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  1. Amazing!!! btw CSP have a bracket to mount the brake res. inside the boot https://www.coolairvw.co.uk/Image/0/0/JPG/CSP601021.jpeg
  2. https://vwparts.aircooled.net/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=401498 these were the cheapest 0 offset I could find, but you can't use them with drop spindles
  3. what are your plans for the front end? add lots of narrow & discs?
  4. bugger was hoping it was the digital one and I would be able to take a copy of the CD
  5. very envious of your case and is that a magnaspark on the Taipan?
  6. tonight I changed my spark plugs WITH THE ENGINE IN THE CAR!!! (I also drew up some flanges and covers that are getting water jetted)
  7. stoked to hear it's still puttering around
  8. yeah no more lifting the car over the engine... given how often you're pulling your engine out, I'm surprised you haven't done this...
  9. continuing to do things in the wrong order... got sick of the tight confines of the engine bay, so took a leaf out of 63Ragtop's book and broke out my spot weld drill (and Dremel) and made the rear apron removable. Also uncovered a bunch of rust I'll have to tidy up... In hind sight this should have been the first modification I ever made to this car...
  10. is that a Taipan?
  11. a Subaru TY754
  12. I'll see how you're placed when I have sourced a subi gearbox for mocking up
  13. fingers crossed I'd only need 30 mins or so to get the measurements I'm after... when are you pulling the body?
  14. if that beetle winds up as a bare pan at some point I wouldnt mind popping down to mock up a non-vw gear box I'm considering using on it one day... (or to help remove the body if you need a hand)
  15. you and me both, been a long 18 months