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  1. Yeah there is gonna be so much dick there !
  2. Horse !!! Cant wait to see that dirt RD50 fly again
  3. Nice work Pete as always !! Can you take photos of it next to a 16" bmx for scale. It looks like a brought one !
  4. I too will be next to you in that cabin having port & cheese. Bring on those good times
  5. Im cool with fending for ourselves food wisethen we aint tied to a time to be at camp in order to get the meal. Less stress for the organiser and less cost for the attendees
  6. Oh shit yeah ! Stoked for you bro
  7. Looks damn rad ! Perfect for hauling bikes around too. Hopefully you can smash out the rust easy enough
  8. Haha all of that for a box of beers ! Ill take 2 Look forward to seeing if this goes hard for what it is
  9. Jesus ! Its in good hands tho !
  10. Goes hard for what it is
  11. Super cool Car Kenny and super cool to see you here on OS. Cant wait to see the magic you create with this one !
  12. Me & Rez are def so keen on this ! VANNIN !
  13. You done good
  14. Stoked you got the screen sorted ! Still one of my favourite wagons of OS and glad you can actually start enjoying it !
  15. Goddamn this came out great ! Good work brother