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  1. If you do it anything like me, you might as well just let it run out on the floor as that's where most of it will end up when the house flips out of the container or I knock it over.
  2. You need to do it like this: 1. Open Bleeder 2. Assist pushes pedal down and holds down 3. Close Bleeder 4. Assistant lets pedal up Repeat until no air comes out, remembering to check reservoir. Unless you are using a special hose with a valve of some sort on the end to stop the air/fluid from sucking back up
  3. So, Guypie's pic shows the name on the back. In one of the older threads it was mentioned that the Trudgeon business (painting and decorating) still exists in Ashburton I got a reply from Greg Trudgeon that the car was owned by Mr Russell Johnson who used to work for the business, and that the sign writing was a bit of joke as he had been with them for 30 years (has died since). Based on the modern papers i have the car was sold by Mr Johnson in 1979. Cool story bro.
  4. Are the drum adjusters wound up right? If you back them off then the shoes will have a long way to travel to the drums.
  5. Tractor tyre - no sweat
  6. There outta be a prize for that role....
  7. Has mostly been a garage ornament over the "summer" so far. I did rewire the power signal to the airbag controller so that it doesn't come from the coil (so is now more than 8V when the engine is running) which should help some odd controller issues. I also had another go at cleaning out the chassis rails after finding the remains of a mouse nest in by the airline filter. Cruised down to Peka Peka beach for a swim after work this evening.
  8. Have acquired one new wagcessory already.
  9. Countdown Timer
  10. This thing I saw last weekend looked to have a fabricated strut subframe.
  11. We don't all have a van to haul junk around. I got some taller 185 tires from pick apart fitted. Hyflys ftw.
  12. Yes, 4x4.5 or 4x114.3 if you like to mix and match units. I could get the stock wheels widened, but for roughly the same sort of money I should be able to get some oldschool mags.
  13. Thanks - it's good to be able to drive it. I'll have a closer look at the spaces, but a quick measure indicated about 10mm was needed, along with longer wheel studs. Technically spacers need to be certed, but if it works out OK I could just swap back to the stock wheels at WOF time. In some ways it would be easier to weld the space to the wheel face, but that is probably dodgy too. /I really want a set of Turbos. Or maybe those 5-spoke Triumph wheels would look good.
  14. I've got a full set, but they won't fit on the front without spacers - drum face is inset like this |__/--------\__| It's a super-annoying design. Won't be able to run modgies either (sadface)