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  1. There are youtube vids of these (Eberspacher D1LC) and in good knick the start is almost as soon as the fuel hits on the first glow cycle, mine will just about catch on the second cycle. Running it on kerosene improves things a fair bit tho. Pretty sure my multimeter is true RMS (it was my AuCom leaving gift and I was slightly puzzled at the why they would buy one for a mechanical engineer, but holy shit it has been invaluable), but I was measuring the input side straight from the battery. I will need to check the glow side as well, as I guess there could be something in the controller dropping the volts. The unit is 24V and so is the solar power supply side. There is a stainless mesh shield around the glow. I will have to take pics of the resistor when I get home, but basically it looks just like the glow plug, but with a different mounting. I reckon I will stick it back together once the gaskets get here and see how it runs, if it is still not ok I will start messing with glow plugs and resistors.. I should be able to calculate the wattage that a different resistor will give.
  2. @h4nd, I was wondering if you could provide me with some electrickery knowledge about this heater... The bitch still isnt running well, it is pretty hard to start. I suspect it is a glow issue as you can get it started by briefly blocking the inlet or exhaust after is has started vapourising the fuel, the stagnation of the flow allows the glow to get a tad hotter and it often starts instantly when you do that. So anyway I decided a full strip down was in order, and sure enough I found the combustion chamber gasket was broken. There were a few weird fibrous lumps of carbon/pinkish stuff that I guess must just be carbon buildup - these might have been obstructing the flow in the combustion chamber...whatevs, that is sorted. The most interesting thing was that under the plastic case there was a second resistor, which is not well documented in the interwebs. Mostly all I can find is that it is used as a series resistor with the glow plug so a 12v glow can be used on a 24v system. I have measured the resistances of things and I get this; 24v glow = 1.9ohms, series resistor = 0.8 ohms. My solar computer says that it initially draws 10A, then the glow relay starts pulsing and drawing 8.5ish. The voltage at the unit is 25v while it is starting. Given my limited electrical knowledge so I may be barking up the complete wrong tree, I calculated using P = V^2/R that the glow + the series resistor on 24v would give ~ 230w, which means proportionally the glow would be seeing ~135w. The glow by itself would be more like 300w. The specs on a 12v glow are 0.7 ohms max, which works out around 205w. And a 12v glow using the series resistor on a 24v system would see ~160w.. So what the fuck is going on? If what i have worked out is correct, the glow is not getting as hot as the glow in a 12v system, but bypassing the series resistor would probably get it too hot to last more than a few starts.... I have asked the supplier of the glow in the UK, but he has passed it off to the service manager. So I am now assuming I am fucking up my calcs, and it would be good if you could give an opinion.... chur
  3. I am currently in the bus at hamner, looks alright from where I am sitting.
  4. Yea I am doing that, it has a new glow plug and shield, and is pulling the correct number of amps. I will run it through a few full bore cycles and see what happens.
  5. It is currently cranking very hot air into the bus as a test run.. the only issue is that it is a bit smokey when starting, but I think its first start attempt is about getting fuel pressure, and it is burning off what it did get in there, as it always starts on the second go.... It is a sweet bit of kit tho, dem Germans know how to build stuff.
  6. Well someone bought the old bitch off me, and it left the mainland this week; So yea. What I need now to distract me is a very cheap but live reg 60 series diesel landcruiser. You bitches make that happen for me.
  7. Heater works sweet now. We have been using this relentlessly for weekends and day trips, fuck it is sweet. It is warm, comfortable and spacious for the four of us. I did build a new dismantlable bed at the front, the fold down side one was a pain, and now we use that area for clothes/thermette storage. This works a lot better on all counts. I added some LED lighting strip. This is under the gutter and is completely invisible until you turn it on, then it is like the sun has come up, that is if the sun was a spectral type O and a long thin shape. I got a flat, so I decided to smash some matty B on there while the wheels were off, looks sweet I reckon. COF due this week, hopefully nothing major has gone wrong. The dude at the testing station said he was looking forward to seeing the finished build, so hopefully he is the one who checks it as we already have a special relationship. I got this off a dude for a ridiculously small amount of money, it is an Eberspacher D1LC diesel heater. The current version of these sells for around 2k as a kit, and I am way too tight to spend that sort of money, trust me it was cheap. It has no glow plug so that is coming from the UK, when i am satisfied it will run I will install the beast.
