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  1. on the trailer side of things i got the removable cage mounted and all it takes is to undo 4 bolts.....i even used 4 bolts the same...(i know not like me at all) on the cortina side of things........got the louvers on.... now its mint
  2. Just went and picked up a 2nd hand cage. The 80year old man made it 20years ago and its still pretty good..its about 200mm short (not really worried about that) but all in all a good fit...even came with a cattle door ( pretty heavy so may just take it off and use mesh) good for loading the kids.
  3. started cleaning the bones of the old trailer . also mounted the lock box better so its not just screwed to a block of wood jammed in the frame. also using part of the spear wheel mount and just a simple plate i made the wheel easy to release and also lock able
  4. look like old school holden rims..5x108
  5. all stripped and ready for some wire wheel and small rust repairs.. is it common to have both coil and leaf springs? and do i need both or just leave spring. on a side note the spear wont hold air with that rust hole in it.
  6. been dailying this for 2 weeks now and 600+ks....no issues ..very comfortable and pretty good on gas. so ive allways needed a trailer of my own and didnt want to spend thousands on 1 so i found 1 local on tardme for 240 bucks....all the lights work...and its still registered till the 8th of the 8th this year....the rest needs stripping ...cleaning and rebuilding.. so i thought i would just add the build to the maori mustang page. according to the reg its a 1988 local.
  7. another day and another thing fixed. the heater core in these things just sides into a slot and has 2 screws holding it in....mine was slopping around and air was just blowing around the outside and not just threw the core. so i pulled it out and the foam was stuffed...and bits missing . i remeber Karl saying just put some foam around it to seal it up so i did and now the heaters awesome .
  8. good work man ......your not fuckinga round...
  9. after riving this all week the noise from the diff was driving me fucking mental! so swapped the diff out today ...pulled the head from the newish diff and cleaned it all up....used some brand new gear oil and repacked the bearings. also mix matched the best brake parts from both diff and adjusted them so the hand brake only takes 2 clicks......perfect. and oh so QUIET i then bleed the back brakes and the fluid was fucking disgusting ....so i then flushed and bleed all the air and water out of the front and ran some dot4 fluid threw out......much better now. i then had a play with some old cutting compound i had sitting in the garage for about a decade and combined with a buffer and sponge pad ive had since my old man sold his shop..(maybe 15+ years)....the paint is very this and i couldnt go hard out but even getting all the oil hand marks off was a bonus... looks much better now.
  10. all done back together ....screen back in.....fresh oil and filter ....fresh coolant......drained the water out of the diff and put gear oil in(till next weekend .then ill swap the diff out for another). today was pissing down so i sat it out side and so far so good ......no leaks. now to put some winter miles on it and see what else needs some attention kids cant wait to be picked up from school in it hahaha
  11. cheers man.....woild like it to be my daily at sompoint....
  12. put the inside back together and it looks nice and clean and smells so much better. also my diff is still leaking the water or mud or what ever the fuck it is in it......pretty sure its not oil. diff swap next on the cards.
  13. sorry to say man thats only the rust you can see.. got a mate that restores them and ive seen what i would class as mint cars cost 60 +grand to restore ... all the best man..............just dont dig to deep
  14. well after a heap of time with the wire wheel....rust kill and some POR15 ive almost finished the bed liner.
  15. sooooo started pulling the interior out so i can give it a clean and check for rust before i spray the floors . all in all pretty bloody good. a wee bit of rust on the passenger front door where the door rubber sits. the passenger front floor has some surface rust but that will all clean up...just need to get in there with the vacume cleaner and a heat gun to dry up any dampness. thought i would pop the front screen out to see if there is any rust there and if thats where the water is coming from. but nothing its fucking mint..nothing a clean and por15 wont fix before the screen goes back in. also no signs of any preivous repairs started pulling the heater out so i can get to both sides of the firewall ...core is mint and water tight.fan is brittle as fuck and seen better days....fully understand the noise it was making now