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  1. Jesus ! Its in good hands tho !
  2. Goes hard for what it is
  3. Super cool Car Kenny and super cool to see you here on OS. Cant wait to see the magic you create with this one !
  4. Me & Rez are def so keen on this ! VANNIN !
  5. You done good
  6. Stoked you got the screen sorted ! Still one of my favourite wagons of OS and glad you can actually start enjoying it !
  7. Goddamn this came out great ! Good work brother
  8. Damn Josh ! Looks so good bro ! Stoked you have your weekends freed up a bit now!
  9. Have acquired prizes from a box of goodies left at the clothing bin close to ours from a deceased estate. Perfect. Also buying things to make camping more fun
  10. Fuck I love this wagon and how amazing you look driving in it. It's also lush 3 up front too bro
  11. Such a rad wagon dude ! Enjoyed looking at it for 5 days. Rad hanging out too bro !
  12. We havent even left the North Island and im locking this in
  13. Yeah my old wagon sat closer to drivers side too and from memory Nicks sedan did too
  14. Looks rad. Go see Greg at Midnight Upholstry in Hamilton. He is the man !
  15. Awesome work as always Pete !