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  1. Some better pics.
  2. Decided I didn't like it all jacked up in the bum, so got some 1.5" blocks to level it out. Much betterer
  3. I don't think there would be many, I've seen 2 other Plymouth valiants here but they were 4 doors. When my mate bought it, it had been on trademe for quite a while so I thought there must have been something wrong with it, but I think it was because they were the sort of car your nana would drive in america so never had a following like a barracuda or duster etc If it was a red mustang with cragars it would have sold quick
  4. safety cletus says new seat belts are much better. In the front it had a diagonal belt, plus a lap belt so you had to put both on which was te dumb. It had no belts in the back, so I put the laps in the back, someone had cut off all the original old belts and left them bolted in for some reason. Put new lap and diagonal belts in the front, they have old style chrome leg burner buckles which look better than new plastic ones
  5. Brown car left on a trailer headed to dunedin on saturday, so spent the rest of the weekend cleaning out the garage and went and got the white one back from storage, so i could start getting this one ready for Nats. Had the radiator fixed, it had a couple of small leaks, I think the 16 pound cap probably didn't help, put a 7pound one on instead. Have ordered some new seatbelts from so just waiting for those to arrive. gave the brakes a once over, greased and checked the front end, and for now have borrowed the wheels off the vg, I didnt trust the tyres on a long trip. Also I thought it would be rude to not remove some of the height out of the front while it was jacked up, so I did.
  6. Also, look how tiny the carb is
  7. Brought this home today, it's the reason for selling the hardtop. It's a 68 Plymouth Valiant, has a 'leaning tower of power' 225, auto, has power steer, 13" wheels hah, drums all round. Most of the paint is original, it has a couple of bits where it's been repaired that need touching up. I'll probably get it repainted in the same colour at some point. It belonged to a mate of mine that died in 2015. It's a bit special to me because of that, I went with him to have a look at it, had one of the sketchiest rides I've ever experienced when we went for a drive after he got out of hospital and was still on something. He always wanted to put a V8 etc in it but he ran out of time. His family kept it since but decided to sell it, and his mum rang me to give me first option on buying it. They are keen to see it get an 8 so it will get the turbo 318, 727 and 9" I was going to put in the hardtop. I'll drive it for a while till I've got everything ready then bolt it all in. Obviously this one will need a brake upgrade as well and I'll put some 15" wheels of some sort on it
  8. Nice work! Pretty impressed at how much better it looks than before
  9. thats a lovely wagon you have there, i like it.
  10. this may interest you then
  11. what about a windsor? probably easier to find a good runner one of them for reasonable money compared to a clevo.
  12. Cool car. Pretty awesome your dad has kept it so long, must be like part of the family
  13. Cool car. I like that you drove it every day with primer patches and no bumper, very 1970s nz. I hope at some point you leaned against it and drank a big bottle of lion red or similar. my grandpa had one as a company car, he was a sales rep and used to hoon all over the north island
  14. i love how this sounds vs what it looks like and is used for. i also find filming suspension interesting, leaf springs flop about all over the place
  15. Honest Bart's Autos free sharns with every purchase!