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  1. I'll get some hotwires soon. Used to be on hotties but changed.. now I wanna change back.
  2. Color isn't far off mine!
  3. What did the paint cost without being too nosy?
  4. God damn.. gorgous. Mine is exact same but a bit rougher.. I'd love your car tbh.
  5. Dope.. dope dope
  6. rotary is illuminate. welcome. youll find refreshments over by the brass band.
  7. Hmm. The ones on the hotwires atm are yokas. I really like that slightly stetched look.
  8. Strange. I'm running 13x7 175/50 atm and mine aren't nearly as stretched as yours look..
  9. Hey Dan what size tyre and wheel is that?
  10. .. That shed. Dam man, living the life.
  11. Man that's a nice escort. I really want a set of those wheels.
  12. Phat as. The lip is killer.
  13. Dressed to suit. Diggin it.
  14. ... Wow. Man that thing looks like a b*tch to ride! But the craftsmanship.. astonishing.