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  1. Hold the phone in landscape for fucks sake. That better not have been Joe filming that. Other than that though, fuck yeah, good work, congrats, yay, etc!
  2. Easy way to check without searching would be to turn it off and wait 1, 3 or 5 minutes.
  3. Turbo timer somewhere hidden?
  4. Fuck yeah, good work man.
  5. Good plan, man. I approve.
  6. Fuck yeah. Legit as fuck.
  7. Looks sweet man. I dig it.
  8. Sporting feeling paint. Well I'm sold.
  9. I likely knew that at some point but now I do again, thank-you Kesse Kames.
  10. it's a designation used across all Nissan boxes (it's to do with ratios, etc. the 'C' stands for Close the other option is W at the end. Guess what that stands for). lerl. I assume he means one for an RB though. Not that it would matter cause an L bell should work also.
  11. You must have a spare valve you can slap in there quickly?
  12. What Terry said. I didn't have to with mine but plenty of people have done it with great success. Dry ice in bag, move it around floor, chip off, etc. There's a guy down here in Invers that's good for upholstery but you can likely find someone closer? Hemi @ Arrow Upholstery, pretty sure he just cranks away at it by himself, nice dude and does a good job by all accounts. There's usually something interesting in his tiny shop, I took one of the truck seats there to be re-done for the boss and there was a Riviera of 60's vintage sitting there with him beside it pedaling away on his machine.
  13. It got transported from Invercargill to Wellington, costing more than the guy paid for the car which I forget the price of. After it left I've no idea. Memories...
  14. It's a shame I threw all my spare parts in with mine when I sold it, I think I had a spare set of caps. Pointless post but oh well, lerl. I still have my spare truck-lid mounted on the wall of my shed for memory sake.
  15. That's a pretty intense earthquake that flips the house while you're doing the brakes.