  8. The old fruit has had a fair bit of use now, we have had multiple trips over the break, and these are continuing every other weekend or so. Overall things have been super sweet, with the only real issue one of storage. This means i am in the process of moving the second bunk bed to the front of the bus and converting the bed into a storage shelf. Other improvements include replacing the diaphragm pump with a rotary one so the sound of it does not echo around the campsite at inappropriate hours. I have also added a water filter as the tank taste has not washed out yet. I also created a side drawer to hold the camp brazier/wood/tools/spare fluids/etc. This probably needs a bit more loving as the weight of all this makes it sag a little bit. While I do this I will change the closure method from wing nuts to trailer hitches. I cut a hole; We have a wee finger bender at work, I put this to use making bent things; The finished product, totally sweet until it get loaded with 100kg of stuff. On the way to Cable Bay; The was surprising cold that night even after a jaunt up the hill to the lookout, so we convinced the camp owners that it was ok to crank up the brazier. We only stayed one night, but i am glad as a storm came through the next day, it was chaos for the tenters and caravanners who stayed. The bus didnt leak at all that night and it was blowing and raining like a bastard, so I was stoked with that. What did leak is the heater, and it turned out the core was rooted. I went the the truck wreckers and found something that fitted pretty much perfectly except for the outlet position, but 5 mins with a holesaw and cutting blade sorted that issue. I am in the process of getting all that together along with a tap in the cabin to shut the heater off for the summer, pics to come....
  9. With the bus up and running the Humber is getting very little use, we are tending use the bus for pretty much all of the family outing/swimming expeditions. I hate seeing good cars go to waste through lack of use. Having spent a metric shit ton of money on the bus, I would also like to free up a bit of cash... I can do youse a deal if you wanna
  10. We have done a fair few day trips, and one overnighter at Kaiteri, which was pretty good.. The bus was used as an extra bedroom for various family members over xmas, my mother seemed particularly stoked with it and grumbled when she got kicked out after 3 days. The fridge has been particularly useful as a cold beverage store over the hols, and has proven the suitability of the solar power setup - even on an overcast day it is still producing more power than the fridge needs and gets back to 100% charge after an hour or two in the morning, minty mint. I have been chipping away at the long list of things needed to complete the beast, but as of now it is reasonably functional. I hope so at least as we have a 3 day stay in Takaka in a weeks time.. Made some flyscreens for the rear windows, but due to the angles at the back I had to hack things about a bit; I filled in a window either side with 3mm ally sheet. I painted them white at first but it was pretty obvious they needed to be blue, so i broke out the elephant again; Then I created much storage and a splashback for the bench; We have many rooted steel rulers lying about in the workshop, so I utilised a couple for spring latches; Then a vent for the hob out of a Jaycar 24v fan and a bit of stainless for the outside shroud; There have been a shitload of other small things that take time but I cant really remember It has been running really well too, blows no smoke and starts instantly. Fuck I am stoked with it.
