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  1. Seen this in action lol. Good back up plan!
  2. Very true. Would have been in the "sight seeing" part of the trip though haha.
  3. Awesome work Pete. Should have asked to see your collection when I was in CHCH!!!
  4. All I see is a jetski with wheels
  5. Wtf is this. Looking forward to see how this turns out
  6. Not too expensive if you have quite a few carb motors that you want to tune up!
  7. That is pretty cool. Colors instead of by ear is something that suits me. I'm pretty sure I'll these tools in my life at some point
  8. I don't know how you found the time to do this. WOW.
  9. Ohhh that's nice. Good purchase!
  10. Some weld skillz. Superb stuff
  11. I might not have to be so quick to dismiss bikes that need revinning in future. I thought you somehow had to prove they weren't stolen etc etc.
  12. This is a beautiful bike. Did it ever get revined?
  13. I love those cars so hard. I hate the new Porsche. Give me an old 911 or 947(?) any day!