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  1. they do make those lush widenend ones now. but the 17's are the reason i bought it in the first place. if i dont like them against the new colour i might get snowflakes, but meh, thats money i dont have to spend , so i dunno lol
  2. good luck with that one bud. hats off to you for taking it on the chin and getting on with it... eventually
  3. man i'm poked. managed to get the passenger sill on with massive help from Stan, the guys a legend i cant thank him enough. i still need to tidy up the ends but the strength is there. they're not bad repo panels either. theres a 5mm difference in one of the lines which is huge, granted, but somehow it doesn't look too bad when fitted. shut lines like a mercedes! this weekend we'll be back into it. discussion
  4. nah on the tridents too, i like the 17's too much.
  5. i was in it already but under 2 seat covers. its pretty nice though. not sure about XA-C but the XD-XF do, i think the XG-XH are different. i could well be wrong! you can go from from single seats to benchies in the same models though the mounts are the same. mine uses the oe holes through the floor braces and 5mm square washers on the underneath.
  6. another boring update sorry. i spent 6 hrs (yes really) dismantling, cleaning and reassembling a f**king heater box. i can't believe it took so long but hey. i took it apart to the last spring clip. i presswure tested the heater core and air con core. one of the heater cores was poked so im glad i did it. i cleaned and greased every solenoid and moving part and then tested the lot. i also took the fan motor apart, greased the shaft (easy) and cleaned the brushes. it comes in hard now. its literally the best heater fan i've ever heard. its as good as new. bit of a bogus and timewasting update granted but the workshop is still full with paid work so i cant get the falcon in again yet.im hoping to have tues to get the sills welded in. fingers crossed.
  7. Factory air con bitches! ok so the bottom hose has been hacked off but i can braze another union on. its not a priority now but man this is so cool for the future. it holds pressure too cos i tested it. score. man i cant wait to be cruising in an ice cold ute, ice cold. cos thats how i roll. lol.
  8. nah i'm into the 4.1 for real monies now dude so thats the donk i'm sticking with. cheers though, if i hear about anyone needing one i'll send em your way.
  9. Thanks I'll look into that I'm keen on the tuning bit . Bronze I'll get some pictures but I just chuced mine together a bit of trial and error until it ran right.
  10. bit of a boring update, did the same as yesterday but in the fuel tank access panel..i took the tank out and was well chuffed to find it pretty good under there. few scabs but no holes. so, wire wheel, rust converter etc etc i'll chassis undercoat it in a few days once the rust converter has done its magic. i need to get some sills asap, then the tank can go back in and it'll be running again cos its a heavy bitch to be pushing around. also a mate dropped off 2 more heater cores so i can hopefully plug and play with the dash now. we'll see but it looks heaps easier from what i can see. thats the plan this week to get that in and working. heres hoping.
  11. yeah get some pictures up please! i need inspiration and tbh, i just like looking at falcons. lol
  12. I actually didn't realise they had weak clocks. Nah the xf dash is crap. It weight half what the xe does and the clocks are just nasty. Retro but not in The good way. I have some s pack clocks with volts and oil pressure in them so id rather get that working properly anyway tbh. Also if the Speedo drive is in the back of these (I haven't checked) I'll get it recalibrated to read correctly with my wheels. The rust thing I was expecting. Meh. Its an old Ford man I'm not that naive anymore lol I'm chuffed to have not found more.
  13. Today i got the dash out, the XE is well different to the XF which is understandable tbh, but still annoying lol. gonna take some thinking to get it all to work. plenty have done it but theres fuck all in the way of info with regards to wiring diagrams etc that i can find, but i'll make it work. spent most of the day then removing trim and getting the soggy sound deadening out with a heat gun and scraper. left it with some rust converter doing the good stuff. rubber mat, yum! niiiiice! bit of a score this i reckon. early bench seat. the later ones had the headrests integrated so it could be an XA/B/C / Fuckknows. but yeah. its in good nick .
  14. Been a while without an update on this. i've got into it over the easter wekend this far after collecting a few more parts. the head is still in the machine shop. spoke to a cam guy and once i pull my motor out i'm dropping that off to him and he'll regrind it and supply springs and lifters. yesterday i took off all the plastidip paint which wasn't quite as bad as i was expecting. it was tedious but if its a thick coat it pulls off like a balloon skin. i went in this morning to do the dash and start grinding back the trouble spots but stan turned up a day early so i ditched the dash job half way through and just got into that. Niiiice bit of bodgery there. masking tape under the bog. mmmmm. tasty. Lunch! so after patching the passenger sill which was way better than the drivers side i kept grinding and finding more and more holes. rather than have a patchwork stan and i decided that i'll buy a set of outer sills and replace the lot. that way it also takes the guesswork out of the inner sills which we're still not sure about. i blew them out with an airline, and put as much rust converter in as i could but its still an unknown. although it'll set me back another week i'm happier knowing that it'll be 100% under there. Heading towards that goal!
  15. thats decent money. there was one on the facebook buy sell last night too. complete minus dissy with c4 for 2500. i always manage to eat my words! .