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  1. Got Manu involved and he currently has the rad and is building a shroud for it, we are (he is) then going to modify the engine bay abit to accomodate the new fanned rad. Plans/Dimensions for the Rad/Fan Thought to myself I am going to rip the carpet off. It's gross. So I did. Got some surface rust on the drivers footwell. So I'm gonna wire brush it down and penetrol it and then repaint. I hope to then recarpet with some proper automotive carpet. Does anyone know where I can obtain this without paying through the nose. Removed carpet (Don't have a before picture..) But I sweeped it up after this picture. One nice seat Took the seats out and had a look at the condition of them without the covers. Not too bad so I think I may get these reupholstered. Anyone got recommendations in the welly area? otherwise may have to do a OS Transit and get them up to Hamilton for Midnight as they seem the dogs bollocks.
  2. Had an awesome week and half in the South Island but obviously we missed alot of it too. Also we had developed some serious overheating issues so had to drive everywhere at 50kph, which also meant pulling over alot. The rest of the tourist wanker pictures from the rest of the trip All this time in the van made us realize there was a shitload of issues with the van itself Drainage system didn't really drain, it came back out in the shower Water pump for the taps etc didn't work Couldn't fill the water tank with water. Fixed the water pump, so now the water heater started leaking The gas wasn't really plumbed in correctly Needless to say, alot of the trip was spent trying to fix things that I could I installed a new water pump Relayed all the piping for water tank to the pump. Installed a vent pipe for the greywater tank Installed a vent pipe for the freshwater tank Fabricated (I bought a lunch box) a drip tray for the water heater. So anyways. We got home and the first thing i did was remove the rad. Gave it to seedy and he had it rodded. It was 80% blocked, I also replaced the waterpump and put it all back together, but it's still overheating.
  3. Thought I'd start a build thread on this so that I start dedicating some more time to getting this up to scratch and ready for camping trips! I picked this campervan up late 2016. I took a bold risk by sending an OS member to go and see it for me and then agreeing to buy it unseen. So we flew to CHCH and got the bus to Timaru. Picked it up, so off we went. Drove it 30 mins down the road engine cut out. Good start... One overnight stay later, I check the dipstick in the morning and the oil level was super high. The guy came with his tools, fucked around doing random shit as if he didn't know what he was doing and it wouldn't start. Told him to just drain the oil for me and see how it goes. It started. So off we went. Get to petrol station, fill up, won't start. It was obvious that the battery was flat as no lights etc were coming on. Asked the petrol station lady if I could use my leads on her car and she agreed. So off we went. Luckily I'd agreed to collect an axle/diff for Kicker from Karl. So I rang him and said can I meet you at a petrol station and can you bring your jump leads? He agreed. Met him and then he jump started me.. So off we went. So for the rest of the drive back we agreed to fill up with the engine running as it was OK when it was running. Get to Picton, So close to the finish line! - Engine cuts out as soon as I pull up.. FARRKKKK SAKE. Anyway had a mobile mechanic guy come out and he gave me a new battery and put it on. So off we went. Drive it off the ferry, all good. Get to the hill just next to where I live and it was pretty obvious that the clutch was now starting to slip. What the hell have I got into I thought to myself. The van very shortly after we picked it up. Luckily I am surrounded by GC's so I got Seedy involved and he basically replaced everything that was old and shit on the engine (including new alternator and ALL the wiring for it!). He also fitted a revometer cos he was all like "Dude you're a deaf twat and you're revving it soooooo much so I'ma fit you a revometer in so you can see what you're doing". Like seriously, that's so awesome how he made the van more accessible for deaf people. There was still some hesitation on the engine wanting to rev, but it ran and started reliably so road trip around the south island for 3 weeks.. So off we went. The beginning of the trip.. One of Jokers Work of art Waterfalls Had a pretty fucking couple of days then headed towards CHCH. When bomf, no power at all. Fuck. Called AA. Guy came, Timing gears have stripped. This is where OS really shined. Never met any of these people before apart from Karl and you all made sure we got back to being on the road. Felixx came and towed us to a campsite near him/karl where we lived for the next 4 nights until the shops were open again for us to pick up parts. In that time, luckily ThreeOnThree was in the area and had organised with Karl a South Island meet where they would be destroying a triumph, but they also now focused their efforts on helping me get the timing cover, gears, and harmonic balancers off. This was harder than it should have been but everyone came through. So thank you all. Triumph being dismantled. Engine and rad Felixx clearing the rad out The pony old electric fan The engine OS south island krew. When good head comes together. Shitty Fibre gear. Went to rare spares, bent over and pulled my trousers down and said please rape me, I want the timing gears for an holden 202 in alloy. They preceded to truely butt fuck me but at least I had the timing gears at last. Got a mobile mechanic to help me finish off the job and we were back up and running.. So off we went.
  4. Farkkk that looks well nice.
  5. Seen this in action lol. Good back up plan!
  6. Very true. Would have been in the "sight seeing" part of the trip though haha.
  7. Awesome work Pete. Should have asked to see your collection when I was in CHCH!!!
  8. All I see is a jetski with wheels
  9. Wtf is this. Looking forward to see how this turns out
  10. Not too expensive if you have quite a few carb motors that you want to tune up!
  11. That is pretty cool. Colors instead of by ear is something that suits me. I'm pretty sure I'll these tools in my life at some point
  12. I don't know how you found the time to do this. WOW.
  13. Ohhh that's nice. Good purchase!
  14. Some weld skillz. Superb stuff