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  1. That's a pretty intense earthquake that flips the house while you're doing the brakes.
  2. Also also, you don't need a valve, a bottle or container with the hose reaching to the base of the bottle with a level of fluid higher than the end of the hose and you'll be fine.
  3. Also, if it's RHD and the booster and master is on the right, you should be starting at the Left Rear.
  4. So awesome man, well done you. The part that entertains me the most is that at absolutely no point in time will anyone ever come up to you and say "This looks familiar, this didn't use to be Bart's 1200 did it?" Ain't no telling.
  5. I want to buy something that's already complete so I can just drive it, he says...
  6. If he was worried about form he wouldn't have that godawful intercooler mess hanging off the front of the Camaro. Lerl. Becomes firm for thy purpose of design though.
  7. or
  8. Just needs a 460ci in the bitch now. Ultimate cruiser. Here's a picture of it wearing Astro Supremes Here's a picture of it sharing the shed with the C110, B310, S21 & FD Here's a picture of the Gloria looking up to see it. ...and here's a picture of it leaving for it's journey from the bottom of one island to the bottom of another
  9. Glad it went well, always tricky guessing but it sounded and went OK down these ways and if the chap was to be believed was a stout enough ride to roll fully laden to blossy, etc. Technically it was from Edendale and not Gore so not quiiiiiiite as bogan as can be but still, Southern as fuck. I lol'd that you bought that and took it to Waggers and then Lee rolls up in a Pano. Hah. Random as fuck.
  10. She's a beaut mayte. Good work.
  11. I like it. Keep up the good work.
  12. One moment caller
  13. Ah. Good good.
  14. They were called Sigma here so it's just habit and called Galant Sigma in Japan.
  15. You know the AMG version was NA only? I guess it doesn't really matter given all the other added stickers to the Sigma regardless.