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  1. Only bring prizes that you yourself might want to win? Also, food is never not a good prize.
  2. Keen
  3. How'd it all get past the filter? Blocked it up and bypassed?
  4. Jeeeze. Ouch
  5. Not enough torque caused caps to lift or something? Or too much causing ovals
  6. Balls man Balls
  7. They're known as Hoes, and they be flocking.
  8. They explode and you die of death
  9. So what is that doofer?
  10. Except no structural point of the car can come in contact with the road. Take NZ roads into account with your theory there. All the stupid bumps and camber etc, and 40mm travel = 80mm ride height to avoid chassis slamming the tarmac. TBh I think getting someone to cert a car at 60mm would be pushing your luck. Ultimately it depends on the certifier, and some will be more open than others, but I've heard of a few cars in the waikato being rejected as being "too low" at more than that. Suspension geometry and bump steer issues could have also played a part in that, mind you
  11. As long as you have sufficient suspension travel (certifiers opinion on what this is) and the angles on the arms and joints aren't excessively retarded then yep, can get certed for under 100mm.
  12. Chemiweld solves all life's issues
  13. I don't know how different the ECU pinouts are off the top of my head. Probably different enough that you can't swap them over. The ECU/TCU may be a combined unit for the 6Ms whereas the 5Ms ran a separate TCU. Possibly why they never changed them over.
  14. Perhaps have a look at the ECU too, it could very well be running 5M electrics
  15. If it's still running the 5M loom there won't be.
  16. Those wheels though..
  17. I'm very interested to see how you get on with this blower setup, as I have the same blower and engine sitting in my garage waiting for some action
  18. I am so baffled by this thing I'm getting quite excited to see it rolling.
  19. This idea of 4WD JZT IRS Criz gets me excited
  20. I thought I had that? Or is it still at the workshop?
  21. I found a twin headlight KE70 driven by a very trashy chick in Morrinsville, so I had a good look over the front to see if the paint chips and wear matched yours, but nah it's far more beat up.