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  1. How was the frame welded to pass cert? MIG or TIG?
  2. So thanks to Josh for his efforts in getting this tank ready, its now in my driveway. Couldn't really afford it but couldn't let the opportunity slip. Kinda surreal in that I have never bought a car before that I've been content with at time of purchase. So far I haven't even popped the bonnet. Just jumped in, thrown the chronic 2001 in the CD player and clocked up a few kms getting to know the way it drives (like a 6 yarder truck) But I love it. Thanks again Josh.
  3. Don't take this personally but I am strongly considering kidnapping you and forcing you to live and work shackled up in my workshop for food.
  4. Dude slow down you're making us all look bad
  5. Fuck yeah, progressing well cunt.
  6. Approximately 1 ton (to 1 significant figure)
  7. Other ones not a dog.
  8. I like ur dog
  9. Looks like a Motherfuckin' Mudbug
  10. Get some tassles on those pangeas ASAP
  11. Yeah nice to see its not another underpowered VW floor pan POS
  12. We saw you in that carpark too, certainly hard to miss. Interesting project.
  13. Toyota Carib. Anyway back to Oliver's bike
  14. I've struck malevolent gingers before