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  1. Nah, throw away that horrible rotary engine, they were never any good anyway. Take one out of your hondas and have an RXVTEC
  2. Parts pile continues to grow 4.22 LSD 2nd gen diff and spindles/brakes from the same truck. Spindles let me run vented risks and I have more scope to upgrade the brakes further, rear brakes should also be ever so slightly better which this truck really needs. No way was this thing towing anything heavy. Should also do a mean skid, but I mainly wanted it for the better handling and brakes........... Also got a auto shifter surround from a VP which IV hacked up and will fit to the centre console so it looks more finished
  3. Not to be rude, but what you paid for it, and especially what you have spent on it fixing it is really just a sunk cost. It's a neat one, but it's still a Vauxhall and there's no Vauxhall tax yet
  4. It's a Vauxhall, so 2k probably is a good price (for you)
  5. You better not be telling yarns m8 It's not 4.11's for 11s, but 4.22's cos 22's are cooler right Yeah got an LSD from a 2nd Gen, might swap it in this weekend
  6. SACT
  7. i have growing keenness for a 1st Gen 4x4
  8. Argue the collectable tyre aspect, not dissimilar to a fine cuban cigar, as long as you don't put them up in smoke they are covered
  9. Truck Barrie's used to run up and say, boy you don't hear a gearbox like that anymore
  10. back of a ciggy packet
  11. Just add a few coils in the line, will last forever
  12. 2x44gal drums on the roof. 1 for fuel, 1 for oil
  13. Could you water jet/Lazer a wrench to fit or does it need to be a socket?
  14. Finished the instrument panel? I don't quite think I have space for a backlit symbol, but I think I'll grab some of the flat top LED's and use them and a small label for the idiot lights