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  1. The last point doesn't need to be remedied right.. video of hopping please!! Also, bloody good work!
  2. Nice work - doing it right from the get go!
  3. Oh yes yes, the factory orange also gets my vote. Either the red or the orange would be a win in my books
  4. I'm an absolute sucker for originality, so I vote a respray in the original red!!
  5. Gonna be perfect more like!!
  6. yeah this monster is looking friggin swish matey!!
  7. looking grouse old pal
  8. this thing is flippin sweet!
  9. did someone say reverse offset 13x7s with 155/80s?? Also, daaaaaaaam. Big fan of 61s!!
  10. oh yea months/years eh!! could be an option for our ke26
  11. will be interested to see how the clear sticks to the roof esp around the surface rust
  12. oh man, how have I only stumbled across this thread now! Far out you do some great work, this zed is looking swish!!
  13. nice work on the engine bay. like the capping on the rails, makes it look nice and smooth!!
  14. trapp makes it sound boss. keep up the great work simmo (and dave)!