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  1. Holiday booked, now to sort out a vehicle.
  2. It's a car. Cool, right?
  3. Methanol will keep it running cool.
  4. Ignore this
  5. I hope you're bored now.
  6. Claim it's a wedding, and you're maid of honour
  7. Only bring prizes that you yourself might want to win? Also, food is never not a good prize.
  8. Keen
  9. How'd it all get past the filter? Blocked it up and bypassed?
  10. Jeeeze. Ouch
  11. Not enough torque caused caps to lift or something? Or too much causing ovals
  12. Balls man Balls
  13. They're known as Hoes, and they be flocking.
  14. They explode and you die of death