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  1. Damn, good to see its still around though.
  2. Oh man, so many rusty waratahs and 205 drums around here. Perfect!
  3. But we weren't able to see if it ran, disappointment. So gravity feed temporary fuel system. A battery and a bit of bleeding and glowing. The LD28 seems pretty healthy and sounds great, really enjoying just going to the shed and revving it a couple times a day. Need to figure out whats wrong with the clutch now though, will start by looking at the master and/or slave cylinders. Like comment and subscribe
  4. So yeah, first priority has been to see if it'd run after its ~10yr rest. But the fuel tank had the drain bung, level sender, and pickup all removed because it had a 'problem' back then, maybe blocked lines? The tank looked in pretty good shape inside and out. So plugged everything back up, carefully tipped a few liters of diesel in there, and sure enough it came out the bottom pretty quickly. Fuel tank lives under the drivers seat. The sender and guage appear to work (pretty) well. Rusted fasteners, tank comes out. Degrease, waterblast, investigation. Hole. Tank is folded and soldiered together, so will have an attempt at picking it apart and plugging up the yuck bits. Clean up and paint etc too, this week hopefully. For those interested, the OE Land Rover fuel filter housing seems to be a fairly generic item used on British diesels from this era. It looks to be the same one used on our Lister, and Perkins(Massey Ferguson) diesels. So got a new filter cartridge from for a MF165 for $6ish. Bargain M8.
  5. This is rad, I need a local rust repairing friend
  6. So no update as far as working on it goes. But I've been trying to do some digging into the engine swap and if its ever been legit. No sign of cert, previous owners and LVVTA have no record of a declaration ever being issued for it, last WOF issued in '05, and engine swapped a long time before that. There is a possibility the original engine is still available so if the LD28 conversion is too difficult to get up to a certable state then maybe going back to OE is an option. The other problem with the LD28 is its mounting. The oil pump lines up pretty well with the diff head, and hits it pretty easily from what I'm told. I also found out apparently it has had some kind of modification done to the transfer case or gearbox to give it a better final drive ratio? I'm not quite sure what it entailed though. Heres a bad picture of the sump/diff And heres a bad picture of the bellhousing adapter.
  7. Getting pretty far ahead of myself but I'm amazed and getting pretty excited by the variety of neat looking tyres for old 4x4 vehicles. Current pic of the bunch when the time comes will be Deestone D503 in 7.5-16 I think. Posting this here so I remember. Hopefully I get to this point.
  8. So nothing terribly productive has happened. But anything that wasn't too ruined or was repairable has been stripped off the green pile of garbage. It has been able to offer up a few bits of glass, a fairly unchopped wiring loom, some trim and not a whole lot more to be honest. Its very bad. Here is a picture of it getting closer to death. Note cyclone Cook damaged garage behind. Get outta here. Like, comment and subscribe below.
  9. Cheers fellas. It has the gauges by the steering wheel with a little bit of plastic trim etc so matches up with a 3. I'm wondering if they just kept using 2A plates on early 3's, it has what I think (according to parts listings) are 2A window locks. But I guess its possible the door tops have been replaced already. Could just be weird NZ assembled weirdness. Getting rid of a shell tomorrow so will have a bit more space to breath and think about what jobs to tackle first.
  10. Lols, no to a mooing Land-Rover, this needs to be as mechanical as possible. If I could replace the fuel shut off solenoid with a lever, I would. I'm kinda keen to eventually equip this with something to drive off the PTO, hydraulic pump? Tipper deck? Wood splitter?
  11. Will try and document the more interesting things I thought this was a nice touch. Fuel cap Looks pretty normal, has a straining mesh in there It pulls out and locks in like a spout so you can fill your vehicle with roadside diesel from innapropriate vessels in Africa/Ruatoria
  12. Whats say you?
  13. Dragged this home yesterday. Needs a little bit of a birthday, but really is in pretty good shape for its age. It came from some family friends who have had it since the beginning of time so has a bit of a history. I'm new to Land Rover details, but I think its an early Series 3, although the plate inside the cab says 2A. Its been fitted with a Nissan LD28, and has no sign of a cert, but has been issued Warrants in this configuration so I need to figure out if it ever had a declaration and if a copy still exists. The LD28 doesn't exactly fit very well though, and the diff head hits the oil pump, this apparently is a fairly common conversion so I'm curious as to how others have gotten around this. Apparently the original motor didn't have anything wrong with it, and is still available so if it is too difficult to get the LD28 to work (and legal) I may look into this. The tyres are a set of very perished 'oodYear' retreads which I find hilarious, my guess is that GoodYear didn't like you reusing their casings for retreads so they all have the 'G' rubbed off. The wooden deck is solid enough for now, but it might need a bit of attention, I'd love to be able to fit a wellside to it possibly. For now its home back indoors. I've got to sort out a few things before I get into it properly. I'm pretty excited to have a project that you can buy parts for. LD28 Tell me the secrets of Britannia here