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  1. Six months of wof all used up. Had a good four months use out of it. Had next to zero issues in that time. I had to swap out fuel filter when it starting running like a bag of dicks after getting fuel in Hahei and had some tyres fitted in Auckland after the tread disappeared. That's it! According to the speedo I've put 6000kms on it in that time (I'd say it's closer to 5000 though). I took it to Leadfoot and then to Rotary Reunion in February. At some stage soon I'll put some new shocks in the front and lose some height. I've got some clips sitting in Sydney to put the sill trims on and yeah I'm fairly happy with it currently. Pics Courtesy of Snoozin Courtesy of MichaelJFox And a pic of the daily cos it's too new and boring for a thread. JZX110W with a 1JZ-faeces, 18x9/10 work emotions and BC BR series adjustable coilovers.
  2. You go good joshy
  3. Taking this to leadfoot or reunion?
  4. Good amount of rotaries in attendance. Lots of eagers.
  5. Drove to Timaru. Entered a show. Had a good time.
  6. Brake shoes catching on a lip in the drums. Replacement shoes are probably slightly wider than oem. It felt like a mc issue as sometimes pedal would act normal and other times would be near the floor and appear to pump back up. Readjusted them and took an edge off the shoes. Best to get drums machined but works as it should currently
  7. Skyline in the garage yet?
  8. Bonus update: over last week quite a bit of progress was made. I had windscreens installed. the brakes which had been giving me grief were diagnosed and resolved. benno diagnosed some wiring faults and then finished some wiring that was beyond me. rear struts were modified to make springs captive, then 10kms of driving later the shocks died so I ended up borrowing some struts for wof. Front bumper mounts were modified so bumper could finally go on. And an array of other small things. Car needs some trims and badges fitted, bonnet finished off and final cut/polish to be readyish to take to timaru in December.
  9. 10years, 4months between wof checks! Inspector Smith was surprised at how clean it was underneath. It almost cleansheeted but I had to rewire the brake lights in the carpark.
  10. Wof, reg and for the first time it's home
  11. Right. So, it's been a while. First drive was Saturday after a mate made the exhaust on friday. Shit it was pining. Between my last update and the first drive I had a handful of issues and made some life choices that meant I missed taking this to hanmer! At this point I need to get some clips for windscreen surrounds and screens can go in, wire up tail lights, get a wheel alignment, fuel and temp gauges, and whatever else I've forgotten before the end of the month so that it can be stored away for two months while I'm overseas and be ready for 4nR. It's a tad premature but I'm stoked to get to the point where it's almost roadgoing and it couldn't have been done without the help of a few people. Brdflu, bubblegoose, Mr.mk1, 64vauxhall born loser, Shauno, filth70, Snoozin, Ben10, mint16 and any other fucker that helped in one way or another, thanks. It's been greatly appreciated. Heres another photo
  12. Update time, I guess, as it's raining. Roco gave it a respray, it's now as flash as a rat with a gold tooth. It was unfortunate it had to be done but it did mean any small things could be fixed up. Cooling and fuel systems are in and done. Mint16 got windscreen seals in from Aussie for me, which I need to go pick up. Driveshaft that came with the car was too long but oddly (hoarding) I found a shorter driveshaft in my shed. What's left? Finish off brakes and bleed them up. Shorten the clutch line and bleed. Windscreens in. Couple of door handles and work out how the strikers work. Install bits of trim and a small amount of wiring. There will be more but that's off top of my dome. sideways picture is sideways
  13. I'd say it was Corey's one. Looks pretty tidy. Nice buy