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  1. Re the Zenith's, seems that you get decent performance out of them till about "stage 2" then all the tuning companies go to twin SU's when it's flowing really well. That may just be old Barry tuning tho as in the 50s you could print whatever power figures you wanted
  2. size of foam needed? i have some left over, genuine honda
  3. How many ohms is the coil
  4. So iv had an inkling what could be the speedo issue, i assumed that no one would put up with it for 20 years, so i left this till last. Some trawling through commodore wiring diagrams and forums gives 3 main reasons why the speedo would get above 80, then bounce back to 0 every few seconds. The first is that the speed sensor is no good so i replaced that with a new one, and its still doing it (i did however check the original one and it was on its way out, the new one actually improved it) the other 2 options are 2. bad earth straps, mine are a little undersized but fine the last, tho one of the most common issues is that fuse No.12 has blown. this controls the reverse lamps, something else, and the earth from the speed sensor. If this is blown the sensor is able to sort of earth out through the cluster and work enough to get by, but does the bouncing Hmmm, the commodore fuse box has fuse 12 cut off..... Surely they looked at the wiring diagram and have connected this up, surely in 5 years of ownership the builder would have investigated, surely in 20 years of ownership the owner would have investigated this, surely it would have been picked up by a tester or mechanic at some point and told to repair? no they cut the fuse box down, and left the wire taped up and wrapped up in the electrical taped loom In order to find this i had to strip most of the electrical tape off, its a horrible sticky mess, and has shown more than a few poorly joined wires that i will cut out, solder, and heat shrink. one less thing on the list eh
  5. Shes an absolute hunny that truck, actually one of the most reliabe cars i have owned, although i mostly own British cars. Hope its what you wanted/expected/as described, shes been looking a bit sad without any use If you are wondering why theres so many rivets in the roof, theres a photo in with the manuals of how Mark used to have it, in its two tone, chromed up, roof boxed glory
  6. bleh i put a brand new speed sensor in and its still dropping to 0 and back up when over 80-90kph noticed that the high beam dash lamp bulb was missing, so i put one in, its on all the time, even with key off, only turning off when the high beam is on. probably because the relay set up is different or something, however i just cut the high beam wire going into the dash and it didnt change anything. i see the oil warning light has been cut, and a bunch of other horrid things ugh its horrible, going to have to basically pull the whole loom out i think and do it properly
  7. yup yup, have recently stripped down and inspected my steering rack, while its out you may as well undo the gaiters and inspect the inner tie rods for movement, if you are super keen they can be taken apart but they are effectively sealed. The minor workshop manual covers it pretty well actually, you will need some feeler gauges
  8. you could actually put a beetle whale tail on this fade to brown ones plz.e with todays laser cutting technology you could easily have e different tints cut to make camo tints
  9. Did you find some wide 5 modgies?
  10. Pretty shitty then
  11. have also need a tree stump with a hollow angle grinded in it
  12. Hauled some junk around, tray is just a little too small to fit a queen bed widthwise, but length is spot on. better suited to loads of garden junk. Odo stopped working just before the trip, was the typical broken odo gear that every single one of these speedos has, so a new one off ebay has gone in. However, the speed sensor has now totally died, and i am sort of surprised that it hasnt stopped the engine running as it feeds into the ecu, but whatever. will need a new one of them now too (have checked the speedo and wiring and its alright, also checked with a different speedo incase). greased the sticky bonnet pull Have delved into the horrors that are the electricals in this - rebuilt the neutral switch. the contacts had worn down, so i cleaned it all out and reset them, should be good for another 100,000km, now it doesnt start in gear. -rebuilt the wiper switch and rewired it. similar to above it was half worn inside, and for some reason the wires have been all changed around. probably the reservoir has been moved to fit the engine, it says made in japan so i assume its not the holden one. Background - there is an aftermarket intermittent speed unit wired in, and a toggle switch to run the washer pump. Took a bit of looking, because i dont have an l200 wiring diagram, the wires are spliced with different colours, and they are all taped up, pluss there are extra wires not attached to anything, and im not sure which loom was used for half the stuff anyway. Anyway, the pump is supposed to be set up with a live wire and then the switch completes the circuit through a common earth. They had taken the live wire, and cut it, earthing one end to the floor, and the other left cut off an inch from the pump plug, another wire had then been added to the pump plug and earthed out to the engine bay (coupled with the switch wire earthing through the switch), so all that mess had been bypassed with a toggle switch. Now it all works and has yet to catch on fire. next i will figure out why the fan is on a toggle switch rather than ecu controlled, and maybe look at how well the alarm is installed
  13. Drove from auckland, waitomo, whakapapa, taupo, rotorua, taneatua, opotiki, whakatane, tauranga, hamilton, auckland on about 120L of gas and unknown kms because the odo has now also stopped working otherwise it goes nicely, hit some back roads and got it muddy, should have taken a photo on the old wooden bush bridges but it was raining. leak in passenger foot well, otherwise nice also put a new LED compatible hazard flasher relay in and that has gotten them going again