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  1. And you call yourself a rotary owner. ....
  2. Checker plate. Where. The. Fuck. Is. The. Checker. Plate.
  3. Cooley. Swapped seat over after work. Was a tad gay on my own. But done. Feels heaps better driving around, not so big and gay. Plus niki got me a sweeet brown Mexican blanket for my birthday, so that will make its way in there, once some mods are made for seat belts. So yea. It is now, nats ready. Next on the list, getting the van ready for camping duties, which pretty much just means, clear out crap not needed for the weekend lol. Fantastic.
  4. I have a rebuilt 4k sitting here. Comes with manifolds and stuff. Want a grand tho, so given you're budget I would say its to spendy for ya lol. But the option is there.
  5. All those can be fixed with zip ties lol.
  6. Yeah actually pretty rad haha. So........ grasskana at nats then?
  7. Thst was my assumption lol Well at least its one less on your list. Next up, triumph.
  8. So yeah, picture less update for max who cares. I left the work shop at 8.30pm on Friday, old motor sitting back in the hole, bolted in with no manifolds. Finished up about 2 the next day after just general fluffing around. So then took it for a decent test drive. To my surprise this motor doesn't have ba blown head gasket lol. As said in my discussion thread, this motor had only been driven about 60km last time it was in. So yeah test drive good, what a surprise it also has oil pressure lol. And uses all the gas. And is actually slow up hills. But you get that with a 2litre designed in world War one. And Mourning Cupcake took it for a drive to go see steelies today so she could learn the ins and outs of driving it, as she will be driving it solo to nats as I will be taking the c20. She did good job. So yeah, just wanna swap the bench seat over. Might struggle that tomorrow after work.
  9. Lol I too had this problem when I got my 2j running in crown. Wasn't sure if it was my wiring or something back charging, but a relay wired into the injector power feed fixed it. Good job. Bet goat got nothing done on his cars lol
  10. Drove 5min to the second hand shop, bought a bloodhound gang cd. Then proceeded to drive 80km round trip through whitemans valley. Went well besides the fact the jets are a tad big given this motor is 2l verse the 2.8 So it will fucking do. Just need to swap over bench seat and should be gravey
  11. Groovey Old motor in back in. Now time to see if its actually any good, given it had only done about 60km of driving if that, last time it was in the car. keep your cell phones on people!
  12. with the right amount of booze and narcotics, Oldschool member Shavenyak can ride one of these, as I have seen him do it on a Raleigh 20 version. so much lol.
  13. that sounds rad lol
  14. How fast