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  1. Aliexpress ftw!
  2. Slow cooker?
  3. Damn son, 221 days to go still.
  4. Quite right too. Most stylish by far.
  5. Gone up in value 5 times in 2 and half years, wow!
  6. Main part of roof primed over the weekend, so pulled out the windscreen tonight - came up easily after cutting the rubber on the inside. Only one little hole needing welding. Cowl vent looks OK from the top side.
  7. Dangerous place, Cuba St.
  8. That sucks! Hope you got the fault admittance recorded.
  9. You can do a lot with a sturdy bench, some bits of angle iron or flat bar, clamps and a hammer.
  10. A bit of long roof action... Last time we saw the roof, @Guypie had stripped it and coated with BlackGuard. The rust was coming back pretty much all over so... The coating was hard to remove, in the end I used paint stripper on it. 1/2 done. There were quite a few rusty lightly pitted areas. I had a go with phosphoric acid, but it wasn't having much effect. So I broke out the nasty muriatic acid. This is after a clean-up (it flash rusts very quickly), and working on the pitted areas with a wire brush. Cleaned that mess up with the phosphoric. As it sits tonight (with a bit of prepsol in some places) I'm going to etch prime tomorrow, then see about getting the windscreen out. I still need to do the back edge above the tailgate too.
  11. Thanks - I really just make it up as I go. Search for neodymium magnet on aliexpress, plenty there. Another APU!