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  1. Painted wagon at beach hop. Much shiny.
  2. There are a lot of wagons at the Beach Hop this year. Makes me think I should have brought the Oxford instead of the Mercury. /almost
  3. What a ballache.
  4. <5psi?
  5. They are a fail item - if they are fitted they need to work.
  6. Good work getting it certed before BH. It must be the busiest time of the year for LVVTA I reckon. According to the entry guff, the popo are going to be hard on illegal cars again, so watch out if you can adjust the height while driving.
  7. Sweet! You'll be even cooler (if poss) in a wagon. BTW, do you still have a set of those wheels for sale?
  8. Good one on getting the windscreen sorted. Better watch out for flying rocks now. I guess you are Nats-ing with this? I should have the Oxford wagon there too.
  9. Good to see you have it basically working. Not sure if you have ever looked at the Autospeed site, there's a lot of real-world info buried in there on tuning.
  10. Replaced the manky rubber spacer bush in the column shift cross-shaft linkage with a short piece of heater hose. Hopefully this will prevent it falling out again. Also got an original brochure from the UK ebay. Quality First - nice to know. Moore power!
  11. There is some comments on here about using dry ice to freeze the underseal and then chipping it off. I haven't tried it myself.
  12. Instead of actually fixing anything I bought a new standard pressure oil pump and driveshaft (there is a hex shaft like a pencil that drives the pump from the bottom of the dizzy. If these break things get bad fast) It goes here - I was checking for pan clearance But to get it fitted it needs to be sitting in the pan, then bolted up through this gap, including getting the drive in place. It only took a few tries (including not dropping the bolts/gaskets into the pan) to get it in. I cleaned up the sump and flattened the dent out. Didn't bother painting it because of the copious oil leaks. Some test driving shows a slightly better oil pressure, and no 'drops' noticed so far, so I'm calling that good to go. I decided to stay in denial about the bearing condition so I left the caps in place. Also ignored the timing chain and front seal as I didn't want it in too many pieces right before BH. I also wired a couple of Nissan relays in for the headlights. This was mainly to take the load of the original light switch as I wouldn't like to source a replacement for that. Also fixed the instrument panel lights so they work more reliably. The BH is really the only time I drive this at night.
  13. For last few months (maybe even last Beach Hop) the oil pressure on the gauge would sometimes be very low when driving around (original factory electrical gauge, no pressure markings), while other times it was 'normal'. I ignored if for quite a long time, but finally got a bit nervous with the long BH trip coming up again. I don't have a mechanical pressure gauge around, and due to weird US threads (NPT vs BSP) didn't want to deal with buying one here. I did have a spare sump gasket, and some googling indicated that pulling the sump was possible. Last time I looked inside the engine (under the valve covers a few years ago) it wasn't pretty so I though there might be some crud blocking the oil pump pickup. So I disconnected various things and jacked the engine up as far as possible (there is a chassis crossmember right under the oil pan). Once the sump is unbolted there is space to unbolt the oil pump and let it drop into the pan, then pull the whole lot forward and out (once the anti-roll bar is unbolted anyway). It wasn't super-dirty inside The bottom pan was quite dented which probably pushed it up against the pickup though. The 390 'workshop'. Nothing looked too scary here.
  14. Plenty of room for important cargo.
  15. I saw this one on the road in Palmerston North last year. My parents also had one when I was a kid, same colour and all. Saw a white one at Manfield (in the carpark, not racing) a few years ago. There is also a cowpat green one up in Raetahi, stored in a basement.