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  1. Nothing too exciting going on with this. just working my way through all the stuff in the way, to get the extra up travel. Driver side engine mount got chopped off and new one made higher up to clear the top link. Alternator had to go as well. will use a fwd bracket to move it up. a new inlet on the water pump should make it work with the rwd pump. Last thing giving me drama is one of the steering links and the the sump. if can get another 30mm clearance between the 2, this will be max up travel on bumpstops. kinda lost count but got around 3 inch more up travel than the leaves other than that just been welding... bottom chassis link mounts are on for good. i forgot to drill the lightweight hole in this one. Crossmember was way too much to weld with tig, and was to lazy to drive an hour to my old boys to use mig. Arc it was. still got a little work to go on it
  2. Top link mounts made and tacked in place. Next on the list is a brace/mount off the link mount, back to the chassis rail. will bolt it through the chassis with a few decent bolts. maybe something similar on the other side also, as the factory x member bolt locations are kinda limited, since the lower links take up the space needed to build something solid off them
  3. Today's effort. New (half finished) gearbox/transfer case cross member. Lower links don't agree with the old one. new one will have a tower for the upper link with some adjustment holes. +50mm shocks look pretty short.
  4. Its going to be 3 link, with panhard. will have a single link that runs above the driveshaft. it needs to go up fairly high to get the link separation and anti dive numbers where they need to be. will likely have to notch the drivers footwell 50mm or so, and relocate the engine mount. plus some other stuff the diff and steering links are going to hit. most people would just raise the truck up.. at the moment every day i work on it, find another 2 days work
  5. Its started, hours of grinding. Lower links. the tube adapters were for some usa spec "dom" tubing. machined them down a few mm to fit sch40 1 1/2 pipe. Have cut all the existing mounts off the diff and tacked the lower link mounts in place for test fit. will do the same with the top link before finishing and welding them. Lower link chassis mount, will be trimmed and braced more, as they will likely get a bit of a hiding Its kinda working. lower links look like they will be ok. still trying to find some more up travel. easy way would be to run the truck at a higher ride height, but want to make it work at stock height, to keep it stable as possible. current things spoiling the fun are: sump, alternator, engine mount and the floor..
  6. Gone all Roman dave science with the link setup. plugged the numbers into a calculator Tricky to get all the numbers in the acceptable range while working around the chassis, engine and wheels that need to turn. main compromise is chassis mounts on the lower links will hang below the chassis rails a bit. but still will be a touch above the transfer case x member, so shouldn't be too much drama. had to do this to get enough up travel without the links hitting the chassis rails, and also to get the roll steer numbers down. The rear is pretty text book since there wasn't really anything to work around after cutting and modifying the chassis. Done it without using a calculator, just following a guide some geezer wrote. putting the numbers in the calc, looks like got lucky and nailed it. can dial the anti squat up to 100% with the adjustment holes. but this is how it's setup currently got some springs for the coil overs 175lb top 300lb bottom. both 14'" long. shocks should be at 50% travel with the weight of the truck on them.
  7. maybe few test runs over the bmw first
  8. Can't hurt to try?
  9. These arrived in record time. 14" travel, thats about 900mm eye to eye fully extended. or about to the roof on your average ride
  10. Turbo pipework all welded ready to go.
  11. mate she'll be like the ring of fire
  12. Got the pedal box mounts finished. firewall mount is the back plate off the original pedal box with new brackets welded too it. picks up 7 bolts in the firewall, along with the top mount which picks up the last 2 factory pedal box holes, its solid as shit Was fairly straight forward compared to the setup in the starlet. since Hilux has a separate mount for the steering column, But that also meant the fluid reservoirs had to be remote mounted, since said steering column cross brace was in the way. I had originally planned mounting them in the engine bay, but lack of fall said that idea was a fail. which was making me think the whole thing was a fail. but eventually come up with this.. Stuff sticking through the dash is yuck. but. This thing used to have the roll and alt meter thing that alot of 4wd's have. will put a blank face in it to cover it all up. Just need to plumb it up and hope my master cylinder sizes are correct. Cant wait to try this out on some 4wd Barry's. Hopefully it will shoot some flames on the limiter
  13. Coilovers installed. I needed to weigh the truck to give me a starting point on what spring rates to run. Also to give the guys building the shocks, some idea what valving to put into them. just measured spring compression times the spring rate to give a rough idea. 440kg on the front corners 248kg on the rear corners 1376kg total inc mud tyres/wheels (guessing it could go at least 50kg either way) not that bad considering each wheel weighs around 40kg. and compared to the weight of 2wd cars around same size. 64/36 front/rear. yeah its basically a race car,...
  14. Finally decided to do the coilover setup in the front, after forgetting how much work the rear was. But yeh the front is going to even more work, mostly because there is so much stuff that needs to be moved and shuffled around. Unless i was to do it half assed. Had to get in and chop a few things up before i could even order the coilovers, to make sure everything was going to fit, with the coilover length i want. Turbo was the first thing in the way. cut up manifold to relocate turbo closer to engine. Manifold is done. still need to finish sorting out the airbox and exhaust. After thinking the drivers side was going to be easy, turns out the brake master was going to be in the way. Had a wilwood reverse mount pedal box hanging around, i had brought for the trueno that didn't really fit. Looks like it will solve the problem in the hilux though. should fix the brake bias issue also. Still gotta make another bracket to mount to fire wall but this is where it will sit Ends for the link setup.
  15. yeh the 4 link is super solid compared to the leaves. I've actually had issues with the top 4 link mount, starting to tear itself off and warping the steel, so theres plenty of force on it. it bites fairly aggressively once it spits the mud out for the tyres and finds some grip. rubber bushes on one end of the links, would likely be a bit easier on it. The front has a torque arm from factory, but got ditched when i did the high steer. was expecting it to be a bit sloppy. Static driveshaft angle is a bit off, but seems to correct itself ok when under load. the springs are way too hard, but ditching a leaf or two is going to make the wrapping issue worse. Silly leaf springs