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  1. Ill be going igor. Keen 4 coon wag convoys
  2. Keen as a flicked bean!!
  3. have you tried the modern motorcycle company in aus ? they have similar stuff to dime city and cheaper/easier shipping.
  4. A sharn to make Bart look silly. facebook told me it was a year since i bought this off Goat Joe, and i thought it deserved its own thread. after being enthralled by the beauty of 2tang with my ax100, i pined for more oil burning goodness, but something a bit more legal. this popped up and i just had to have it. 125cc single cylinder, rotary valve induction 2 stroke. as much as i wanted to strip it and turn it into another cafe/brat racer, i couldn't get past its amazing looks as a bog standard commuter bike. these bikes are the weapon of choice for bucket racing, and the majority of GP125s have been scrapped and turned into track bikes. i wanted to retain some of its standard glory, but add my own touch to it. first step was clubman bars. made the bike feel better to ride, looked much cooler too. good for speed tuck tank huggin horsepower hunting stz. they looked rather out of place, so my next goal was to make the front of the bike look a bit cleaner, remove some of the cluster. enter $15 ebay indicators. flimsy, snap if you look at them funny, but they suited the bike and didnt draw any attention like the big dinner plate spec factory ones. Neal had also advertised a GP100 for sale. so i ended up with 2 of these glorious bikes. i managed to keep the header, and mudguards which i eventually trimmed up for my bike, still keeping an original untouched set. i also scored a tidy tail light from the modern motorcycle company which i fitted instead of the factory brick. then came the smaller details - it was too easy to remove the factory clocks and replace with a tiny speedo for max cleanness. but there's something about the OEM clocks, their aesthetic, and watching it climb to 11000 rpm making all of the noises. so instead of binning them i whipped up a pair of alloy spacers on the lathe and lowered the cluster to sit flush with the bars. and then i just kept on riding it. a whole bunch. evening pack rides with @Chunky_t . couldnt help but hoard bits for it. i scored some YSS shocks for it as well - they are bit too soft for my liking, but 10x better than factory items, and make me look like i go fast. then i stumbled across these throwing star mag wheels off of a GT250 X7 which i got for a steal. currently in the process of cleaning them up. then it came to queenstown to me. pretty awesome work vehicle. i asked work if they would reimburse me 2 stroke oil as well as fuel, but they said their wasn't an IRD standard covering oil consumption... after i slapped a wof on it, was time for a massive birthday - brake pads, chain, sprockets, clutch cable, front brake switch and so on. feels like a brand new bike mayte. next items on the list for this thing will be to trim the frame, seat pan and some plush upholstery, fit tyres to my alternate throwing star wheels for max GP replica stz, and make this bad boy fit... until next time.
  5. mate shudda pushed it to the track! park it in the pits we woulda had it running in no time!
  6. Sweet! Ride it to teretonga tomorrow
  7. wee update, which reads more like a testimonial this thing hauled me around the south island with ease, over 1200kms of alpine passes and coastal goodness. and it only burnt 2 litres of oil! a win in my book. maybe something thicker next oil change... i finally tracked down some door trims from Lane in Wellington, massive thanks to Kicker for grabbing and keeping them for me. exterior now looks a lot better. amazing what a piece of plastic can do also picked up a mint driving light grille from him as well. some stubborn headlight bolts on the old grille stopped me from putting it on. will get into that once i can source a correct VW badge for it engine fan is temperamental at the best of times - previous owner had wired in a manual switch as it wasn't turning on with thermostatically. i can have the fan switched on at start up and most of the time it will not operate, but i can hear it humming once i hit around 100km/h on the open road, the temp guage drops a little also. often i would find coming into a town and stopping at a set of lights it would rise back up again, and when i take off/back on the open road it will drop again. id imagine the engine runs hotter idling and at low speeds, but i would like to keep the temp down as much as poss and have fan on all the time. anyone have any ideas on this issue? discuss below
  8. You have to commit to premix life. That empty mid section looks so good. Or make a super sweet oil tank. Edit: how does it run with a moto chamber on it? Not too lean? Bet it sounds awesome. Regards, Max Piner
  9. yeah cool i had a feeling you did it that way, seen a few vids of guys just chopping a bit of tube and trimming the springs to the same length. were the forks super soft before lowering like all small 80s suzukis? lowering them stiffen them up?
  10. how did you lower the forks? pretty keen to give that a go on my GP. i like what youve done so far!
  11. you dirty dog! how awesome. ken 2 come down for a workin bee m8 and do skids up against ya shed in true invercargill fashion i await your progress with eager interest
  12. That mudguard is amazing! Rad cycle my friend
  13. Engine looks to be of the suzuki TF/TS family as mentioned above, by the looks of the clutch and cable set up. frame could be anything...
  14. already got a set of them G... puhuhu nah surely can do better than BBS mesh for how much they go for these days. i am trawling yahoo jp for the right set of 4x100s to pop up
  15. ahh bugger! cheers for your help cobber. M M, you have a pm my friend