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  1. Good stuff man, loved my mk2 wagon (the white one Conner started his build thread with). Such an odd ball shape, all the barrys be swooning.
  2. Lol. i only need it to bolt up a starter motor
  3. Oh mean, keen to grab it from you and see if it will bolt up.
  4. I have no idea what a 71C gearbox is but keen to see if it fits.
  5. Small update. Massive thanks to old man KY for sending up a camshaft (thats not in two bits). Whacked that in and chucked the belt back on, engine turns over by hand with no odd noises or oddities (such as sudden loss in compression) which is a good start. I was hoping to compression test it but turns out its not really practical to do out of the car (cant bolt up starter etc without bell housing). Although might see if I can find a rb bellhousing for a loan as it will likely bolt up. Recent trip to Japan sourced a few goodies (crystal shifter, lace seat covers, stickers etc), and got my pine back on for some nice wheels so spent last night browsing yahoo japan. Also found a mooneyes visor haha Need wof for nats so thats the primary goal (booked in for next weekend). Have done some work already that needed sorting so shoudl be straight forward.
  6. I'm pretty sure the engine cross member is different (as the mounts for the sway bar bolt to that), and then from memory there is a bracket one og the arms/legs/limbs which the sway bar links bolt through. Its been a few years since I looked at one though
  7. Sway bar will need mods to bottom arm where the links mount no? Sounds like you got a bit of a turd (for that price lol) but trumps are lush so stick at it (I've had three mkII's: a 2000, 2500S and a 2000 estate)
  8. Speedway / oval track only logical explanation
  9. @kyteler tried to PM you but it wouldn't work, but rekon you could grab that cam when you are up to it? Would be mucho appreciated.
  10. Bobby breeze = rob?
  11. Tried googling but couldn't find out. I assume they are different. Could be keen to give it a crack tho....but as al says there is likely something else fucked/a reason for cam snapping
  12. Zero lol. Will try find cam. farks sake
  13. Yeh good point. Any point in me taking the head off, or a lost cause haha?
  14. so have been tinkering away on the turbo motor, got another turbo injector pump as the one on the motor was fucked. Whipped the rocker cover off to clean it up a bit and also needs a new gasket, Lo and behold I have the super rare two piece camshaft version! Fucks sake, and here I was thinking it was going to be straight forward from here!