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  1. There ya go. Knew i read something about different tyre pressures. Old fuzzy memory still kinda workin lol
  2. Will be useless to you if you slam it. But i heard if you run a different tyre pressure in the rear (4-5psi ?)higher it helps the straight line stability of these things. But if you slam it ive got no idea if that still applies lol. Im sure high speed isn't the main interest in a low rider haha.
  3. If ya can afford it maybe splurge on some smiths gauges with a chrome bezzle and they will blend in with the rest.
  4. Yeah they look pretty crap. Motor bounces around like its attatched to a couple of rubber bands instead of mounts. There's little splits etc in them and the rubber looks a bit deformed. So ill chuck a couple new ones at it with the big block.
  5. Yeah hollow thread with a wire attatched inside. Don't ask how good or bad it is cos i only drove it once and popped a rear wheel cylinder...... Then noticed a few other issues.... Hmmmm need to replace those engine mounts....... F#ck it only few more bolts..... out ya come ya lil b#stard!!! So now a Big Block sits awaiting to grace the chassis rails soon and scare all the neighborhood kiddies.... haha. Hmmm while im at it that steering coupling........... lol
  6. You reminded me. Found my Acuspark ignition conversion for mine yesterday. So fitting it now. Note of reference. Unless yours is different. Get some longer mounting screws. The points ones are too short for the exciter mount...... Everything but that size atm all the way upto 1.5" thread... lol. May have to raid one of my rc cars.... lol ** if you got the ignition coil with it be careful. The stud ontop is just a hollow weak thread. Young fella next door was assisting and it snapped off while being tightened with a 1/4" set. Wasn't over tightened either as he ain't that strong. Being only 7 lol. Best cars to learn on are old cars. He cant do squat on his mums Kia lol.
  7. Got a bit inspired today. Peeled off all the covers from the HB (after i dusted about 1" of dust fron the top lol) Hooked up a battery and cranked it over for a bit to prime fuel pump (this also pumps some oil uo and around engine before firing. Start ya bastard doesn't allow oil pressure priming). Then covered the carby intake a bit (i pissed the choke off ages ago) and cranked again for about 4secs til she coughed. Then half throttle flicked the key and away she purred. Been almost a year since i fired it up last... If i can get her out the driveway later i may go for a spin. ...
  8. Haha very cool. Note 7 which also relates to note 1 i think? Great reassurance of never finding a speeding ticket in the mail hahaha. Nothing like cruising an old gutless 4cyl (or 3.5 lol) It reminds you you're alive (and quite possibly not for long on certain roads hahaha) Kinda hard to imagine that back in the day some of these cars were desribed as 'Sporty' Or 'Powerful'..... I think they'd have a heart attack in todays cars.
  9. Good work mate. I suggest going to your local auto parts store and getting some convoluted tubing (available in different sizes). Its split down one side so you can put it on your wiring after the wiring is on place and then just tape the ends etc to neaten it up. It will keep all your wiring neater and hopefully out of harms way in the future.
  10. Yeah make sure the carb is rebuilt or in good working order. But i never had to touch the jets etc. Just bolted it on and away it went. It had much nicer throttle response and feel than the cd stromberg. And even when cruising at a constant speed and then flooring it the result was much more noticeable. sure its no rocket ship. But it seemed i didn't have to floor it all the time to get going.
  11. Make sure you have a decent exhaust and then ditch the side draft stromberg. Modify a down draft manifold and fit a datto 1200 2 barrel carby. Will make the little 1159cc a much nicer drive
  12. Roof racks to hide big solar panel. And a trunk fulla lithium batts. Monsta high torque elec motor upfront. Hahahaha
  13. If i could do the little emojis id give you the "we're not worthy" one. Congrats on passing. Now lets see if you can clock the odometer and cruise the f#ck out of that thing.
  14. Thats one thing im glad i don't have to worry about here. Have a car thats not been registered in almost 10yrs. I just log onto the gov reg website click a few boxes, and boom its back on the road.