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  1. I have my buddies in Christchurch working on locating an acceptable mode of transport. If we can come up with a suitable vehicle I will be keen to come down and do the mission to Hanmer.
  2. Here you go, not sure if this is for an Australian or NZ car but maybe it will be useful to both of you. I know at some stage they went to a full electronic distributor (no vac advance) so this diagram will not be applicable to all models. Bronze, maybe you can start a thread in the tech section as I am sure members on here will be able to assist you with your LPG de-conversion.
  3. Pretty sure I have a diagram somewhere that shows all the vacuum connections. There are a lot of hoses to sort out so I will have a hunt and post it up if I can find it.
  4. Hey there I noticed that the Weber carb you have for your car is the later model version with the anti-pollution gear on it. I recently rebuilt one of these for one of my cars and it works awesome however you will want to do away with the 2 stage idle jet as they almost always cause problems when they get old due to the little diaphragm inside failing. Weber performance in Australia can supply a simple and cheap jet holder that allows you to replace the problematic component and also allows you to fit different jets for tuning a modified engine. http://www.weberperformance.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=6_268&products_id=1345 The 2 stage jet is a 70 when the engine is cold to aid warm up and a 50 when the engine is warm for improved economy and reduced emissions (but probably not optimum performance). I am running a 60 in mine and it seems pretty good all round. This picture may be helpful showing the standard jetting for the 34ADM, it's good to check that nobody else has messed with the jets etc.
  5. Just in case you haven't seen it already.
  6. Stoked to hear you are going to keep the Safari and put it back together! If you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask, I would be happy to make the trip down to Hamilton to lend a hand.
  7. Seems this discussion thread hasn't been active for a while but just wanted to say it was awesome to see your car go up the hill at leadfoot and thank you for taking the time to meet and chat with my mates and I in the pits between runs. The atmosphere at the event was fantastic and they way the drivers, mechanics and team members welcomed the spectators in and around the pits was just fantastic.
  8. Epic effort. Didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. Well done achieving what others (like me) would have considered impossible.
  9. So you will have it at 4 & rotors? If so I am impressed beyond words!! Hope to see you there.
  10. Hey love the Falcon! I am looking for a carb from an XE or XF, any chance you have one among your spare parts? The Weber carbs off these old fords are pretty useful for transplanting onto any old 6 cyl engine of similar capacity (like Valiant engines). If you have one or know of somebody that does please let me know. Keep the project rolling - the world needs more old Aussie utes!!
  11. There's certainly nothing wrong with a few subtle mods and to be honest the manual conversion is something I would have done as it doesn't seem right to have an auto in one of these cars. Best of luck with the project and I will look forward to seeing the car when you have it up and running again.
  12. Unfortunately Bill (previous owner) passed away a few months ago but I am sure he would be happy that you are looking after the car. He had an amazing car collection that I was fortunate enough to explore a couple of years ago. There was a wide variety of makes and models represented including some real flash stuff (e-type Jags etc). I remember that your car caught my eye because it was in such exceptional condition for its age. I don't think he used the car very much while he owned it but I guess that happens when you have a fairly large collection. You have a very special little car there and it is certainly worth putting the time and effort into the project. I hope we have an opportunity to catch up at a Auckland event sometime as I would be very keen to see what you have done with the car.
  13. Did this car come from Wellington? I remember seeing one just like it in a collection down that way, the owner at that time was an older chap who had all kinds of cars in his collection including all 3 generations of MR2. He was actually my mates uncle and an very nice chap indeed.
  14. Great to see the AP5 is up and running and back in use. It was cool to catch up and thanks heaps for the spare glass, it cleaned up very well. Are you going to take The Valiant down to CHCH?