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  1. something boxy could add some staunch to its brat-ness too. I've seen a few builds now using the AG100 tanks which look pretty cool i think. cheaper than an RD50 tank (which are on aliexpress if you go for that look too) and pretty readily available.
  2. total buzzkill lol but im digging that red tank over the chrome. Nice frame work though
  3. Found you a better engine... In keeping with your theme bikes too. Should fit sweet
  4. Decided its time to sell this..sob. 1974 FR50, classic rego, just got it in the mail..40 bucks or so per year. Will come with 3 months new rego Located in hastings Pics to follow tomorrow. $750 Few bits and stuff with it, ie, - All original parts that came off it - haynes shop manual - spare 6v coil and points - spare carb jets, plenty to upjet with Chur Posting in for sale too.
  5. seen this? electric re-makes look pretty cool
  6. few ideas on the 'models' tab...
  7. brown delta cruisers? then you wont have to get new rims haha. how about a bar end lever?
  8. tidy speedo mount too
  9. the 20-30mm roundslide mikunis are cheap too, a few on TM. the ones that usually come on pit bike engines - most have a filter and manifold with them
  10. Flatslide!! theyre cheap as chips on aliexpress..20USD etc for a 30mm keihin copy (OSO, PWK etc)
  11. drivetrain-wise, would there be enough room to do something like this?? separate pitbike gearbox running off belt drive to the flywheel/pulley... fair amount of engineering/winging it to get a good fit, but the separate gearbox could be cool. otherwise you can get new variators/torque converters on TM - like the TAV2 ones or golf cart ones. youtubed that engine lol sounds awesome
  12. theres a couple of XL / XR honda engines on TM otherwise ?? at least that drawing shows the mount locations - measure up your one to match?? Edit - or for a couple hundy more
  13. if you bought a crate chinese motor could you just make up a blank plate to cover the starter motor opening? cg125 manual here
  14. try an AG100 tank, i reckon theyre pretty mint