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  1. Pretty slow progress on the Red Rover. Spent the last few weekends sorting out my daily Rover with new brakes, hub seals and full service. Anyhow, started on rebuilding the front brakes on Red. Old discs were stuffed, very pitted and some of the brake lines were blocked as well as some very leaky hub seals and bad wheel bearings. Started by stripping them all down, big job cleaning it up! So much grime! Great fun removing caliper bolts that haven't come off in who knows how long. This week's job will be rebuilding the calipers and hubs with new seals and bearings. Then hopefully in the weekend installing them all with new rotors, pads and lines. Also been trying to get to the bottom of why it seems to be down on power. Starts and idles fine but very rich and plugs are coming out very black. Replaced a torn diaphragm in one of the carbs but still no luck. Think I will just take it to a carb wizard to sort - I have heard Hitec Motorsports in Dury are good. Any suggestions? Looking forward to bolting nice shinny bits on next weekend. Parts hauler is going well now. Wof passed and running well. Looks massive compared to the little Turbo City.
  2. Hey Dolan, any luck with other models, do you get the Michelin XPC in stock?
  3. Hey Dolan, thanks for the reply! That would be awesome! So many times people do a restore and put a modern looking tyre on, totally ruins the car imo. They are Michelin X M+S in 205r16. Couple of photos below Also the Firestone Town and Country but I think that is even harder to find. Damn it looks good
  4. Hey Team, I am after a certain tyre for my old Range Rover. Trying to get as close to the factory period correct look as possible. Old Michelins and the Firestones now seem discontinued so the next best is this Dunlop. They are called Dunlop Road Gripper F. In 205r16 or 205/80/16. If any one knows where I could find a set of 5, sing out please!Dunlop NZ are not very helpful.
  5. No real updates yet. Work seems to be getting in the way! Hopefully getting started on a brake rebuild this weekend Anyway, my buddy Kieran who is helping out me took these rad photos with his Leica a few weeks back.
  6. First day getting to know the new ride. Got a new set of tyres fitted and gave it a once over. A few bits aint working and missing a few bits of trim but all seems ok. Can't get over how big it is! 4.2V8 is effortless too. Some serious gas bills coming my way. Next to my buddies 79 today. Need to give the exterior and interior a good clean up tomorrow. First motorway run is alway a bit scary, truck went awesome though. Excuse the potato phone the shot was taken on.
  7. Sucker for punishment. New daily just turned up
  8. Hot damn! That is an impressive disco! I used to have a early 200tdi one. A bit slower than that...
  9. Awesome brochure shots from the 70s.
  10. Also, anyone reading this. If they have any parts for them or know of other two doors let me know! Always on the hunt for more bits.
  11. Hey Dolan, Awesome cheers! Yeah it seems the are fetching silly money overseas now. What colour trim does the vogue have? I've just purchased an old LSE and it will probably need a few bits
  12. Link to Project Thread Discussion thread for my strange Range Rover obsession. The reason it started... Thats me in the background! Their old SIIa Dormobile at the Hikimuta Lagoon on the West Coast.
  13. Link to Discussion Thread Hello team, Thought I would start up a project thread for my old Range Rover project. It all started with my parents as is pretty much their fault. They had a bunch of rad old cars (most all sold now unfortunately) from Triumph TR2's & 6's, split window Kombi's, old Mercedes and Jags and a bunch of old english motorbikes. The ones that really bit me were the Land Rovers though. It must have been the family holidays bouncing around the back in the SIIa Dormobile camper or the old 78 Range Rover. Anyhow, long story short, I have a couple now that I am working on that you will see in the following posts but this will mostly be for the 1971 Rover. This truck is Masai Red and was brought over from the UK in 1973 and then sold to the chap I got it off in the same year. They used it regularly to pull their jet boat and horse floats up until around 2000 when they purchased a diesel vehicle and parked the rover in a shed. During their ownership around the mid 80's they added the stripe down the side, re trimmed the interior and wrapped the C pillar in vinyl to make it look like a later model one ( it should be painted to match the body colour like in the first photo). As it sat in the shed, untouched for around 18 years. I purchased it of them around November last year and have been slowly chipping a way at it with a buddy ever since. Great thing as it was shed stored it is pretty rust free but I will need to do the sills for a WOF. Another bonus is that the registration is still on hold! Bunch of small jobs done (coolant and radiator flush with all new hoses, new distributor, coil and condenser and a few other bits needed to crank an engine that hasn't moved in so long.) Good progress this weekend, Leak in the coolant system sorted and clutch bleed and we now have it moving under its own steam! Still a long way too go... Next weekends job is replacing the old discs and pads and some of the brake lines and look at giving it a bit of a tune.