for the pair because it's considered impossible to match them.
  2. Found a taillight it seems (see Clints reply above) tyres look to be sortable and the mirror is the next sticking point.
  3. Build Thread This is the part you need http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/performance/carburation-induction/auction-1356044285.htm
  4. Yeah they've had it on PT for 2 weeks now and managed to get a tailight but I think he said it was scratched and a corner is broken off. I think he has got that at least so when I take it away while trying to find the bits it will have working tail lights. Could just leave it to the panelbeater to find the parts but I'm fine to help out where I can. Will pop in and see him Wednesday and see how shits going anyway.
  5. Does anyone have hookups for taillight and mirror? Turns out that they are harder to find than good cheap scotch. /insurance is asking for me to hook them up, anyome got leads?
  6. May as well start her out right... Also you and @Seedy Al need to recreate your picture - must be about time to do it again.
  7. These are headers made by Castle Headers for a 304 into EJ/EH https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTYwMFg5MDA=/z/eDcAAOSwdGFYt6b4/$_20.PNG
  8. Geoff will pick you up on Friday midday
  9. Seeking expressions of interest for numbers attending Swap Meat this year. See if its going to be necessary to hire the hall again. Cost is $10 a person to enter the meat raffle, there are 40 tickets which will cover the cost of the meat pack and hiring the hall. I'll put together a list of names. If we get 30 names we can hire it. Geoff/Vivaspeed KK Shaz Niki Seedy Roger Sentra Yowzer Markku Cam Gemma/Poppy JoeGoatFlange Jibber Jabber Yowzer Lozza Bizzhole Lee Mel Manu UTERUS
  10. Worst thing is those tyres are a particularly cunty one to replace. They are a GR width which has no direct metric equivalent, they came off an American import with next to zero miles on them.
  11. It'll buff out.
  12. Yeah sucks a little, but no. I'm pretty confident that hitting a parked car will be relatively indefensible though.
  13. Build thread updoot. Drat and double drat. Good thing is I have insurance, truck that hit me has insurance and the guy admits full responsibility. Now to put the insurance companies in the ring together and see who gets knocked the fuck out.
  14. @64vauxhall will know the ticket for cheap sources of good sound deadening.