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  1. Open this is a new tab for full size.
  2. I assume they've tried Partstrader then. As they're supposed to. That said the boss got a side cut for his XE ute privately because PT failed at coming back with anything. Give the young fella you got it from a ring, he's probably got some hookups/connections.
  3. I would think 3 would be an OK starting price to put it on the 'tard or the likes for, hey, it might get to your 5k target if some foamers start a frenzy. I think Lawrence's old one was around the three k mark, if memory serves me correctly and they've not really budged in value these old pigs. I would think that even if you could get your money back in the short time you've owned it, would be pretty good going.
  4. So awesome man, jelly. Note: Put the lamps down pls. Also, don't need HSL anymore, I believe.
  5. I have the time booked though so definitely unlucky.
  6. You only put me @ 13th on your list, Bartholomew Simpson Washing Machine for your Pants. Unlucky.
  7. Fuck you're a brave man buying a car from the Catlins. That said, it MUST have been in a shed.
  8. Nice, mate.
  9. How solid are your mounts? That piping from the photo angle looks like something that could hit on motor vibration/twist
  10. Nah and even if we were, there's not a Bunnings down here sadly.
  11. U WOT M8. One less eager on the road though so that's all good.
  12. Refused to like that post because it's shit. Dang. That sucks.
  13. Nah, should be the Sunny coupe all going to plan.
  14. I've entered and put the hopeful car registration but that might change closer to the time if I can't get it ready, I assume this isn't an issue?
  15. Like fuck I'm climbing a hill to get my heroine. I'll just wait until you come down again.
  16. Know them gas feels. I ran out whilst welding patches on the scuttle vent panel on the 310 yesterday. Will try afford some gas this week to carry on. I would have made patches but decided to do it in tiny sections to save it from warping as much.
  17. You're likely right just I had somewhere in me noggin the notion that the 2drs were V and the t'others of 4dr variant were W. Likely misinformation or blended across from later Nissan models in me head.
  18. Sweet, man. Reminds me that I should chase up my brother and his VB110. The 4dr should be a WB110 shouldn't it?
  19. Agreed. So swish. Super Jealous.
  20. Two different tyre codes?
  21. Build Thread That doesn't look too shabby at all man, I don't think the 14's will be that bad with some smaller tires and a bit of low, on the plus side though, you have 5x114.3 so getting something Japanese is generally cheaper than the 4 stud version.