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  1. Spring, or those toothy things, or nylocks. Cert people are very keen on those. Also the 300mm clamps if you have run any new fuel lines.
  2. Got those split/lock washers everywhere?
  3. I pulled a front spring right before Nats to see if a Makita drop would work, but no-go. The lower spring pan is a bolt-on so could possibly be lowered that way, but I was out of time. I've now removed the upper tailgate and glass (those little screws were holding the glass in place) The tailgate is from the previous model, so this lock isn't needed on this car It's a little rusty but way way better than the original one for the car.
  4. Also OS Nats trip. I bought a roof rack from Seedy Al that didn't exactly fit either way, so I made it fit with a cut and shut. Drove to work in the rain. Made it to the top of the Rimukatas no worries. Needed an oil topup (hadn't checked it for a while, oops) Met a cousin.
  5. Once this was up and running I wanted to use it for a bit before doing more work. Wellington OS Meet Wagon-camping @ Otaki Forks a couple of times. Beach, back when swimming was a thing.
  6. Crap! BTW if you want to to save the rotor you could possibly run a mig weld on the inside of the race. Might drop out after that.
  7. You'll likely still have to take the front end apart for NDT though.
  8. There is some back-story on the Fatman/LVVTA here "To the owners surprise, his new 'Fatman Fabrica- tion' A-arms failed the NDT in spectacular fashion, with. 16 out of the 20 welds on the 4 suspension arms being failed on quality" There must be other options out there?
  9. Very nice work getting done on the chassis!
  10. Was great to see this at Nats - very stylish and went well too. Amazing the difference a wheel alignment made to the mileage (and presumably tyre wear as well).
  11. @Leebo3 will be I'm sure.
  12. 4 - bring 'prizes' to pile on Rog's table.
  13. Painted wagon at beach hop. Much shiny.
  14. There are a lot of wagons at the Beach Hop this year. Makes me think I should have brought the Oxford instead of the Mercury. /almost
  15. What a ballache.