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  1. You don't shag around. Have you got enough clearance for pitman arm swing?
  2. What ever happened about this Alex?
  3. Would 3 link give better clearance? I know it's more limited than your 4 link, not to mention the side swing. But it must free up more space around the axle? I don't know it just popped into my head Look forward to updates as always
  4. Free board at the pedal pushrod should be about 1-2mm. Same for the booster pushrod. Leave a bar wedged on the pedal pushing it hard down over night
  5. Diffs are a black art, even mechanics get it wrong some times.
  6. Hey, do you want an old canopy for this? Probably free. It's oldschool so yeah It's higher than the cab and has a bubble kind of bit that goes over the cab. Wife's grandfather is going to chuck it, and asked if I knew someone that might want it. He can't remember what it's off, but it's made to fit something with a sloping wellside. Unfortunately I didn't think to get a pic. Might not be your cup o tea, but I thought I'd ask
  7. There must be a good reason, the samurai has both axles offset to the right
  8. Sweet as. Bring both sides so they wash the same and won't get an imbalance. Flick me a pm or something
  9. You're in chch yeah? If the pads/shoes aren't really soaked in oil you're welcome to chuck them in the turbowash at work for half an hour. Works quite well and they look like new again.
  10. Far too late, but. .. Don't have a sand bag? Whack it on the lawn
  11. +1 Sorry m8
  12. So much space taken up by the rad support 186?
  13. Great work man! Engine bay looks mint (such puns) All the best to Hannah
  14. Fit all 3 and have battles with those speaker kids