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  1. Do you find it weird living next to your boss But on a more serious note I look forward to actually taking a Wagon to this next year I think.
  2. Looking forward to see how far along this has come. Cool cars. Good shit.
  3. The fact you live down the bottom of the South Island yet know where gay new years is in the north pretty much tells me every thing I suspected about you igor.
  4. Yeah surely palmy swap meat would be better for advertising than whatever crap you're going to lol. Thanks lee! Your a star.
  5. As always you're workmanship and eye for details is fucking amazing. Looking forward to more haha.
  6. @kirk28 Hey mate! Yeah if he still has them I could be keen. Nothing like back ups. Im certainly not keen on throwing down that sort of coin for mintas haha.
  7. Well I will be there..... hopefully for the swap meat but depends on work. But keen for party room for sure and happy to pay more. Also. Stickers. Who wants to do stickers thst isn't me because I have no lap top currently working.
  8. Yeah was meant to fill out form today lol. Will sort tomorrow
  9. And the two crowns stashed away being friends in the all legal begal club.
  10. Finally got round to fitting the peep mirror I bought at magoos during nats. Looks good but is currently set up in a way rendering it useless lol. However will address at a later date, as seeing getting this thing sorted to the point I am happy enough with it has taken over a year. Next thing on my list is get the datsun van legal so I can sell it. As I still own 7 cars. Its to many.
  11. Suck mother fucken cess. Have enough oil pressure now at hot idle that it should maintain enough pressure to keep things lubed. Not over whelming amounts but enough. Also forgot how fucken so much better this wagon is with the 2.8 in to. Can actually pull out at round abouts with out the fear of being t boned and can pull speed up hills. Much love. So happy. On to the next car mission I think.
  12. 2jz eeeer day
  13. Mate its in the Wagoneer by laws as jb pointed out. G zeros equal wagoneers heros.
  14. Wondering if they come in a 15 x8 zero offset.