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  1. I'm gonna be racing, so will be there.
  2. Will you still exist when this project is finished? Your resto thread has been a foundation of the forum for so long now!
  3. Was that in an MR2 or a Peugeot? I'm sure it happened in both cars.
  4. Coupe nats only counts if you sleep in it. I've slept in my AW twice at wagnats....
  5. Holy 500 horsepower! Nice.
  6. There's nothing that fast over here Glen... Well, aside from Turn 1 at Pukekohe. The last corner at Hampton Downs is a long radius, but not super fast, although diff (and sump) baffles would still be beneficial there! Love the thermal imaging Dave. I'm seriously considering getting a CAT phone with built in FLIR for my next phone...
  7. This is so sweet! Looks like a couple of years of hard work is paying off? It would be great so see this driving around and making our roads more classy.
  8. The Wobbly Arse Bandits. Choice.
  9. A++ stuff, thanks for sharing! I have one of these in the shed and have been tossing up my options with it... Now you've inspired me to uplift the newer Honda scooter frame and engine that's sitting in my Dad's shed as an engine donor.
  10. The idea of the tacho becoming an IRL real time fuel economy graph lols me.
  11. Man this thing looks exceptional. Sorry if I've missed it, did you raise this up before it went in for panel and paint?
  12. Those flares will look great when you get them right! I'm tempted to get you to make me a bonnet too...
  13. Lay off the pies! That poor RR suspension couldn't handle it any longer .
  14. ClubAW was awesome. I take it from that last post that you're keeping the standard viscous LSD rather than going for a plate type or torsen type unit?