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  1. They work very well. Was on mates 2.0 for year's with just an old link ecu
  2. Haha..pretty good throttle body injection
  3. Yeah I want to keep it as it is but panel and repaint it and I do have a 205 long block and some turbo treats...... So maybe 1 day
  4. Yeah they do some amazing stuff.
  5. No think I'll just stick with the pinto....maybe turbo but leave it pinto. All ready got a 6 cylinder cortina
  6. IF i was going to put a barra in it mate i would go NA with 6 side suckers ....and some cams...that would be plenty of power and the sound.............oh the sound but no im not going to put a barra in it. now back to the valiant with you mate........go on..........off you go........i want to see that thing back on the road
  7. could do but i love the height of it.......i tell ya lifting your car to factory spec will be the new slamming the shit out of your car.....like stance nation but will be 747 nation
  8. well 1st trip with the trailer after finishing it. and glad to say both car and trailer survived it....arse end of the car dropped when he dumped the logs in.
  9. awesome work josh ... bart you will be stoked to get this back on the road......i would recommend parking her in the garage from now on. but all in all very excited to see it all done.
  10. painted the top half now . just wait for it to dry and put it back together this week. looks way bigger than 2.2m now.
  11. wood floor all on and underside and axle cleaned and stone chipped. looks heaps better now.
  12. well ended up folding the sides by hand ....got the both on and then ran out of stone chip paint.
  13. holy shit mate your a machine . i hope hes making you plenty of cups of tea