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  1. Well wof on Monday never happened, due to a bunch of fucking around with different parts places trying to figure out this steering idler. Anyway way figured out what I needed about 5.25 yesterday evening and much to brad doritos naysaying they turned up today. So hopefully everything is now repaired to vtnz standard. Idler went in this evening. Off to vtnz tomorrow again. Digits crossed.
  2. Figured as much lol. Tell your boss to get better staff btw.
  3. so would seem things are just to hard for parts people Today I ended up burning the bushes out of the idler to see if I could get some ordered from measurements After giving it to my work mate to take to the Suspension and steering specialists, to get something matched up, they gave him a box of free bushes that I could modify and try, as they werent sure. After making a decent attempt at trying to make them work, concluded this was not going to work. took some measurements, jumped on the nolathan website, found some that seemed like they are exactly what I needed, which i then found out are for Hilux of the same period, so will be exactly what I need indeed. then ordered them through Repcos navigator website, however this was at 5.25, so whether they get here from auckland tomorrow or not is a guessing game So turns out, sometimes the best parts guy, is your self. gutted i didnt do it earlier Sigh
  4. Hmmm. This may work. Will see how I get on tomorrow. Im actually pretty sure I have a pair of brand new idler bearings for a 130 series somewhere lol
  5. Well. Every is sorted besides the idler. I have pulled it out and the bushes are well chooched. With some luck I can match up some new ones, seeing as trying to find an actual whole idler seems to much hard work for people.
  6. I fucken love, whites man blues. Make sure you get Beaver for a jam also. Turns out he is handy with blues gtar
  7. Hey wow so this happened IMG_5652 by Allan Ainsworth, on Flickr And then today this happened IMG_5651 by Allan Ainsworth, on Flickr So yeah........... getting there. not to bad of a list for a car thats been off the road for 2 years. Managed to replace the ball joint with a new one after work today, hopefully have a steering idler coming tomorrow if repcos listings are any near correct. Checked out the fuel leak, looks like the washer where the fitting goes out of the pump is junk, so need to replace that, which sounds easy, but is a cunty Mc cunt getting soaked in gas sort of job. And adjusting the hand brake while I'm under there should be a piece of custard square too hopefully. Wof on monday fingers crossed.
  8. keen to keep prices down, slash we are never back in time for these meals anyway lol And sshhhhhs guys, stop talking about the cabin. otherwise it will be like woodstock up there
  9. Right, so with my Crown sedan waiting on its cert plate to turn up, I figured best not let the momentum die off now. So tripped over the 5m out of this at work today and thought fuck it, lets get that apart so I can get this wagon actually driving good instead of the under powered over fueling turd it is now. So this happened. So far I am pretty certain the issue is what I have always suspected, the bearings for the auxiliary shaft. Had a look at them and feel terrible. But can also move tge shaft latterly in the bearings. So most likely worn and letting the oil escape. These are feed after the crank, so probably a good thing. But will have a proper measure tomorrow to confirm. Then its a matter of tracking down new ones. Research suggests they are the same as a 7mge etc.
  10. Lol, no doubt Chris will tell you that converting this wasn't easy based on all the intake fab stuff. I did the same conversation using a factory twin carb motor. That was actually a piece of piss, just had to do very minor notch in the chassis rail around the distributor area. So fucking keen on another one of these vans. Trying to convince the lady that buying a pop top camper version is a good idea. Keen to see pics of yours!
  11. Stop making the rest of us look like chumps please.
  12. You would think so..... a few years ago I had a car fail getting its pink sticker off it after getting it certed as the inspection guys weren't happy with the springs in the back, so you simply cant tell.
  13. No pics are gay Heres a picture of the sweet blanket I bought on sunday to cover up the blue bench seat IMG_5613 by Allan Ainsworth, on Flickr
  14. Well its not over yet. once plate turns up, then its on its way to VTNZ to attempt getting this pink sticker removed.
  15. Sooooooooooooooo. This thing passed cert with Zero issues Just need to fire through the picture of the top of the Loop plates on the inside, which i have, and Cert plate will be here in a week Mind explosion Who would have thought all that hard work would pay off.........