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  1. I have when running an L series alternator on an A series car. It didn't charge either.
  2. If it;s not tight, put a collection of centre pops aroudn the periphery of the insude of where the seal runs. the metal which mushrooms out aroudn the pop will hold the seal in place. Then whack a smear of 3bond around the outside of the seal prior to install.
  3. I remember back when these were still new ish. Went for a ride in a mates one, before taking him for a ride in my 13b rx3. After the turbo car, mine felt about as fast as a ke70 wag with a 4k.
  4. There was three of them. That would have been a (wet) dream come true.
  5. You've reminded me of a sharn. As a teenager we were out hooning around in my ap5. The girls in the backseat complained about getting bruised elbows from the way I threw it round corners. I would have hated to have ridden with me back then.
  6. Needs more forced induction. /Ling post.
  7. You made the right choice. It makes me happy. (In my pants) I'll get my book from Hogan and bring it up to gnats. I firmly believe you need more turbo slant 6 in your life.
  8. Good buying. Being a two door post car the body should deform less than a hardtop when you're applying full jandal out of the hole. Defo going to be one to watch!
  9. Holy lol! I forgot that was there!
  10. Yeah the carb is a bit gammy. I did put a kit through it. But I ran out of fucks to find out why is was being a dick.
  11. I'm impressed. Now it just needs a boost in the motorvator department. You has the mad skillz Gee!
  12. The front mount ones are different on the b210.s. If I still have that sway bar, I know where it will be. Right now that's hugely overgrown with massive thistle plants. But I'm slowly working my way in there.
  13. Oh, so you've got two preschool age children too do you? With both of us working full time me just fucking off for four days puts a shit load of extra pressure on her. We're not All childless kids with no adult responsibilities.
  14. Links?
  15. It makes it a cunt to fit 185/60/13 in there. I'd weld up the locator holes in the spring pad and redrill them. I remembered today I think I have a b210 sway bar for it too Josh. They're a bit thicker.