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  1. That chin spoiler is sweet. If it was me I would break up the red, perhaps a couple of stripes or something. At the moment it looks like a chicks petticoat hanging beneath the hem of her skirt, like it's in the right place and meant to be there but should be a little more discreet. But look at me, I own 2 Australian cars - I pretty much have the worst taste in the world.
  2. Wink.. Boyd Kytelerton
  3. Monster Garage Factoid - the 71 stands for 71mm between centres of the main and lay shaft in the gearbox. (just like the 63 in 63a means it is 63mm from centre to centre)
  4. BOC for Dry Ice. AKA Frozen Carbon Dioxide.
  5. You beaudy mate! Best result ever.
  6. Haha - yes I agree.
  7. Snost and lost my friend. Don't worry though. We have another one in 347 days 19 hours and 31 minutes. Not that I'm counting or anything. edit - make that ... and 30 minutes
  8. #engineeredtoslide
  9. Heck yeah I did. Was the first thing to go and godamn fuck that sub box is heavy and difficult to move. Yeth.
  10. Glad you are making millions of aitch pee. Must be brilliant to be able to wheelspin in whatever gear you choose. Although I have to say it, mate, you've jumped the shark with those flares and wheels. I know you don't own it or build it for my approval so my input is probably irrelevant, still I feel strangely compelled I need to say something. I guess opinions are like clitorises. Every cunt's got one.
  11. Mate a 460 would be fucking lush. SO FUCKING MUCH! 460 and a torque converter - no need for a tranny. Just idle the TC up to lockup speed and go faster.
  12. LOL, I knew Lee's wag was 99% not turning up and suspected that his brothers pano was the next cab off the rank so to speak so kind of expected it.
  13. Some people know, even though I've been all about keeping this on the downlow, but it's now time to make it official. I swing both ways, in fact I am properly batting for the other team now, well at least until I rekindle my old relationship... ...behind the wheel of my Commy. That's right, I've bought a Ford. Gah the shame of it all. So, after pulling apart the Commy last year for rust and consequently fucking around for the entire Wag-off season, I realised in November that it just wouldn't be right to turn up to Wagnats in a non-wag of the olden days variety. So I begun the search for an XD Wagon which frankly has always been a dream to own. I found a good looking beast (although it was an XE) in Gore, so I got our friendly southern gentleman Mr Old Man Southern himself @kyteler to take a lazy look for me. He came back with a reasonably positive report and heck I went for it. A few phonecalls, emails and PM's later and it was on a transporter to me in Wellington, turning up right before I went away for New Years. But still I was trying to keep it quiet until Wagnats for a surprise wagcessory. I was pretty successful at keeping it quiet, except for a drunken moment with a couple of jokers where I spilled the beans out of sheer excitement but I kept a lid on it, at least until @Aladdin drove past my lockup for the 30 seconds I had the door open to roll inside my new wheels and the bugger saw it. Luckily he didn't quite grasp the gravity and the rumours didn't go very far. So I bought it and while it was on it's way up to me I snaffled me up a set of Tridents from Hawera and picked them up when I went that way for Bizzo and Lozza's "engagement" party. Got them back to Wellington and the next weekend I excitedly tried them on - but to my dismay they ended up being Holden stud pattern. Even thought they were sold as "Falcon wheels" With Wagnats looming fast, I got out the oversized and seriously depleted chequebook and bought a brand new set of 8" Tridents off the Tard. A few days later I had them and some tyres mounted up and the car was finally rolling (oh yeah the guy sold it sans wheels and had sent it up on 4 different wheels, some held on with barely a thread holding the wheel on. They ranged from a 8"wide 12 slot to a stock Hiace 14" rim and a 16" EF Falcon XR6 mag wheel. Anywho, the car was now rolling and a week before Wagnats I snuck the car under the cover of darkness to my wheel alignment man, I hid it at his workshop for a couple of days and then stashed it at my house, away from prying eyes (my lockup is the entire other side of town) Wagnats rolled around and it had it's debut. Won "Mintest Wag" and Strokers Choice. Both of which I was pretty fucking stoked to win. I've done fuck all to it other than give it a bit of a birthday in the servicing department, got all the wheels pointing mostly the same direction and threw on a set of 14x8" Tridents. It is a solid 7.5-8 out of ten in the body (had a bare metal respray a year or so back) and looks like they did a good job, including all the shuts etc. Running gear and suspension etc is a really good 8-8.5 out of ten, very very little in the way of bangs and knocks when driving along. The motor goes grouse now and the transmission does what it needs to do (oh yeah - this wee puppy is bench seat & column shift.. shit yes!) Where it all falls down is the interior. I give it a 3-3.5 out of ten. It's all there (mostly) but half the trim has been broken or screwed back together with wood screws and what have you. The front bench is pretty fucking poked too and is supported by a towel or two wedged into the exposed springs - nothing a car seat cover won't hide for now. That's OK though, I can slowly accumulate all the stuff I need to renew the interior at not too great of a cost and then once I have it I can chuck it all in for hopefully a nice tight insides. It was hilarious getting rid of the rubbish all through the inside when I got it, an empty bottle of classy Chardon was jammed under the seat and random Waikato and Speights bottle caps strewn throughout. Good ol Gore pisswagon living up to it's heritage. I don't even remember doing it but managed to drunkenly procure a set of 9" Tridents one night recently. So those will be tidied up and go on the back, then I want to find a pair of 245-50-14 Eagers for the front and drop the front spring an inch or so too and add an 1-2 inch lowering block in the rear and I reckon she'll look the part for a bit. Anyhow enough numbers and letters. Here is a couple of snaps I took tonight after the monthly meet. It's still filthy from Wagnats and the back has some freight I picked up tonight. But it gives a nice start to the project. I reckon it can only get better. Your pal Seedy.
  14. Fizzing already.