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  1. Two different tyre codes?
  2. Daaaaaaamn, wish I had moar money.
  3. Could also beef up the spoke size if necessary?
  4. Much better man. Good work.
  5. Wants to put a UZ in a Trump but thinks retrofitting a heater unit could be difficult. Mayte, should be a dawdle by comparison.
  6. Props, brother.
  7. Dumb wait time. Still, progress is good even if slow. Also, look how tiny it is amongst the modern wildebeasts.
  8. As Richard said, just put a Fuji Heavy Industries R200 in it. Fairly common swap, even an R180 would potentially be OK but eeeeeeh, R200 or R230.
  9. This is choice, lady. Glad it worked out. Rust looks fuck all so that's choice also.
  10. They're 16" still, not 15".
  11. Those ones in your picture will be GTR wheels buuuuuuuuuuuuuddy (surely, if they're not they should be/you should get them instead). Different width and offset to GTS-t wheels.
  12. 32 rims are spendy now too, I believe. (Not Desmond spendy though) I'm too skint too, hence PIAA wheels.
  13. Shhh, just Desmond Regamasters.
  14. You can grind a regular drill-bit to suit.
  15. Yeah the old tidy it up and leave it outside trick, Bart. You should be ashamed. Still. On the right track now mate so good on you.