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  1. Likewise! I'm waiting with bated breath and I'm about to pass out!
  2. The fan knob has a wee pin you need to depress, then pull it off the shaft. (lol, knob and shaft). Then undo the bezel nut and it moves out the back. Take ciggy lighter out of socket, then undo the back of the ciggy lighter barrel and remove. Undo choke cable at the carbs, and proceed to pull the entire cable out from the inner from inside the cabin. Undo bezel nut on the choke slider thing and remove from the back. You may not have luck gluing, I've tried it in the past and it doesn't stay put, ever.
  3. Just make sure that if you use the dry ice method, it's beneficial to put it in a bag as above, THEN put it on the sound deadener you wish to remove. That way, it helps with cleanup (ie. there is no cleanup of dry ice pellets). However it's not as effective on underseal as it is on interior sound deadener.
  4. Tridies for both cars. Both in 7" wide. Tridies added to the front. I tried to add them to the back, but the guard lips got in the way. Sheepers reckoned he'd had a little bit of experience stretching metal etc so I trundled over there. First he knocked the guard lips up using a hammer and dolly - the paint damage was inevitable, but we lucked out on the passengers side and only got a minor crack. Took it for a drive after that, to find the tyre was now rubbing on the INNER guard, near the top of the sidewall. The trusty hammer came out again, and the inners massaged then undersealed to ensure plenty of clearance now! Next up though, is to remedy that paint on the arch, and replace/repair a super fucked UJ on the half shaft, which made itself evident this afternoon. I'll probably do both halfshafts for peace of mind. <----------yarns
  5. Yep, that'll do bloody nicely. What a transformation!
  6. Put some pics of the car up hah!
  7. This is bloody ace! Top work, keep it flowing.
  8. Yep, will need the castor arms off a 2.5S also or weld a bracket on. Usually pretty easy to find though. ARB arm; standard one is missing the big bracket you can see. The days of properly tidy Trumps for 2k or less are gone now, a scruffy manual OD 2.5S went for a shade under $5400 last week. Primer patches, work required etc, some misguided souls somewhere have decided they want these things.
  9. My S has to date, the best dash lights I've encountered on a Trump sedan. Actual bright, and the dimmer seems to offer a modicum of progressiveness when it comes to lighting options. I recommend getting a swaybar if you can, it changes the drive for the better in a huge way!
  10. So the water pump packed up and started poozing water out from where the bearing was. Ordered a new one from Witors, fitted that, a new thermostat, new coolant and radiator hoses, new cap and gave the rad a damn good flush. Car runs cooler than ever (just below half on the open road on a hot summer day) so I'm happy. Cleaned the bay up a little bit more and fitted the rocker cover with a new gasket as the old one was leaking. Waxed it then parked it in the rain. But wait! What is going on with the bumpers etc? Neal and I went down the line to dismantle a PI he purchased, and haul the parts back. It was super rusty and beyond salvage. Anyway long story short, I grabbed the bumpers off it as it had the early bumpers. Polished them up after their 20 year plus stint in a paddock and they came up totally presentable. Needed to enlist the magical metal stylings of sheepers to repair the brackets but once that was done, they fitted up pretty easily. I've also slapped an early grille on the car, and topped it off with a pair of Wipac 5 1/2" driving lights, which aren't yet functional but they look shit hot. Finally, I have a set of polished 14x7 -7 offset tridies (Enkei versions) which will be on the car real soon like as part of a "stage 2" aesthetic. Next step is replacing all the front bushes, I've got all that junk and new balljoints sitting at home and just need to source a round tuit so I can get the job done. Oh I also fanged it Leadfoot, and it ran super sweetly without drama. <------ yarn link
  11. Witors stuff usually shows up around a week after dispatch, which in my mind is quick ha. Just buy another steering wheel, they'll be $20 or so if that.
  12. Condolences. Try Chris Witor in the UK for bits. Good pricing with reasonable and quick shipping. Was this the one that had the brown parts car on trademe?
  13. @Goat I dug up these ones from Vinegar Hill '08
  14. Still the best. Nats 2017???