  11. This arrived and got smashed back into the hole; While all the seats were out I smashed a bit of black zinc in the cockpit to get it looking less patchy, then reassembled it all, forgot to take a pic tho. Then on to the solar panel, first bit was to cut and drill some mount angles to fit along the sides; Then i needed to mount the angles by drilling through the roof and I didn't want the holes to leak. Plus I also wanted the angle to sit off the roof a bit so that no water sat between the angle and the roof and corroded things, so I made these out of bits of tube I found and leftover rubber water pipe from a couple of replacements I did while the rad was getting fitted. The rubber is 5mm longer than the tubes so it compresses to the point it comes up hard against the steel pipe. Which appears to work, sweet; Then today I made this to seal the cable entry, my TIG skills are a bit rusty, but plenty good enough for the task at hand; Then I cut a hole and put some split plack pipe around the edge so the cable does not fret; Then I dragged the wires through and glued it on; Then I hooked up a bit more wiring, checked some things then flicked the switches; And it all just worked.... yay for me! I need to calibrate the battery monitor, and install the house/start battery charge thing, but basically that is it. The only things left are the curtains/insect nets and some shelving and storage. And a bike rack. And blank off a couple of windows. And no doubt some more shit I have not remembered.
  12. I pulled that radiator out, it was pretty rotten. It is currently getting a recore at Richmond Radiators for an eye bleeding amount of money. I tried to find a replacement but there are very few of this model bus lying around. While I was there I pulled the thermostat lid off to see what things looked like and found not one but two thermostats! both were 88 degrees and fucked. Naturally the many places I rang to find correct replacements for it could tell me literally nothing. Thus I fully owned the internet and discovered that the space they each fit into is exactly the same sizes as a Nissan TD42. Hence from the links and info in a thread I found, I could make a call on what to stick in there, which is an 82 deg that will open first during normal running, then a 90 degree which will open when things get hot going over the Takaka hill. There will be a 5mm gap to the bypass poppet on both. Tell me if that sounds wrong, but holy shit i am now the worlds foremost authority on specifying thermostats on early ED33 motors, so basically you can fuck off. Actually no, please give many opinions. Here we have a radiator sized hole; After all that some exciting things arrived and i got to installing, firstly the 130Ah 12v AGM Batteries that actually fitted in the hole i made for them; The battery meter and chunkier switch for the fridge with a separate feed, as it is the biggest consumer of Ah's; The charge controller; A super tight, pro wiring job using many types of stuff; A fucking enormous 310W solar panel; Also a gas man came and sorted the hob, I can now die of CO poisoning in supreme comfort.
  13. TBH if this is all I have to spend money on mechanically, I will be happy...
  14. I have been chipping away at multiple things since the last update, a Fiamma roof vent is one of them; I finished up the stereo installation as well. I needed to mount a switch to manually switch it on and off so there could be sounds when parked up, plus for some reason that is not entirely clear to me I thought i had better make it so I can turn off the Aux/memory feed as well, After taking out the old stereo I realised I had two perfectly positioned switch holes for these functions, this saved me the minor hassle of making up a plate; Stuffed under that dash is a 24v - 12v convertor so the thing actually runs. Might try to find a sub for it one day. I bought a brand new 24v compressor fridge and installed this, then I made some shelves which will need something on the fronts to stop shit falling off; Then I laminated another layer of ply onto my bench top cos it looked a bit flimsy. Then I made a shelf that fits the other side of the gas hob that folds up and acts as a spatter shield when it it not an extra bit of bench. Then I refitted the glove box. Then I bought some curtain rail extrusion and fitted that all around. Then I installed an extrusion on the side of the bus to fit an awning at some point. I have also ordered the solar system, this includes an bi-directional VSR which means the alternator can charge the solar batteries when the bus is running and the solar can charge the bus batteries when the bus is not running. This will be very exciting. I think that control panel will morph into some other format when the solar stuff arrives. In other news I investigated the source of a suspicious dried out coolant looking patch on the ground, and it looks very much like the radiator is totally fucked and weeping/leaking from multiple points. Fixing this will be interesting as I imagine that brand new OEM radiators for 1980 Nissan Civilians are a bit thin on the ground. I am sure something can be hacked into there if needed. This fix will need to happen fairly soon I imagine, so I will take it to the radiator place and get an opinion. As you were.
  15. Not specifically, but a mustang just wouldn't cut it tbh ?