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  1. China IDA plz.
  2. I did a bit of engine bay cleaning of the S5 in the downtime. But it was actually really fun getting this going. Super glad it actually ran (not that i didn't think it would) Cherry on top was getting it drivable and doing some skids. Jeah.
  3. Not really, cos i spent the whole weekend working on this!
  4. There is one, but doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe though. Don't remember this being an issue last time I was tinkering.
  5. God fins are swoon! See if you can get your hands on a 185/50. That profile + blocks will be delish.
  6. It probably won't make a massive difference at the injector timing tbh. Think of all the batch fired injected cars. The charge will just sit in the port till its ready. Which is fuck all time. (300ms at idle if my calcs are correct). Definitely something wack with your timing. Maybe even your cam timing is off? Also, there is a little stub that sits down the dizzy hole that drives the dizzy/PI pump in the PI cars. Check that this is in and timed correctly if your crank pulley is correct. Also also, do a compression test to check if the motor is actually legit. And Yeah, as handsome Blizzo said, any air in PI lines will stop it from working peoperly. The injectors need over 100PSI to open and squirt properly. So if there is air trapped, it will be absorbing precious PSI, so will be running lean. Weeping injectors also won't help.
  7. Great to see its getting the life it deserves! What a cutie.
  8. Such a handsome devil.
  9. maybe.... keen. And no cam, unfortunately not...
  10. All my links are dead. And i don't have the pics anymore. Does anyone have pics of this whip?
  11. Lock it in eddie. 21st all on!
  12. So cool you actually got one! Didn't think that would happen. So cool bro. I like the idea of 16s too. Def needs less factory wheels, and a healthy dose of "less ground clearance".
  13. Mate, you don't fuck around do you! That's looking super sweet!
  14. Awees bro. Frame came up a treat. You gonna do any highlight/2nd colour on the tank?