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  1. Excellent!
  2. Wat? Can you get them in 4x114.3? I'm still looking for rolling stock. /going to Horopito in the weekend, they might have something cool.
  3. Thanks guys. @Sparkfarmer That looks like a bigger project than I'm doing. Changed the oil and filter yesterday. The bolt-on canister is a pain, made even worse by the lack of access with is stuck up above the engine crossmember.
  4. Nice feature on this in the latest NZV8 magazine.
  5. Have been getting some work done on the upper tailgate. Stripped most of the paint off with stripper, acetone, and wire brushes. Patched the rust holes with new steel. I drilled the spot welds and bent the seal channel out of the way so I could fix the rust under it. The other side wasn't as bad. The lower edges are fairly rusty inside, but I'm not going to dismantle the whole thing, will slosh some paint and cavity wax inside before it goes back on the car. I made the patches fit quite neatly and did some of the welding with the new TIG, then used the MIG to fill the holes I made (bah). TIG means less grinding, but I'm still getting used to it. Also welded up the holes used for the self-tappers that had been holding the glass in, and a few other pinholes. Back on the car for a test fit, it used to rub on one side and I wanted to check that out. It seems like there is enough adjustment to in the mounting holes to fit OK. I needed to tidy up the area where this hinge attaches the frame as it's been bent by a gorilla in the past. I'll also get some hex-socket screws to replace the big phillips head screw which hold the hinges as some have been replaced by hex head bolts in the past.
  6. One of the family collection.
  7. I heard that @vivaspeed is coming to this event.
  8. Had a good time at the Beach Hop, took a relaxing approach and only did one of the major runs (to Whitianga). Car went well, except for a little driver error where I took a slight short cut across the lawn of the place next door to the one we were renting (huge grass frontage with no fences in this area) after dropping a couple of people off on Saturday afternoon. Suspension was on low driving position, fine for road use but not so fine when there are low-level tree stumps hidden in the grass. I collect two of them, one right in the sump, and the other along the drivers side sill (which I didn't even notice for a few weeks). Made a hell of bang! Anyway, there we no leaks or knocks and the oil pressure was good so we drove home with no problems over the next couple of days. Car needs a WOF so I wanted to take a look underneath and also fix the sump so I moved it onto the lift yesterday. I couldn't see any other damage though so moved on to lifting the engine up again to remove the sump. I was a bit smarter this time and didn't drain the radiator and remove the hoses. Instead I unbolted the mounts so the radiator could lift up with the engine. Much less messy, and cheaper too as I just but $50 of antifreeze in it a few weeks ago. The sump gasket stayed stuck to the engine block so that was good. Also the oil pump driveshaft stayed in place so it was much easier overall. Oopsies So I beat that mostly flat again (still a small kink in the corner but I didn't want to cause a split/leak) The pickup is pressed into the flange and I think it had twisted up a bit. I tweaked it back down and put a couple of tacks on it so it won't fall off. To protect the sump - I don't want to take it off again anytime soon) I've made a skid plate from some 6mm steel plate that was lying around. I don't think it will bend much. It bolts on so I can change the oil. There didn't seem a good way to make space for the oil drain, but I can always do that in the future. Normally this area is well above the ground even with the suspension right down (can just drive like that if the road is smooth) but anything that is sticking up would be a problem. Now it should slide right over, although I'm slightly bothered that the steering linkage is just behind that round crossmember. I might weld an angle-iron 'breaker' across the plate to protect that. Just need to fill it with oil and charge the battery and it should be WOF-able.
  9. Can't run spacers legally without cert.
  10. You've been busy! Light at the end of the tunnel now I hope. Rust free instead of free rust?
  11. Thanks for that. We need more pasta here.
  12. Spring, or those toothy things, or nylocks. Cert people are very keen on those. Also the 300mm clamps if you have run any new fuel lines.