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  1. I've always found permaseal gaskets to be awesome. Looking mighty sharp there. Gladens my heart to see what you're doing.
  2. Just buy more vivas Alex.
  3. Touche`
  4. I'd like you to spend heaps of time and money to come spend a weekend getting OTP with us in a bumfuck alpine town during the coldest part of the year.
  5. @nigelwade @Andyling @forced @lowlancer @nismo.capri
  6. @igor (Come and see what all the fuss is about)
  7. If you don"t sign up, I'll cut your face!* *I wont actually cut you face.
  8. I'm saddened that uptake thus far has been so shabby. your presence creates this event. It's one of only two times per year I get to hangbout/get otp with my os boes from far and wide. attention @Beaver @Dolan @k-trips @Shaz @Big Value Buddy @kicker @cletus @xsspeed @Mof @Threeonthetree @danger @JoKer @kyteler @CUL8R @64vauxhall @piazzanoob @Goat @Archetype @kiwi808 @Nick Ritchie @MightyJoe @Bling @V8Pete @d.p.n.s @Mr.Mk1 @Cullen @Seedy Al @Steelies @grunta @cheerios @AndyGal @Horse25 @Brdflu @mint16 @Fresh If you registered already and I tagged ya, good on you. otherwise, get amongst!
  9. When are you going to put a turbo Barra donk in it?
  10. I'm sure Maggie won't take much coercion to give out massages. Not that anyone would want one.....