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  1. I don't remember. I removed it because it had both heater hoses Going in and out. So I got no flow through the heater. Being cold su ks worse than a flat spot.
  2. I actually tried this. I still have the block somewhere. Iirc the hotbox flange on the bottom of the intake had to be milled flat before it would seal.
  3. There are sicko's in the US that have slant six powered cars running in the 10's.
  4. That's the only way to beat a slanter!
  5. The valiant page on fb is quite popular too.
  6. Ap5 make me smile. which forum got wound up? Nz mopar forum? I haven't been there for donkeys.
  7. It's a total ball ache for making small gaps in traffic. Mash pedal, bluegh-vroom. By which time the small gap is even smaller.....
  8. Every single six cylinder Val I've ever had which has had headers, and an iron inlet manifold/factory carb has had an off idle stumble created by the loss of the warming from the hot box. On at least two cars I replaced the headers (to be fair they weren't super flash ones) with the factory iron zhorst manifold.
  9. I think there's something in the nz new thing with these subarus. I had two square shape nz new Leone wagons. One did 350k, and the turbo one did 320k. They were actually pretty well thought out cars. That said I doubt I'll ever own another.
  10. I can't lose when Josh posts in the project forum. It's either a lush update on my rusty 47 year old car, or a heartwarming update on my old weary old 45 year car. Regardless of which it is, I smile. How happy are you with the gearbox in this car Josh? It just occurred to me while the motor/gearbox is out its literally only a 25 minute job to change that front bearing. I can bring my big puller over and whip it off in a heartbeat.
  11. Do you have headers, or still a cast manifold? I have a zhorst manifold with both the choke pocket for a 1bbl and the pick up for the 2bbl 160hp set up. Although if your 2bbl is from a 'teen it's probably different again. From what a Speedway Bogan once told me from way back when vals were ubiquitous in street stock/what I've seen on my slants over the years the 145hp 225's had the core plugs on the inlet side staggered up and down. The last 160hp blue slanter I had had them all in a row like yours. Be be fair the blue slanter I had with a manual behind it went pretty hard for what it was. Even though it had 120psi across all cylinders. Stopped to put in gas one night and it refused to start. Gave up and did a hemi swap instead. Lol
  12. Mr sneaky painting a late Block the early colour. I've heard that it's important not to mix up the metering rids when fucking with those carters. I also don't know if your period correct single barrel air cleaner will fit the tumeke two barrel. I seem to recall we struck some hiccup with that when we did a 160hp repower on my mates VC.
  13. Tbh I'm having my doubts about the size of my fleet atm. That opportunity cost is the killer.......
  14. I'd rather finish it first. but there will be a skid at some point.
  15. Good work man! I'm starting to think the bill for this is going to be a rude shock. But given market value when it's all done Vs what it owes me to date it's not really that big a deal.