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  1. Bit overdue an update on this. JDM tyte. Finished the seat, not got any pictures of the underside but it fits up pretty well now. Just need to put the strap and buckles back on (ooh err). Popped the front end back together just to see how it would look, then back apart to get the bastard engine back in. Engine got a bit of a spruce while it was out, but nothing drastic. Back end will go together this week (hopefully). Waiting on carb diaphragms before they go back on. Started tapping a thread into my new right hand control yesterday to thread the throttle cable sleeve into, but the bastard aluminium cracked. Not particularly pleased about that, but have managed to transplant the internals into the old hand control housing for now. Pretty pleased with progress overall.
  2. One of the bits of this I've been putting off is dealing with the original seat pan. It was the worst part of the bike - the sponge in the seat must have been holding damp against it for a long time as it was junk: Finally motivated myself to bend a new one up. Getting the shape done was easy enough, but getting all the bracket mounting points at the right relative heights was a pain in the ain. Close enough. Excuse the wet paint, just tarted it up for the photo. Still needs some rubbers (lol) installed to allow it to rest nicely on the frame. Also need to rivet the cover on. Way better than it was though. Only needs to be good enough for a bit of use and a re-reg, then it'll get replaced with that Ali seat I posted earlier. Had some little bits and bobs arrive from Dime City Cycles today, pleased! They will appear later on.
  3. Bravo, that's some good unbolting. I think I'll leave it for now, not sure my nerves could withstand the aforementioned moment of panic...
  4. Had the same issue with Megan's, was hanging off of it with a rattle gun and no dice. Seemed to start twisting the bolt with 2 breaker bars so gave up. How did you budge yours in the end?
  5. Wibbly woobly
  6. Sweet unicycle dude, any progress with the engine? P.s nice watanabe
  7. Search "cafe racer seat", there's loads of them!
  8. Das racist.
  9. Dents add character, dents are good. Edit: you should see the bad side.
  10. Seat arrived today, thanks AliExpress! Not going to be attached for a while (until after its rereged anyway), but I couldn't help mocking it up.
  11. Cheers man, the photo is quite flattering to it but it looks way better than it did. Colour was a spur of the moment choice but I'm really digging it.
  12. Might pop a vinyl stripe or something on it, having a think and a play with designs at the moment. Not sure it'll stay this colour forever anyway, just a bit neater than the skanky chipped mattyB
  13. Progress marches on. Stripped down to frame, removed grime and much of the surface rust, and rustkilled the rest. Bit of paint and it's actually almost looking kinda semi smart now. Just waiting on postie before I can start putting stuff back together.