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  1. and then there were two.. Going to part this one out
  2. Not a lot going on at the moment, have bought some bits like the MB cylinder, looking at a set of new shocks and may have a donor car shortly
  3. Decided to give the engine bay a bit of a birthday and took it to wash world Greenlane, Attendant there came over straight away to have a look and said he hadn't seen a Cordia GSR for quite a while, especially with the black side skirts as they always get lost or damaged. Drove it next to Neal's shed for a bit of a catchup and I noticed how one sides skirt had come away at the top a bit, literally just touched it and the whole thing fell off onto the ground in front of us, talk about luck! That revealed the (lack of) RH side front guard, which was completely dissolved at the bottom Curiosity took the better of me and decided to remove the guard completely, which involved removing the headlight surrounds, bumper assy. and some stuff well chuffed that the rest looked pretty good considering. So it's off to find either a front guard in good nick or one with a good bottom 1/4 that we can cut and weld in.
  4. Had a decent run at the drags again, for some reason it cant stage on the far lane at all, and there's a bit of an uneven surface 1/2way down which causes a bit of wobble excitement Successful run in the lane closest to the grandstand, Managed a better time of just over 28seconds and top speed of 71.2kph, not bad for some vintage 20" rims!
  5. Just a quick update as "some" small hurdles have been cleared. The "lil red terror" has had a bit of a birthday(so to speak) and been treated to: New engine oil and filter New Air filter, geez these are expensive for a paper filter New plugs, leads and coil, gearbox oil, brake bleed and a bit of a clean up. Next up was a WOF which wasn't as bad as expected, a bit of "treat this rust here, tighten this bearing there, bolt this down over there", the hardest bit was trying to replace the badly cracked fuel filler hose on a Friday afternoon and sourcing an almost 90degree bend of fuel resistant pipe with an ID of 42mm for one of these is near impossible! Ended up stretching a 38 mm hose over it but the bend crushes, "shee'l be right , I just want a WOF" was stated by myself in a 4:45pm pre WOF panic, with a sticker slapped on her just after 5. Xmas OS Drag morning and it was to the local post shop at opening (9am) for a rego a then hitting the motorway shortly after with that "woohoo its running and legal" high you get only when you get a project running just in time for an event Ran superbly on the way down, not so good on the strip, best time of the day was 17.1 seconds, that was partly because my reaction time was absolute shite (.554 of a second) , the gearbox syncros are not so happy and also it's developed a misfire above 4700rpm That blistering time was only after almost an hour of cooling with the bonnet open, worst time was almost 19secs even after I jumped the gun by 0.17 of second! (I actually did better on the jet bicycle with an RT of 0.014!, must be that jet A1 fuel burning bringing out the fighter pilot reactions).. but I digest... I(we) think it might be a bit of heat soak, coil was pretty warm and so was the igniter box, I didn't notice anything else, certainly didn't hear anything with the motorcycle helmet on (Thanks to Chris R for the loan helmet) Took her for another spin today and the misfire was there sometimes, again under full boost and above 4500RPM, but this time I did notice a strong smell of raw fuel just after and a lot of air noise during so I'm wondering of there's a manifold leak... something to ponder and investigate. One observation was that I forgotten how fuel hungry these things are, I haven't owned an 80's car for nearly 20years and it kinda shocked me how rapidly it feasted on the contents of a tank of fuel, even after factoring out my lead-foot. After, at a guess 300kms it was time to top up with fuel, this was when I found out how a kinked inlet pipe can create a perfect seal , not a drop was making it past the bend/kink, in desperation I filled it to the brim hoping fuel would go down the breather tube, but no. Finally with some perseverance I positioned a pair of vise grips on the kink just right so I could get a slow dribble into the tank, after 10-15minutes I had $30 of fuel in which was enough to safely get home. I still can't work out why the woman who parked patiently behind me throughout this whole refuelling saga, never said a word, just smiled politely and never once looked over at the several pumps that became available with the waves of cars arriving and departing, some GSR lust perhaps? Cue tui ad... Ps. There's no way the cordia would ever have got to this year's Xmas drags without Neal's help, thanks mate, it's really, really appreciated you top fella!
  6. Forgot to mention that the one on TM down by Hamiltoe doesn't look like the pics, nose and lots of other stuff gone, sils rusty, so I'd just end up with more of the same
  7. Stop it Ed!, I'm trying to clean the shed out Would love the louvres...
  8. Being manual was a nice surprise, everything else I own is auto or psuedo manual. That donor car is interesting except I don't have anywhere it can fit without shoving it on the front lawn. Wrong neighbourhood for doing that
  9. Today's effort, a water-blast, scrub, partial vacuum and a trial light cut on the front as the paint is pretty thin in places Bit of rust around the doors which I hope wont affect a wof?
  10. Everyone likes a nice rear view of a hot lady in red but he refused to wear it during daytime the shed, however Neal did offer to check she had a strong pulse pulse. Fairly even between cylinders 131,133,132,132psi, unsure what it should be but I read somewhere the service limit is 120? It even came with the specialist support that tucks away in the hatch Plans so far are to give it a good ole clean up and make a list of what needs replacing, if the list stays under 21 pages long I'll resist the urge to torch drive it off a cliff amidst a base jumping stunt. But as a starter, Plugs/points/new ignition coil/disty cap/ change fluids etc and see how she looks.
  11. Proof that the door opens and it also came with an engine bay full of stuff
  12. Discussion thread: Continuing my lifelong theme of bad taste , I couldn't resist this meek lil'red terror tucked away in Neal's shed 160K's on the clock, sounds like a kitten purring to a deaf person. What sealed the deal for me was that a magnet still stuck to one of the panels without superglue. I finally embarrassed Neal so much with my pouting over it that after an hour or two he had a weak moment and sold it to me. And then it sat in the shed, cold, moist and rusting like any respectable Mitsi does,... until a few days ago when the Xmas Tree drags registration came up and I did my usual moan of not having anything OS apart for the cruiser, Neal quickly interjected and reminded me that I actually did own an OS car!, oh whoops, awkward... So here it is, it it's pre-washed glory with the dodgy car salesperson that sold it to me as evidence for all to see. As you will see someone nicked all the GSR, Turbo and other badges, along with the numbers off the plate
  13. Ahhh, a Flauski bike thread, exactly what I needed for my weekend off. Top notch again ✔
  14. I thought the white roof wasn't standard, but done later? My Dad bought a new blue mini'thou which changed from a blue roof to white after they treated the rust around the top seam so assumed all the white ones just had repairs done? Agree it looks better in white though.