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  1. Awesome man, keen to see the motor built!
  2. Famous last words aye
  3. Went to New Year OS Japs eye meet and Dorian papped me Went to leadfoot and had the worst time getting there, overheating, fouling plugs etc etc but got to hang with all these jokers and many more The KE20's new G4+ storm sitting at Stu's with a few other Link's! And some goodies I have picked up to go in around the same time, 4x NZEFI High Energy Single Inductive Ignition Coil with built in Ignitor, MTX-L Wideband, a new fuel filter and the pièce de résistance, Ethanol sensor for running flex fuel! Still need to do a couple more things like mount up a clutch switch for launch control and then when Stu gets time he can have it for wiring then off somewhere for a retune on 98 and tune on some corn juice E85!
  4. Sicko, I can't afford a 9a. Yet....
  5. Fuck yeah man, that's dope! Makes me miss my VG40
  6. I've got a G3/G4 you can buy to unlock the fury of RBARMY
  7. Yeah will try and get some dyno time in the new year with the storm installed. Be interesting in dyno numbers if the VVT wasn't working properly previously, might pick up some mid range. Otherwise bring the boost up until it hits 300kw again haha. Will try and get a video, should have got one of how it was, so bad before. Can hear the gilmer drive again it's so quiet now!
  8. Love these things! Mine was a sight unseen purchase too here's my old thread: Might have to go here for some of the first images as I can't edit my old post to update the links: Digging the inspiration idea too, makes me want to find a PR91W GTR from Japland!
  9. Haha yeah Barry sorted me a new pulley, noise gone now, it's great!
  10. New VVT pulley did the business. Super quiet now compared to before can hear all the other rattles and squeaks I was missing haha. Also put one of these fandangled MRP Belt stabilizers on: And have ordered wideband and Link G4+ Storm to replace the haggard G3 trying to keep up with G4 software. Lol how I said I wasn't going to do much to this car when I bought it.
  11. Yeah, will bang the new pulley on tonight if Post Haste ever deliver it.
  12. Geddurdivit. I'll be back!
  13. This is a blacktop head as well so if the pulley does fix it then it's a problem across both black & silvertops. I will still have noisey valve springs due to overshimming but the test everyone says online is to put 12v to the solenoid at idle and if the tick goes away its a bad pulley. That's exactly what mine did when I gave it 12v, quietened down heaps.
  14. Went to the Oldschool Drags and it was farkin sweet Best run was a 13.583@108.63mph(174kmh) which I was pretty happy with for the first time out. Cheers to Simon for suggesting some of my nuganuga engine noise could be VVT pulley, gave the solenoid 12v at idle and 70% of the noise went away so I haven't had working VVT for a while it would seem, new pulley ordered anyway. Tried to flick across to high boost on one run in 3rd but motor was pretty warm and coils may have been to hot as it seemed to break up a little and didn't go any faster. So yeah traction, high boost, some vvt and me not being a shit driver should get me into 12's ezpz. Pics from the day from Dorian, always good shots! Right before Sheepers freight-trained me in the top end And a little video Ricardo snapped between his tower duties! Cheers to all who made it a neat as day. Can't wait to do more drags & trackdays now that I've broken the hymen of properly giving this thing the beans!
  15. Haha cheers man, it had a good machine polish a week ago, can't fault the previous owners attention to detail though!