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  1. Jetboat first though
  2. That thing is pretty clean looking eh! Have seen it on Facebook a few times too. Time to crack out the bog!
  3. For those interested, this is an EA71 (1600cc) with no topside stuff attached. The carbs got a little freshen up, I figure I'm more likely to work on the rest of it if its running OK. Will try start chipping away at a bit more maybe.
  4. Awesome! My 110 will only do around 85 so I think you're doing ok. Looks good
  5. Awesome man!
  6. Feel free to come get this thing
  7. This is cool, ride it to visit some time
  8. Ride to Whakatane plz
  9. Did some shit, not really though, weak update. Testing demister kit. Get (great) nans kettle and set it to chooch with the windows up. Awww yeaaaah 7 out of 8, I'll allow it.
  10. 5 years! What am I doing with my life!?
  11. Okey, so the replacement window that came out of the Green car doesn't have a demister grid. The Green one must be poverty spec. I bought a demister kit online and applied it to the glass (it was terrible, and looks terrible, lets hope it functions better than it looks). The nice people at sold me a length of rubber seal and chrome filler strip that was hopefully the same profile as the old stuff. For anyone looking to do the same I needed 4meters of part #217.007(chrome strip) and #218.076(straight rubber) Basis were excellent to deal with, and very helpful in selecting the correct rubber and sending a sample etc. Sample rubber looks like this. The problem I faced was that there is a near 90degree corner to get around, and corner sections for the rubber weren't available. Did some testing with glue and wound up using Loctite 401 to glue the corners back together. This was an awful job, and the outcome is a bit average, but I was very impressed with the glue. So got chopping, needed to be pretty sharp, I used 6 or 7 blades. Not super flash, but OK Put the rope around, and with helpful Welsh assistant plopped it in the hole and pulled seal in with rope. Fitted the chrome strip, that was quite awful to do also, and looks a bit shit. Yet to know if its going to leak or not, the glued corners held up OK when putting the glass in, but got a bit knocked around. Overall it looks a bit crummy if you look too closely. But much of the car is like that. Still need to find something suitable for a boot lid seal. One step at a time. Talk shit about this Orange scumbag here Also, if anyone knows of any of these coupes kicking around I'd be keen for some more parts/cars. Taillights specifically at this point.
  12. Small steps. One day laziness will be conquered. Yeah those things! They were munted alright, pretty decent grooves worn in the innards also. Mixed and matched the wafer things to get them close then knocked the high spots back with a file. So not very precise locks but they work. Cheers for the knowledge on how to open up the ignition, turns out the green cars one had been drilled out and the hole filled up with solder.
  13. Basically CBF doing stuff on the floor.
  14. I'll see how I get on. Will probably try get all the top stuff done and leave whatever is hiding on the underside till I get hoist up.