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  1. It looks like this now, a guy I know bought it off Chris
  2. Sweet. I'll be interested to see what you do with it!
  3. I did not know that, thanks!
  4. Safety cletus says drum brakes are dumb. Fortunately I had hoarded some spare disc spindles off a car I wrecked. I took a disc and spindle to zebra, because I'd heard that surf brakes are an easy upgrade and I figured there would be heaps of surfs there but there was none. I mucked around with some other things, found mazda axela disc and caliper would nearly bolt straight on, but having 4 pot calipers sounds better. went to pick a part in Avondale cause they were the only place that had a surf. There were some dudes pulling the front of the surf apart and had already removed the calipers so that was easy. I think my arms are a bit longer now after carrying a pair of cast iron calipers, disc, spindle, plus all my tools around. Anyway, I'd bought CL -CM discs cause they were thicker slightly, but the hat height is different. So I'll get some new VH-VJ discs, need to machine 3or 4 mm off the od, machine the disc slot in the caliper slightly, and they will bolt on, and fit inside the wheels. Yay
  5. Aiming for something similar to these except not sure about hubcaps, probably get some push in caps spun up
  6. Ordered some wheels, 2 turned up today. 15x8 for the rear, 15x6 for the front. Probably paint them either a pale gold, body colour, or cream/white
  7. Jolly good show, chap.
  8. Probably something emissions related? Ie a breather to stop fumes escaping. The aussie spec ones ive had don't have that bit
  9. Sweet looking car!
  10. Nah it has a teeny single barrel thing on it It is quite good on gas round town
  11. Some better pics.
  12. Decided I didn't like it all jacked up in the bum, so got some 1.5" blocks to level it out. Much betterer
  13. I don't think there would be many, I've seen 2 other Plymouth valiants here but they were 4 doors. When my mate bought it, it had been on trademe for quite a while so I thought there must have been something wrong with it, but I think it was because they were the sort of car your nana would drive in america so never had a following like a barracuda or duster etc If it was a red mustang with cragars it would have sold quick
  14. safety cletus says new seat belts are much better. In the front it had a diagonal belt, plus a lap belt so you had to put both on which was te dumb. It had no belts in the back, so I put the laps in the back, someone had cut off all the original old belts and left them bolted in for some reason. Put new lap and diagonal belts in the front, they have old style chrome leg burner buckles which look better than new plastic ones
  15. Brown car left on a trailer headed to dunedin on saturday, so spent the rest of the weekend cleaning out the garage and went and got the white one back from storage, so i could start getting this one ready for Nats. Had the radiator fixed, it had a couple of small leaks, I think the 16 pound cap probably didn't help, put a 7pound one on instead. Have ordered some new seatbelts from so just waiting for those to arrive. gave the brakes a once over, greased and checked the front end, and for now have borrowed the wheels off the vg, I didnt trust the tyres on a long trip. Also I thought it would be rude to not remove some of the height out of the front while it was jacked up, so I did.