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  1. She tows hard for what she is Got my pick of an 83 going to scrap Better dash, just 2 cracks rather than it being all split, plus it's a lovely tan Owners manuals Complete gen 1 tray, a "little" rusty but within the realm of me repairing it. Bottom of the tailgate is the worst and a few patches around the well side bodyline seam. Might be best to get it acid dipped. Also a bunch of plastic trim and a step end tow bar/bumper.
  2. Don't try to church it up sumpsan
  3. The only issue I see is it not re engaging at speed after throttle off So keep twisting? Haha I mean to say, a huge cog can be fitted for super low gears on touring and mountain bike clusters. Usually you remove the smallest and repack it. Never heard of one failing. If you chave the option I would bang in some prongs/grub screws to locate the cog and assist the weld
  4. Common on mountain bikes and touring bikes, bang a 100kg cyclist on a 170mm crank and you have some decent torque. The drive dogs are pretty strong the only issue is them not reengaging when you throttle off. You may even flush the grease out and just use oil instead
  5. Actually I once had a leaky oil pressure gauge which dripped down into the chassis quite well because it soaked through the wooden floor. I recommend cleaning it out as best you can. Rust converter, Then a zinc layer, then cover what you can with something like por15, then cavity wax Morris ankor wax is rated, can also run it on crusty paint to protect patina
  6. i own brit cars and i support cavity wax
  7. Goddam i bet that rides lush on those balloons
  8. Good excuse for a cb radio
  9. get your priorities straight m8, its pretty sweet google it up on the facebooks or soemthing
  10. Did you see Eric's Gvan in the states?
  11. So, steering box had a bit of a leak. ID'd it as a 2nd gen l200/starion/dodge d50 box. ordered a kit from the states stripped it down, input and output seals were dried out, output seal shattered to bits when I removed it. Teflon inside was looking sad and the fluid was pretty dirty tight as to pull it out, but not as bad as it could be cleaned up and resealed back in and bled. went alright actually, but id be a rich man if I were getting paid hourly
  12. Trojan trailer components has a sale on
  13. Make you feel like a man with that between your legs I bet puhuhuhu
  14. This is how close the vn instrument cluster is to the l200 cluster Obviously the gauge bodies won't fit without cutting the housing. I could adapt the l200 glass to the vn body. You would have to cut off the idiot light section and make some mounts. I'm going to put the vn gauges in the l200 body mainly because I have to remake the pcb as a loom because they are old and cracked and not worth fixing and no repos available. This suits me because actual wire and some proper connectors will be much more reliable than thin copper traces on floppy plastic, and more forgiving when removing the plugs as I've damaged the current one by having it in and out too many times. Also, either way I will have to remove the idiot lamps to fit it in. Couple that with being able to get rid of half of them because I won't need them (and most Commodores never used them anyway). It looks like I can use the l200 indicator lamps on the top either side of the speedo but the rest (oil, battery, check engine, parking brake, fog lamps, and high beam and low beam) are going to be a challenge. Either I make a strip up from the vn cluster and install it on or in the dash someplace, or I could use small LED's embedded in the gauges much smaller than the originals and either remember the colours or gave some stickers made up.
  15. No worries, I'm down here during the week, pm me your details and we can sort something