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  1. Got another Q also, it can be jammed in this thread too. 1943 Karrier superpoise, has an hq front subframe and a very nice cab & chassis. Is declared for 350/th350/9", but has 253/trimatic/bw78. Actually drives really nicely, but realistically it will probably be easier/cheaper to return it to 350ci etc than cert it as is. All i've done so far to it is rig up a choke, jam an air filter on it and swap out the plugs, just for ease of starting/moving round the property etc. Will probably tart up the body and interior and when circumstances allow, hand it over to a shop for full drivetrain conversion.
  2. Tortron was kind enough to make me a discussion thread, you can provide me with personalised or generic abuse here: Update time! Dulux rebuild almost finished, just the chassis from cab forward to go. Actually looks ok for $2 shop brushes wielded by a man high on paint fumes. Painting a vehicle with a brush is very therapeutic, so much less hassle than spraying. No point pushing the boat out on this one! Wasn't going to paint the whole body but by the time i'd painted all the ex-rusty bits, chips etc etc it was looking pretty patchy. Also got all the lights & the wiper going, various blown bulbs/bad earths & so on. Found the diff appears to be minus any sort of breather, will rectify & see if it helps with the leaky axles, as they don't seem to leak while stationary. Fell through one of the running boards so replaced them both with some leftover decking, as you do
  3. Sorry @tortron completely missed this! I'm rather enamoured with the old girl, was just having a durry/lurking in it earlier. I have so missed having a british car! Looked pretty ott with its pinstripey mini-mack stz, quite like its battle-worn, sun-matted appearance and am trying to keep the repainting to a minimum, just the cab scuttle/screen surround/roof and the underside. It's quite funny reading the notes about painting the underside back in the 90s etc "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" The karrier also came with stacks of spares so now have a reasonably ridiculous stash, good window rubbers & interior trim etc too which will be handy. Have been talking to a dude down in new plymouth who has a 202/trimatic one, he has a rebuilt crashbox & a couple of dizzys, regulators etc going spare (and handily available at the gentleman's price of a box) so i'll get myself down there at some juncture. Pretty keen on wof-ing the commer and hacking about in it, been a bit busy/lazy to take it down but i'll get there. Karrier is sweet but can wait for a rainy year haha. If you're ever down this way feel free to drop by for some quality commersation
  4. Man this is cool! my old bucket (didn't build it) the builder managed to find a chassis complete with live plates and a declaration for supercharged 350 etc, just built it to the sheet. Had rose joints etc which i'm pretty sure wouldn't fly with lvv. Also being regd as a 23' meant seatbelts, indicators etc were frivolous extras. Didn't have fender exemption but rolled fenderless most of the time, never got stopped, many friendly waves however haha
  5. Despite a self-imposed ban on tutu-ing due to hectic schedule: New battery, fuel filter & fresh gas (reading through the history, the truck seems to have about 5 fuel blockages to the points failure, really needs a screen or sediment bowl that isn't in the fuel pump, of course its all hardline) replaced carby inlet seal washer, painted scuttle and inside of cab. Have been using it a bit to blow the cobwebs out, not going to win any races but runs really well. Slowly getting the hang of crashbox, in fact only time i seem to miss gears is in traffic when it actually matters To do: continue paintin' cab, underside etc Grease everything (the lube chart is like a star map) Check steering box oil New tyres & exhaust Figure out why wipers & roof lights not working (suspect bad earth?) both rear axles leak a bit, doesnt seem too bad i.e not all over the tyres so down the list with it There is a massive stash of s15 commer (different sheetmetal on the front and ohv motor) parts near htown on t.m, i'm a bit torn as to whether to get it or not as the dude wants it all gone as one lot, realistically i'd have to "take the best and scrap the rest" in total there is "2 side valve motors 3 ohv motors ,5 gear boxs 3 chassis 3 front axles 3 diffs radiators 1 cab with 2 doors 10 rims 8 tyres and more". Probably enough parts to keep the thing going another couple of centuries, but i'll be sleeping in the spare cab if I drag 3 old chassis home! Also am fickle with vehicles so a lot of effort to shift everything if I sell/garden ornamentise the Q. Also used it as mobile connect 4/stereo transporter for my wedding on sunday, was a great hit. (and then used it to drag a portaloo back to hirepool and dispose of 1,000,000 bottles)
  6. And random bodge throttle return, might put a spring on the throttle shaft too. "redundancy is the soul of safety"
  7. Had a tutu today, adjusted clutch, zinc-flavour motor oil (didn't drop the sump but will next time, honest) G/box full of oil-tainted water (not vice versa!) new 140w and topped diff, clean probably 500mls low. Visor off, buggered screen seal out, lubed and opened the front windscreen, definitely cool, after I rust-murder and paint the screen surround and frame i'll probably leave it rubber free, and take to carrying a zazzy brown roll of cloth tape around. Need to paint roof & rear of cab, leave current paint unmolested as much as poss for now. Most likely will clean,sand/wheel and repaint the underside of machine too
  8. So tortrons (autocorrected to tortuous appropriately) Q15 rolled up on the back of a truck today. "you're a brave man" quipped the decidedly British truck driver. fired up first pop, standard bugs vs brake cleaner stz, unloaded the many spares which I can't wait to have a good sift thru, and round the block, went great! Changing up gears easy, down not quite so Heaps to do but will have to wait till after backyard wedding/ hose down & ribbon mods. Fit perfectly in the wrong garage naturally