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  1. I'll slip a $20 in ya
  2. Solid maybe. / I'll decide on the night.
  3. I put my reg as Dunno so hopefully not an issue
  4. Shit, it's June tomorrow, and my car is in a very non-functional form. Gonna be a busy couple of months.
  5. Wat Turbo manual twincam 1G dicks all over a sohc auto
  6. Well the joke's on you then, coz I don't know what lacrosse is.
  7. I plan on eating cheese and Port in a cabin in the mountains
  8. It has occurred to me that sitting at camp all day tending to a fire when there's so much scenery is less than ideal. Also very weather dependant. So scratch that. We can fend for ourselves.
  9. BBQs every day Ooh Ooh Ooh can we get a sheep / pig / bison and half a oil barrel and do a spitroast?
  10. Holiday booked, now to sort out a vehicle.
  11. It's a car. Cool, right?
  12. Methanol will keep it running cool.
  13. Ignore this
  14. I hope you're bored now.