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  1. lol'd. On that note, the wagon will be good to go and more than happy to take it, I just remember Al seemed a bit keen to take something from his collection.
  2. Potentially. Rough plan is to combine forces with Seedy and Niki so depends how keen he is to take something of his/if they work haha
  3. Entered , watch the masses flock/run away
  4. Yeh yeh yeh I've just been lazy, will defiantly be there
  5. So I got around to compression testing this thing which didn't quite go as planned. Long story short I wasn't able to get enough juice to it (via jumper leads from a running car) so it was pretty sluggish to turn over and it wasn't cranking fast enough to build decent compression (Putting my finger over an open glow plug hole was enough to slow it down haha). Would get zero on a cylinder, then try again one same cylinder and get like 200 then try again and get zero again. One take out was that all cylinders seemed to behave the same and no obvious signs of one being worse than the others. So that said have decided to commit to chucking it in and hope for the best. Watch this space.
  6. Plus you shouldn't be going camping to watch god damn TV...blardy kids these days
  7. Yeh nah they won't work but thanks for looking! Keen to grab those bolts of you come across them (will only be temporary loan)
  8. Yep yep m12x1.25. Spacer will likely not fit but worth a shot anyway if I'm grabbing some bolts. Will just use washers if not haha
  9. Managed to get it all bolted up proper, apart from the flex plate. Couldn't find any bolts the right size (but have made the centre bore the right size). Starter and teeth on the flex plate look to line up which is good. Might need to play with the plate spacing from the crank but that's easy enough (bearing in mind this setup is purely for cranking the engine for a Comp test, will be using the real parts from the old motor so will all bolt up perfectly)
  10. Minor progress. picked up a rb30 auto box and whipped the front housing/bell housing off and it bolts up to the rd which is good (internet never lies) and starter motor bolts up to. Next is to modify the l series flex plate Ky gave me (to bolt to crank, needs the centre bore made bigger) or find a cheap/free rb flywheel or flex plate so I can bolt it all up and comp test. Seems like a heap of work but I'd rather do it now and keep the wagon going than pull old motor out, fit this one and find its proper fucked.
  11. Fucking bang! Amazing how smooth the process can be when the person doing the work in the first place isnt a complete idiot. 2JZ skids on then?
  12. haha in that case, you definitely don't want to got back to accounting!
  13. you're an animal on rust repairs! (In a good way haha)
  14. Keen. Al, if you get 1UZ sorted then I'll dibs 2 seats and help with gas bill. Backup plan, get turbo deez sorted for Gloria and smoke the place out again.