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  1. i've been struck by dropbox ending all public support for images. i will readd them later one. 130 to do so a bit time consuming, especially since google drive is even more annoying
  2. Project is coming along really well, looking forward to seeing updates. I will be stripping and painting my KE30 in a few months too which should be just as fun.
  3. This is also quite dandy, really good at seeing into the oil galleries and collecting all the bad bits.
  4. Yeah it's all good. it came with an invoice from Toyota itself so no dodgy rip off. It lends a sporty feel to the engine compartment. rip off or not, what more could you possible want from an oil filter.
  5. $56 shipped from Trademe. But specialties? The one that got me was the one on the bottom of the list haha.
  6. Nice new TRD oil filter Also scored some T3 castor arms and TE27 knuckles with RCA's. I will most likely be going with AE86 Blitz coil overs for this car I will also be going to Toyota Fest this year and will be picking up my head from Barry (MRP) then. Excited!! April 1st roll around already. http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/
  7. You aren't the only one!! After having a bone standard 4A-GE big port in my KE30, a reasonably standard 4A-GE big port in my AE86 I cannot wait to drive a 4A-GE small port that has massive cams, a complete head job, a light flywheel, good set of extractors and also having it on a standalone ECU
  8. Well, I bought the wrong piston rings as didn't know that there were two different sizes (the top ring on most is 1.5mm where as the small port and late GZE use a 1.2mm top ring) Ordered some overnight and installed everything today. Short block complete, will next have an update once Barry has finished with the head
  9. That's a bargain for sure. Get it, drive it and if you get sick of it wack it on trade me for $5000 no reserve. Or just keep it and have some fun!! Either way that's really cheap
  10. because even after shipping to the door, can get a T50 cheaper than what I can get here. Think the last one I got was 400nzd to the door with bellhousing etc. That setup would cost $800 roughly to get here in NZ. If one comes up cheap enough here, for sure I will jump on it.
  11. So have started assembling the short block now. All the bolts are brand new, spent hours tracking down all of the part numbers for them so have got a box full of OEM bolts to finish the engine. I received the block back from Motor Machinists in Palmerston North, and had done: Block - decked, honed and cleaned Crank - Polished, crack tested, balanced Rods - Balanced Flywheel - Balanced (MRP Light weight) They also cleaned the pistons and have come up brand new! Starting to look like a real engine now. Oil pump was not brand new however inspected, and also installed the higher pressure spring. The head is being sent up to MRP for a full port and polish, and complete blow head job and expected to be back in 3 weeks. Now just have to track down a T50 which will probably come from Japan and get that rebuilt. I might attack it myself or just take it in to get done by the pro's. Mingle with me http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/
  12. Today, Christmas kept on rolling over. Received: TODA Cam pulleys TODA Timing Belt TODA Underbucket shim conversion kit TODA Uprated springs Uprated oil spring for higher pressure. Enroute: 290deg 10.3mm & 282deg 10.10 Kelford cams The Small port 4A-GE bottom end is nearing completion of the rebuild, and the head will be going up to the trusty Baz at MRP for a complete head port next month. It will receive Atlantic size valves also. If I ever want to turbo this thing one day the engine will only need minor changes and will be an absolute trooper. The bottom end will remain stock for the time being. One day when I can afford to do the bottom end I will but that day will probably when a hair dryer goes on it I also received some sprinter rear vents which look mint! Brand new too
  13. Well. Bit of an update here. Saw a fella put up his KE25 on one of the pages on FaceBook, then the next weekend I was off to pick it up. Has been sand blasted and 80% epoxy primed. This shell is much straighter than the previous shell, though the rust patches are probably more prominent. Just little holes where as the old shell was covered in bog in areas and was all bent around the rear under the bumper. I think the new shell will be a lot easier to work on than the old one, and being sand blasted and primed means I don't have to do get it done. Here it is nicely tucked onto the smallish trailer I bought it back on. Did the job just fine And here we have the LOWRIDER KE25!! The height is atrocious for now, however I am waiting on some TE27 knuckes so can slap some AE86 struts in there Panda spotted in the background.. Dash is complete, interior is well on the way to being finished. Have got in touch with the only man for the job of retrimming my seats and getting new door cards for the old girl Also scored these interior pieces in from Japan. You'd think they were brand new the condition that they are in Sprinter air vents. Pretty much finished the sprinter conversion. Been a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I've bought some 4A-GE - KE2X engine mounts and will get the engine rebuilt, drop it in then get it going Jan - February. Much more to come, exciting times ahead. Or is the word more appropriate "Expensive". Both I guess. chat - http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/
  14. Spent a few days tidying up the mess in the engine bay. Much much better than what it was, removed a few bits and bobs. Idle up when A/C is on? no no, idle down to 600rpm. Much nicer on the ears. Due this week: Willwood Dynapro's for the front from Baz at MRP. That should actually make the car slow down when the brakes are applied which will be grand. Black carpet from Japan. The stuff in there before was sort of maroon. icky. That will be it for a reasonable amount of time. KE25 is the new priority. Well, the two of them anyway.. Discussion: http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49929-pbaines-1985-ae86-corolla-levin/page-2 Before After
  15. Well, have sold the KE20 and the guy wanted the original running gear in it. Removed the hilux rear end and coil over front end (from a starlet I think originally). Had some TA63 LCA's lying around and though I would try them with the struts I had, they are about 25mm longer than standard and mated up the the struts so chuffed about that! Now as you can see the tie rods don't really reach that far... would wind them out if they weren't rusted and acually let me to turn them out. ah well. Looks quite staunch for the time being. On the list over the coming weeks #Rebuild 4A-GE Small port. have bought heaps of OEM bolts and a few things from Bazza at MRP and also some TODA gear in from Japan. Should be a beautiful engine bay somewhere down the line **Spin a yarn** http://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52401-pbaines-1971-toyota-corolla-ke25/