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  1. do they have the easily broken gears? $10 on ebay and 20 mins to replace
  2. some general crustiness going on in a few spots for some reason the photo didn't save *insert PA10 primer shot and covered with some satin black
  3. aww yeah full round the world kit out plz
  4. I would be stripping them down and soaking/boiling them. Gaskets dry out too.Does the choke move fully Also vac lines, fuel lines, petcock lines, and air filter want checking
  5. Chokes stuck and or jets blocked. Long time sitting then fresh fuel, probably turned the hard varnish to jelly
  6. Picked up another set of 5 chrome rims from a toyota surf. 2 of the hankooks are totally stuffed, and the others are starting to show some cracks, so i guess they are pretty old. Might get a few miles out of the 2 decent ones. but thats not why i got them, the 5th spare is a dunlop similar to the ones i have on there now, and i needed it because i noticed this the last time i was under it woops, someone left an original 14" under there the bronze colour isnt half bad, but i like the psudo 4wd look and clearance for driving over curbs. The cert plate does sat standard rims, but i cant imagine anyone would bring it up
  7. perfect height as is TBH
  8. No need to worry about the starter, you are supposed to tow start them
  9. get some smiles per miles in to refuel the give a fuck meter. sucks having ball ache not going cars
  10. 25 tooth is a bit big for a single speed/fixed rear sprocket look for a bmx front sprocket, they run the same 1/8' chain and I think you will have some luck in steel or hey, how bout this
  11. Yeah yeah nah. Grab a single speed sprocket. They are much thicker for 1/8" chain The track ones have less of a ramp so you could trim them back a little and have flat top and bottom
  12. oh yea my mum had one (400) it was purple with some kind of tribal tank graphics couldnt keep up with my 250
  13. is this the same as a Suzuki savage?
  14. 1. track down a genuine mitsubishi patch repair panel Dig out your stash 3. wonder where the rest of your panel beating hammers have gone i will end up cutting probably that entire patch worth out so i can get access to the heater box, which is that dark hole where everything has rusted out and replacing it, but will wait on cutting the truck up totally until i get some argon