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  1. I'd just recondition the factory heater since it's already out. It's not like you're going to get 40 years of leaves and shit in it as an occasional car that's probably going to be kept undercover, plus they work well when they work. Maybe could do with a gruntier fan, but we had mine in an absolute monsoon a few weeks back in Hamilton and it demisted just fine. Cutting firewalls is IMO just a giant clusterfuck of a thing, perhaps suss out if you actually need to, and if you don't then retain that factory heater.
  2. You're welcome man, wow what a dredge. Just ask if you have any questions, but it's all fairly straightforward.
  3. Pics in here of the local 2.5 with the R200 in it, he's my bosses brother.
  4. Also the IRS is not good it's flappy chicken wing semi trailing arm insta-toe camber gang garbage. But it's sweet for fitting wide wheels. Doing away with the shitty rear hub arangement would be dreamy to boot. But fitting another subframe is gonna be a massive dick of a job. Time is free I guess. I have an acceptable center console you can have. It isn't cracked near the choke but does have a mangled hole for oem demister switch and the holed for the gear boot clips have done their usual shit themselves thing. Look forward to seeing a UZ in the hole. It's my ideal swap too.
  5. R200 is a pretty straightforward swap I can likely get photos of one done if you like.
  6. Wait until you go through the hazing ritual. You'll never be the same.
  7. Eureka moment! Well done!
  8. Fwaaa choice write up
  9. Into it, big style. Inspiration hits all the right notes, this is gonna be excellent for sure!
  10. Well, I did have a good time last year. I'll think about it.
  11. Likewise! I'm waiting with bated breath and I'm about to pass out!
  12. The fan knob has a wee pin you need to depress, then pull it off the shaft. (lol, knob and shaft). Then undo the bezel nut and it moves out the back. Take ciggy lighter out of socket, then undo the back of the ciggy lighter barrel and remove. Undo choke cable at the carbs, and proceed to pull the entire cable out from the inner from inside the cabin. Undo bezel nut on the choke slider thing and remove from the back. You may not have luck gluing, I've tried it in the past and it doesn't stay put, ever.
  13. Just make sure that if you use the dry ice method, it's beneficial to put it in a bag as above, THEN put it on the sound deadener you wish to remove. That way, it helps with cleanup (ie. there is no cleanup of dry ice pellets). However it's not as effective on underseal as it is on interior sound deadener.