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  1. Looking forward too seeing this slammed, such a cool looking car! Can't get Cheviots or something for it instead?
  2. Spent a few hours this weekend sorting out the suspension. When I bought the car it was pretty low and as it turned out the front springs weren't captive. They may well have been "V8 Falcon coils" as per the declaration paper but whatever they were they'd certainly been cut. I ordered a set of Cobra lows, P/N CFFL23 which are 40mm lower than standard. The lowering springs are about 10cm longer than the cut springs which makes the cut springs close to half the length of a factory spring. Took the struts to work and had the springs swapped pretty quickly. Struts went back in without too much drama and I removed the 2" blocks from the rear to even the ride height out. I trimmed the U bolts as they hung lower than I was comfortable with so they'll need to be replaced if I have to put the blocks back in to get a wof but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Haven't measured the front ride height yet but I suspect it's come down more than 40mm due to the extra weight of the engine. Pretty stoked with how it sits now, nice wee bit of rake and it rides a hell of a lot nicer now that it's not hitting the bump stops over every bump.
  3. Bruh. Loving the progress you're making on this. Looks so so good!
  4. Original shocks in the back, it's got override springs but I'm not sure whether the springs have been reset
  5. Honestly mate if you're interested I'd be happy to part with it. It's got captive springs in the front now but I've found it needs a ball joint. I've got no attachment to it unlike my other one so if I'm going to end up having to do more work on it I'd rather put the effort into my other one
  6. It has blocks in the rear but I suspect reset springs to. According to the declaration it has "V8 Falcon coils" but whatever they are they've been cut and aren't captive. I have some Cobra lowering springs to put in this weekend, their meant to be 40mm lowering springs but I think it'll be a little lower due to the extra weight of the engine. I'll stick some pictures up once their in. I love the quad headlight zodiac grill though. Have thought about fitting one to a Zephyr many a time.
  7. Me too, my old man had a Zephyr in his younger days. I'm too poor for a Zodiac haha
  8. Discuss my wee accident here...
  9. So I did something dumb, I bought another Zephyr. I bought a VL churbo wagon that turned out to be a turd so I flicked it after a few weeks and was looking for a tidy 5L VL and then this turned up on the tard. I had a couple of goes at organising to have a look at and got mucked around so I gave up and forgot about it. Came back from a holiday with no reception and discovered that the seller had dropped the asking price significantly. Finally managed to have a look at it and ended up buying it. Its running a 302 Windsor with a C4 and an 8" diff. Modified in 1992 and on declaration form not cert. I've had it for nearly two months now and so far I've had the left hand rear sill section replaced, made and installed a speedo cable, recored the heater, replaced the brake booster, rebuilt the carby and reset the massively retarded timing as well as a bunch of other fiddly little things. Doesn't sound like that much when I write it down but everything's been one step forward and two steps back so far, if I'd had any idea how much I was going to have to do to it I never would have bought it but them's the breaks I guess. I haven't taken many photos so far as it's gotten to the stage where I just want to get the thing going but I think I'm on the home stretch now, have new springs to go in it this weekend and then touchwood I'll be able to take it for a decent drive and take a few photos.
  10. Keen. Never been to an OS event before/time to put some faces to names! See how many cars I can get fed up with and flick on before then ha
  11. More than likely! I have heard stories of him running Zephyr motors at redline to see what would fail first and then working on improving whatever let go. Hmm, will be interesting to see how it goes. Head has been ported but I have no idea how much more mixture it may flow compared to a factory head. Will be interesting to experiment with different induction setups and see what it likes.
  12. Choice, will put a wideband or something on it to make sure but lots of other stuff to be done first!
  13. Man this thing looks so cool! Is the colour a factory one?
  14. Oh awesome, I should probably have just googled that haha
  15. Yeah I was leaning towards the bigger Zodiac carbs, do you know if jets are available for the Zenith's if needed?