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  1. Top end... These...... Are they expensive for over there ? Some don't seem too bad value but I remember when a good one was 500 quid (blah, blah, don't know you're born, etc....)
  2. Nice motor. My first boss had a 1980 V8 5-speed (in 1984). Rough looking sleeper with a cam, Holley, heads, dual pipes etc gave 285 HP. Had a bit of suspension work but his fave mod was welding some angle along the watts linkage, made a big difference. I'd love one but they're all rotted out here.
  3. Your peekups motor, she eez tree feefty ?
  4. At the risk of breaking your thread, London in the 70's was great, especially car-wise ! I'll find a picture later.
  5. Thanks, and darn it... He did, it was brand new and French Blue. If memory serves they actually had wooden ramps that made up the 6 inch lip to the window, which was rolled open and then we drove out over the pavement. Pre-internet days, so not having a lot of luck history-wise. I think it's now a Gap store but I'm going to find a picture of the place if it takes all day !
  6. Mr Tree. Firstly, love the show. My dad had a MK1 2000 estate and a MK2 2.5pi estate. I remember picking the latter up from Henlys in Piccadilly Circus, London. They opened the huge glass doors and stopped the traffic as we rolled out into the rush hour. I was a very impressed 10 year old ! Secondly, the pcd is 4 x 4.5 i believe, but are the standard steels 14" ? I'm after some old looking steelies. Ta !
  7. Now you're talking. Did I mention fake oil cooler with over-sized pipes ?
  8. I have a psycho-spatial condition that means I cant detect sarcasm. My ultimate Hakosuka dream....
  9. I thank you for your misplaced faith.
  10. The more the merrier ?
  11. Yoinks, didn't think for a moment it would be only me that liked it. I like all the 'wrong' treatments below more than the stock set up. Of course there is no way I can return it to stock now you've told me I should. Maybe some MK 1 Cortina lights would look good.....
  12. The late garnish looks awful to me, and I'm not a big fan of the GT-R end pieces. Actually, I don't really rate Hako's anymore. Stupid old cars. What I'd really like is the early rear lights with the integral reversing light, but the originals are rare as rocking hens horse-shit teeth and the repros just dont fit. Bear with me, it might look good. Won't know till it's done, but nothing irreversible will happen. Also, did you just call me a plonker ? Nice to pop back in, thanks
  13. SPRING UPDATE ( Brace for disappointment ). Hello Campers. Winter's nearly gone and while you lot have been getting sun burn, partying hard, hanging 10, flicking ollies and moaning about the humidity; we've been freezing our knackers off. Wheels never happened, not sure why, but whatever. May just go bigger Watanabe's or TOPY steels. 280Z distributor and Blaster coil on their way. Upgraded the 1/3 scale battery and leads to UK spec, spins and starts much better now. I also dumped the rear light trims for that ready-to-race look. This has now made me want to lose the bumpers, add a big single tailpipe, some headlight covers and a roll cage. This aggressive look will be backed up with the stock as a rock L20, obviously... Sun came out, took some pitchers.